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【 Can't Be Tamed 】【 2010-06-22 】

Album songs:
1.Liberty Walk

2.Who Owns My Heart

3.Can't Be Tamed

4.Every Rose Has It's Thorn

5.Two More Lonely People

6.Forgiveness and Love

7.Permanent December



10.Take Me Along


12.My Heart Beats for Love

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Album Intro:

Miley Cyrus已經完成了她的第三張專輯《Can't Be Tamed》,早前Miley決定由於靈感的缺乏,暫停她音樂的創作,但現在,這張專輯還是如約登場!從專輯標題將就可以看出Miley將展示她的另一面,顛覆從前的形象。在這張專輯中,Jessica Simpson和Kelly Clarkson等數位製作人來幫她完成。