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【 Live to Play Live 】【 國語 】【 2018-03-01 】

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4.Liver Rock


6.Live to Play Live

Album Intro:

本專輯Live To Play Live中,包含六首各有特色的歌曲、首首都是1030親自創作、編曲,完全是一張肝臟搖滾之作。其中包含清新民謠小情歌、大漠風情重搖滾、現代都會流行歌以及電子搖滾勵志曲等等。彷彿是一張合輯,卻有著貫穿作品的概念,也就是我們的人生態度─Live to play live,人們活在這個世界上,每天的挑戰都像是一場場live演唱會,雖然有時候遇到挫折,但是音樂仍會繼續下去,The show must go on!就像是人生一樣,就算遇到再多困難,也要相信自己可以Live to play live!

The album Live To Play Live, contains six unique songs all written and arranged by the band 1030. We devoted our time and efforts to make this happened. The various styles of music in this album include Folk rock、Love song、Western style rock、Modern pop and EDM. You can think of it as a compilation fulfilled with our attitude – Live to Play Live.
Life is like a big live show, problems come but the show must go on. Even though there will be more challenges on the road, we believe ourselves and play hard on this stage of life.