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Tynisha Keli

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【 The Chronicles Of TK (Premium Edition) 】【 2010-01-06 】

Album songs:
1.Conversations With God

2.I Wish You Loved Me




6.Walls Up



9.Spotless Mind

10.Lights Out

11.I'm Gone

12.You & Me Against The World

13.It's Over

14.Shatter'd (Freedombunch Remix Radio Edit)

15.Shatter'd (Freedombunch Remix Extended)

16.I Wish You Loved Me (DJ KOMORI Remix)

17.The Boy Is Mine (Feat. BENI)

Album Intro:

The Chronicles of TK is the debut album from Tynisha Keli originallytitled, 「Even If It Takes Forever」. The album features the singles, 「IWish You Loved Me」 and 「Shatter'd」.