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Album name Release Date  Song    
In And Out Of Love 2020-07
1.In And Out Of Love
2.Blame It On Me
3.Who I Am
The Night 2012
1.Set You Free
3.Walk Away
Stages 2012
1.Aren't You Kinda Glad We Did?
2.Maybe This Time
3.Another Hundred People
4.I Know Him So Well (feat. Emma Bunton)
5.I Don't Know How To Love Him
6.Both Sides Now
7.Ain't Got No/I Got Life
8.I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
9.I Only Have Eyes For You
10.Tell Me It's Not True
11.My Funny Valentine
12.Something Wonderful
13.Anything Goes
The Sea 2011-09
1.Think About It
3.Get Out Of Here
5.Stupid Game
6.Let There Be Love
8.All About You
9.The Sea
10.Beautiful Mind
11.One By One
12.Rock Me
Think About It (EP) 2011
1.Think About It (EP)
2.Cruel Intentions
3.Think About It (A Cappella)
4.Think About It (Instrumental) (Provided)
This Time 2007-04
2.What If I Stay
4.This Time
6.Forever Again
7.Your Mistake
8.The Moment You Believe
9.Don't Let Me Go (feat. Adam Argyle)
11.May Your Heart
12.Out Of Time
13.I Want Candy (Bonus Track)
Reason 2003-04
1.Here It Comes Again
3.Lose Myself In You
4.On The Horizon
5.Positively Somewhere
7.Do I
8.Soul Boy
11.Let's Love
12.Yeh Yeh Yeh
If That Were Me 2000-12
1.If That Were Me
2.If That Were Me
3.When You're Gone
4.Enhanced Music (Provided)
I Turn To You 2000-08
1.I Turn To You(Hex Hector Radio Mix)
2.I Turn To You(Stoneberidge R&B Radio Mix)
3.Never Be The Same Again(Mtv)
4.I Turn To You(Enchanced Video)
Never Be The Same Again 2000-03
1.Never Be The Same Again
2.I Wonder What It Would Be Like
3.Never Be The Same Again
4.Never Be The Same Again
Northern Star 1999-10
2.Northern Star
3.Goin' Down
4.I Turn To You
5.If That Were Me
6.Never Be The Same Again
8.Suddenly Monday
9.Ga Ga
10.Be The One
12.Feel The Sun
Version of Me
2.Room For Love
3.Dear Life
Never Be the Same Again (feat. Lisa Lopes)
1.Going Down (live)
2.Never Be the Same Again (feat. Lisa Lopes)
3.Closer (live)
Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire
1.Northern Star (Live)
2.Beautiful Intentions (Live)
3.Never Be the Same Again (Live)
4.Both Sides Now (Live) (Provided)
5.Next Best Superstar (Live)
6.I Turn To You (Live)
7.Both Sides Now
8.I Turn to You
1.Carolyna - Boogieman Club Mix (Radio Edit)
2.Carolyna (radio edit)
1.You Taught Me
2.How does it feel to be On top of the world
3.I'm So Excited
4.I Want You Back
5.Something's Gonna Happen
6.White Wedding
7.Baby You Can Drive My Car
8.Follow Me
9.Pretty Vacant
10.Angel On My Shoulder
11.I Wonder What It Would Be Like
12.Baby It's Cold Outside
13.Anarchy in U.K.
14.When You're Gone
15.Can't Stay Tonight Does It Feel To Be ... on Top Of The World
17.Independence Day
18.Never Say Never
19.Here And Now
20.Little Piece Of Me
21.Something's Gonna Happen
22.Independence Day
23.Last Night On Earth
24.Can't Stay Tonight
26.I Want Candy
27.Everything Must Change
28.Nothern Star
30.Like That
31.Living Without You
32.Love To You
33.Somewhere Over The Rainbow
34.Good Girl
35.sophisticated lady
36.Next Best Superstar
37.First Day Of My Life
38.Don't Let Me Go
39.Moment You Believe
40.Don't Need This
41.I Turn To You (Stonebridge R&B Radio Mix)
42.I Turn To U
43.Take Your Pleasure
44.Beautiful Intentions
45.Already Gone
46.If That Where Me
47.Better Alone
48.Never Be the Same Again (Single Mix)
49.I Turn To You (Radio Mix)
50.You'll Get Yours
53.I Love You Without Trying
54.You Will See
55.Better Alone (Pop Mix)
56.Yeh Yeh Yeh (radio mix)
57.Here & Now
59.Weak (A Capella)
60.You'll Never Walk Alone
61.I Want Candy (Club Junkies Mix)
62.Northern Star (single version)
63.Stop This Train
64.Rock Me (Radio Edit)
65.If That Was Me
66.Here It Comes Again (Radio Edit)
67.Goin' Down (single version)
68.Goin' Down (live)
69.First Day of My Life (Acoustic)
70.If That Were Me (acoustic version)
71.Version of Me - Live from Ronnie Scott's
72.Rock Me (Steve More Radio Edit)

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