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Mika (/ˈmiːkə/; born Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr.; 18 August 1983), stylised as MIKA, is an English singer and songwriter.

After recording his first extended play, Dodgy Holiday, Mika was named the number-one predicted breakthrough act of 2007 in an annual BBC poll of music critics, Sound of 2007. Mika released his first full-length studio album, Life in Cartoon Motion, on Island Records in 2007, which sold more than 5.6 million copies worldwide and helped Mika win a Brit Award—winning Best British Breakthrough act, and receive a Grammy Award nomination. In 2006, Mika started up his company, Dodgy Holiday Tours Limited. Two years later Mika released his second extended play, Songs for Sorrow, of which limited edition copies are now sold out worldwide. In 2009 Mika released his second studio album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much. Finishing his worldwide tour, Mika recorded his third album, The Origin of Love, stating it would be 'more simplistic pop, less layered than the last one'. The album was released internationally on 16 September 2012 and in the UK on 8 October 2012.

His latest album, No Place in Heaven, was released 15 June 2015.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Stardust 2016-05
1.Stardust(& 莫文蔚)
No Place In Heaven 2015-06
1.Talk About You(把你掛嘴邊)
2.All She Wants(她想要的)
3.Last Party(終場派對)
4.Good Guys(真男人)
5.Oh Girl You're The Devil(喔 女孩你是個惡魔)
6.No Place In Heaven(天堂滿載)
7.Staring At The Sun(凝視陽光)
9.Good Wife(好妻子)
11.Ordinary Man(平凡男人)
12.Promiseland(Bonus Track)(心靈勇氣)
13.Porcelain(Bonus Track)(陶瓷心)
14.Good Guys(Night Time Mix)(真男人)
15.L'amour fait ce qu'il Veut(跟著愛走)
The Origin Of Love 2012-09
1.Origin Of Love
4.Make You Happy
8.Love You When I'm Drunk
9.Step With Me
10.Popular Song
14.Make You Happy
16.Origin Of Love
18.Love You When I'm Drunk
20.Elle Me Dit
21.Tah Dah
Celebrate 2012-07
Elle Me Dit 2011-07
1.Elle Me Dit
The Boy Who Knew Too Much 2009-09
1.We Are Golden
2.Blame It On the Girls
4.Dr. John
5.I See You
6.Blue Eyes
7.Good Gone Girl
8.Touches You
9.By the Time (Feat. Imogen Heap)
10.One Foot Boy
11.Toy Boy
12.Pick Up Off the Floor
13.Lover Boy
Lollipop(CD Single) 2007-12
1.Relax,Take It Easy (Radio Edit)
2.Lollipop (Live from L'Olympia Paris)
3.I Want You Back (Live from L'Olympia Paris)
4.Relax,Take It Easy (Dennis Christopher Remix Radio Edit)
5.Lollipop (Fred Deakin's Fredmix) (Provided)
Happy Ending(CD Single) 2007-10
1.Happy Ending (LA edit)
2.Happy Ending (Quentin Harris remix)
3.Happy Ending (Kleerup Remix)
4.Happy Ending (The Time of the Night remix) (Provided)
5.Grace Kelly (Acoustic)
6.Love Today (Acoustic Version)
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) (CD Single) 2007-07
1.Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
2.Instant Martyr
3.Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) Tom Middleton Remix (Provided)
4.Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Live From Hong Kong
Love Today(CD Single) 2007-04
1.Love Today
2.The Only Lonely One (Demo)
3.Love Today (Switch Remix) (Provided)
4.Billy Brown (Acoustic)
Life In Cartoon Motion 2007-02
1.Grace Kelly
3.My Interpretation
4.Love Today
5.Relax(Take It Easy)
6.Any Other World
7.Billy Brown
8.Big Girl(You Are Beautiful)
9.Stuck In The Middle
10.Happy Ending
Grace Kelly (CD Single) 2007-01
1.Grace Kelly
2.Grace Kelly (Tom Neville Remix)
3.Grace Kelly (Linus Loves Remix)
4.Grace Kelly (Acoustic)
5.Grace Kelly (Linus Loves Dub) (Provided)
6.Grace Kelly (Bimbo Jones Remix Radio Edit)
7.Grace Kelly (Pull Tiger Tail Remix)
8.Grace Kelly (Tom Neville Radio Edit)
9.Grace Kelly (Tom Neville Dub) (Provided)
10.Over My Shoulder
Relax, Take It Easy(CD Single) 2006-12
1.Relax,Take It Easy
2.Billy Brown
3.Relax,Take It Easy (Acapella)
4.Relax,Take It Easy (Dennis Christopher Remix Radio Edit)
5.Relax,Take It Easy (Ashley Beedle's Castro Vocal Discomix)
6.Relax,Take It Easy (Ashley Beedle's Castro Disco Dub) (Provided)
7.Relax,Take It Easy (Dennis Christopher Mix)
8.Relax,Take It Easy (Radio Edit)
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