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OneRepublic( One Republic )

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【 暫存 】

Album songs:
1.Feel Again

2.It's A Shame


4.Trap Door

5.Sucker Punch


7.Shout (Live Version)

8.Say (All I Need)


10.Come Home

11.Won't Stop

12.Something's Not Right Here




16.Goodbye Apathy

17.All We Are

18.Someone To Save You

19.Dreaming Out Loud

20.Stop & Stare

21.Too Easy

22.Hearing Voices

23.All Fall Down

24.Apologize (Remix)

25.Trapt Door

26.Marchin On (Featuring OneRepublic) - Timbo Version

27.Apologize (Lukas Termena chillout mix)

28.Apologize (UK Radio Mix)


30.Apologize (ULTI-remix)

31.Marchin On (Timbaland remix)

32.Apologize (album version)


34.Heaven (acoustic version)


36.Wherever I Go (Danny Dove Club Edit)

37.Apologize - Acoustic Version from Mix 99.9 Toronto

38.Say (All I Need) In the Style of OneRepublic

39.Counting Stars (Lovelife Remix)

40.Counting Stars (Workout Mix by DB Sound)

41.Onerepublic - Stop and Stare

42.I Lived (Arty Extended Remix)

43.Good Life (New Mix version)

44.Good Life (radio mix)

45.If I Lose Myself (Love Thy Brother remix)

46.Stop and Stare (album version)

47.Sleep (Non LP Version)

48.Apologize (Richard Vission mix)

49.Good Life (Demolition Crew remix)

50.Couting Stars

51.Good Life (pop mix)

52.Secrets (from 'Gossip Girl')

53.If I Lose Myself (Re-Con remix)

54.Love Runs Out (Passion Pit Remix)

55.I Lived ([RED]Remix)

56.All the Right Moves (Filthy Dukes remix)

57.I Lived (Arty Remix)

58.I Lived (Carousel Remix)

59.Secrets [Ralph Lauren]

60.Secrets (Roger Sanchez remix)

61.Counting Stars (Mico C Remix Edit)

62.If I Lose Myself (Australia Only - Sessions 10 mix)

63.Feel Again (album version)

64.Mercy (radio mix)

65.If I Lose Myself (Alesso remix)

66.Last Goodbye (Stripped Live Mix)

67.Don't Go Away

68.Last Goodbye

69.Apologize (Timbaland presents OneRepublic)

70.Say (All I Néed)

71.Let's Hurt Tonight - Collateral Beauty Mix

72.All the Right Moves (Live)

73.Kids (Alex Ross Remix)

74.No Vacancy

75.Lift Me Up (Michael Brun Remix)

76.Truth To Power

77.All the Right Moves (Danger Remix)

78.Champagne Supernova

79.Burning Bridges (Acoustic Version)

80.Born to Race

81.Feel Again (Thomas Gold Mix Radio Edit)

82.Wherever I Go (Lost Stories Remix)

83.Love Runs Out (Disciples Remix)