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【 暫存 】

Album songs:
1.Only Girl

2.Sticky Face

3.Songz Medley

4.In Ya Phone


6.Slow Fade

7.Day And Night



10.I Invented Sex (Remix)

11.About Da Game

12.Can't Help But Wait (Remix) [feat. Soulja Boy]

13.Takes Time To Love

14.I Invented Sex (Remix) [feat. Papi Chulo]

15.Invented Sex

16.Can't Help But Wait (Guitar Remix)

17.Can't Help But Wait (UK Garage Remix)

18.I Wanna Rock (Freestyle)

19.Say Aah (Remix) [feat. Juelz Santana & Fabolous]

20.Say Aah (Remix) [feat. Chris Brown And T.Breezy]

21.Make It Rain

22.Already Taken

23.Yo Side Of The Bed [Live]

24.Panty Droppa [Live]

25.Use Somebody [Live]

26.A Change Is Gonna Come [Live]

27.Easy On Ourselves

28.I Like Dat (Freak Freaky Dance) [feat. Swizz Beatz & T.I.]

29.I Invented Sex (Remix) [feat. Drake, Usher, Keri Hilson]

30.Drinks On Me [feat. Bei Maejor]

31.We Cant Be Friends (Provided)


33.When I See You

34.I Refuse

35.Never Enough Time

36.Daddy Want You

37.I Gotta Go

38.I Invented Sex/Let's Get It On [Live]

39.Top Of The World

40.Underneath The Sheets (Provided)

41.Hangover (Provided)


43.Brand New

44.Panty Droppa (Intro)

45.Lol :-)

46.Holla If Ya Need Me

47.Scratchin' Me Up

48.You Belong To Me

49.Myspace And Trey Songz (Skit)

50.A Message From Aretha (Gotta Make It (Remix)'s Introduction)

51.Gotta Go (Reprise)

52.Gotta Make It (Remix)

53.All The If's In The World


55.Invented Sex Remix

56.Life on Mars?

57.LOL :-) - feat. Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

58.Brand New - Bonus Version

59.Scratchin Me Up - Bonus Version

60.You Belong To Me - Bonus Version

61.What I Be On - feat. Fabolous

62.Outside - Pt. 1

63.Bottoms Up - feat. Nicki Minaj


65.Ladies Go Wild (Bonus Track)

66.Chapter V

67.Almost Lose It (Bonus Track)

68.All I Want For Christmas

69.She Ain't My Gurl




73.More Than That

74.On Top

75.She Needs Me (Provided)

76.Flights & Skype

77.Inside Pt. 2

78.Successful (Live in Hartford, Conn.)


80.Simply Amazing (Andy Durrant and Steve Moore UK Remix)

81.You Just Need Me (remix)

82.Keep Me Warm (On Christmas)

83.Na Na (Miller Guth Remix)

84.Say Aah (Live)

85.Panty Droppa (The Complete Edition) [Bonus Track]

86.Love Me Better (Bonus Track)

87.Successful (Drake and Trey Songz)

88.Brand New (Bonus Track)

89.Scratchin' Me Up (Bonus Track)

90.You Belong to Me (Bonus Track)

91.Already Taken (From 'Step Up 3D')

92.2 Reasons (feat. T.I.)

93.Missing You

94.Trapped in the Closet, Part 1

95.Tuesday - Remix

96.Uh Huh

97.Two Reasons

98.LOL :-) (Logan DeGaulle Remix)