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【 Kosciuszko 】【 2011-06-15 】

Album songs:
1.Lost My Nerve


3.She's Like A Comet

4.To Your Door


6.Under Your Bed


8.Freakin' Out

9.The Lash

10.High (Horse)

11.Are We OK

Album Intro:

2011 album from the veteran Australian Indie rockers. Thirteen years after the release of their debut - and six years after their last album, Braxton Hicks, Kevin Mitchell has put his Bob Evans project to the side in order to revitalize one of Australia's most loved indie outfits. Kosciuszko is one of their biggest achievements thus far and the most satisfying to scale. More than five years in the making, Kosciuszko reflects the wide-open approach that the band took towards the album. It was a long labor of love for Jebediah; a mountainous Endeavour that the band dominated at their own will. With a long history of hard work and dumbfounding success, the band have laid the foundations for another steep climb. Kosciuszko is the album that will see Jebediah at their peak.