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KANGTA( Ahn Chil-hyun )【 11 albums 75 lyrics 】
Ahn Chil-hyun (born October 10, 1979), better known by his stage name Kangta, is a South Korean singer, record producer, actor and radio personality. He was a member of South Korean boygroup H.O.T..

1996–01 H.O.T.
See also: H.O.T.

Kangta was discovered at Lotte World, a theme park, when he was only 13 years old. He debuted as a back-up dancer together with future band member Moon Hee Jun for singer Yoo Young-jin. Kangta eventually decided to become a singer with Moon Hee Jun and three others, Jang Woo Hyuk, Tony An, and Lee Jae Won to form H.O.T. in 1996. The group disbanded after some member group contract had expired and not decide to renew their contract in 2001.
2001–03: Solo debut

Soon after H.O.T. disbanded in March 2001, Kangta made his solo debut after renewing his contract with S.M. Entertainment. He released his first solo album 'Polaris', which became a huge hit; it was followed by his second album 'Pinetree' in 2002. His first solo concert took place in the summer of 2003.
2004–08: Acting roles and military service

Kangta received several offers and has accepted a drama offer in China. In 2004, he starred in a drama called Magic Touch of Fate together with Taiwanese actors and actresses, Ruby Lin and Alec Su. Kangta portrayed the role of the evil magician Jin-Xiu

Soon afterwards, Kangta returned to Korea and released his much-awaited third album. In 2005, Kangta released 'Persona', which included tracks that were very different from his previous two albums. The main single of the album, 'Persona' had a similar melody to Babyface's 'The Loneliness'. Kangta surprised his fans when he said he wanted to become an actor. A month later, he starred in a KBS drama, Loveholic.

In 2006, Kangta was chosen as a runner up for Best Korean Singer overseas, according to Arirang International Broadcasting. A poll was issued over the internet, allowing only people outside of Korea to vote. Shinhwa's song 'Once In A Lifetime' won by 60% of the vote, beating Kangta, who came in second with 20.3 percent.[citation needed]

Kangta also acted in his second Chinese drama, Love In The City 2. In Love In The City 2 Kangta portrayed the life of a successful CEO with a dull life. In March Kangta was announced to be starring in JTBC's 2012 drama Happy Ending as Kim So Eun's love interest.

In 2007, he filmed two dramas and Love in the city 2 aired on October 1, 2007. In January 2007, Kangta took part in the Hallyu Festival in Osaka which also featured Jun Jin and Lee Min-woo of Shinhwa, SG Wannabe and actor Song Seung-heon at the Osaka Dome.

Kangta enlisted for mandatory military service in April 2008 for 21 months of active duty. During which time he starred in military musical, Mine with rapper Yang Dong-geun. It is about the true life story of Lieutenant Lee Jong-myung, who lost his legs in a land mine explosion near the demilitarized zone, in June 2000, when he saved fellow soldier, Sul Dong-seob from the minefield.
2010: Chinese debut

After two years and five months of hiatus from the entertainment industry due to Korean military service, Kangta released his first Chinese extended play, Breaka Shaka. The lead single was released on September 13 and the EP was released on September 14. The EP marked Kangta's entrance to the Chinese market.
2016: 'Home' Chapter 1
In October 2016, S.M. Entertainment announced that Kangta will be held concert for celebrate his 20th debut anniversary titled Coming Home, as a part of SM Entertainment's concert series The Agit. The concert will be held from November 4 till November 6 at SMTown Theatre. On October 11, S.M. Entertainment confirmed that Kangta currently preparing his new album. In the same day, it was confirmed that Kangta will be made appearance on JTBC's A Hyung I Know and will be aired on October 29.Kangta released his first Korean extended plays 'Home' Chapter 1 on November 3. The album contains five tracks, with the lead single titled Diner.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
感冒藥(Cough Syrup) - SM STATION 2021-01
1.感冒藥(Cough Syrup)
玩偶 2017-10
1.玩偶(& WENDY & SEULGI) (Provided)2.Doll (玩偶) - Inst. (Provided)
Theme Of Prontera(From 'The Memory Of Ragnarok') 2017-07
1.Theme Of Prontera(From 'The Memory Of Ragnarok')2.Theme Of Prontera(From 'The Memory Of Ragnarok')(Inst.) (Provided)
'Home' Chapter 1 2016-11
1.如果我曾說(If I told ya)
3.Calling Out For You
4.愛情來了(Love is Coming)
5.想結婚了(Marry You)(feat. Young Jun of Brown Eyed Soul)
靜享七樂 2010-09
1.愛,頻率(Breaka Shaka)
5.Many Times
Eternity (永遠) 2008-03
1.某天心裡說的話 (Eternity) (Provided)
2.和你類似(Still With You) (Provided)
4.之所以對不起 (Since you've gone) (Provided)
5.7989 (Provided)
6.心中的男人(Still my heart) (Provided)
7.某天心裡說的話(Eternity)(Inst) (Provided)
8.書籤(Reminiscence)(Inst) (Provided)
永遠 2008-03
2.因為像妳(Still with you)
4.所以對不起(Since you've gone)
5.7989(Duet. 少女時代 - 太妍)
6.深埋在心(Still my heart)
面具 2005-07
5.只要一天(Just One Day)
6.No More Than My Dream(只是夢而已吧)
8.Blue Snow
9.聽見她的聲音(Always)_Feat. Sung Kwang Sik
11.緩慢的步伐(AGAPE)演奏版 (Provided)
12.聽見她的聲音(Always)演奏版 (Provided)
S 兄弟情專輯 ---Friends in Classic 2003-11
1.I Swear
2.愛呢(Love is...)
3.瘋了嗎(Just one moment)
4.I Believe
5.月之夢(Tears of the moon)
7.為何...(I was...)
8.Never Knew
9.只有愛(Love is what I need)
Polaris[北極星願] 2001
4.Thank God(Thank 8)
5.二十三(My Life)
1.陽光 (Provided)
5.海洋 (Provided)
8.夕陽 (Provided)
12. (Provided)

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