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【 Cry(Single Remixes) 】【 2008-07-02 】

Album songs:
1.Cry (Steve Mac Classic Edit)

2.Cry (Steve Mac Klassic Mix)

3.Cry (Polish Rumble Remix)

Album Intro:

Originally, Rihanna had been in the studio with her friend Chris Brown who was working on some songs for the re-release of his album Exclusive. Brown and his team had come up with the composition for 'Cry' but felt the song would be better suited for a female. After Rihanna had heard it, she quickly persuaded her team to grab a hold of it (similar to Umbrella). Rihanna's record label felt that it would be best to save the song for Rihanna's fourth studio album, as Rihanna had already recorded songs for her scheduled re-release