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Beyonce( Beyoncé )

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【 暫存1 】

Album songs:
1.Get Me Bodied (Live)*

2.Broken Hearted Girl Lyrics

3.I Wanna Be Where You AreWelcome To Hollywood [Live] (Provided)

4.If I Were A BoyCalifornia LoveYou Oughta Know [Live]

5.Irreplaceable [Live]


7.Cards Never Lie

8.If Looks Could Kill

9.Mixed Snakes (Provided)

10.Back Up

11.Work It Out Sax IntroWork It Out [Live]

12.Check Up On It (Provided)

13.That's Why You're BeautifulBeautiful Ones [Live]

14.Deja Vu 2 (Provided)

15.Sweet DreamsDangerously In LoveSweet Love [Live]

16.Best Thing I Ever Had (Provided)

17.Tribute To Matthew Knowles (Provided)

18.Beautiful Liar (Spanglish) (Provided)

19.He's My Man (Provided)

20.Me, Myself And I (Junior's Remix) (Provided)

21.Lost Yo Mind

22.Kick Him Out (Provided)

23.I'd Rather Be With You (Provided)

24.Oye (Provided)

25.Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

26.Love (Provided)

27.It's Hard To Forget You (Provided)

28.Video Phone (Remix) (Provided)

29.I'm Leaving

30.Beautiful Liar/Bello Embustero

31.You Are My Rock

32.My Heart Still Beats

33.Deja Vu [Live] (Provided)

34.After All Is Said And Done

35.Cards Never Lie


37.Irreplaceable (Remix) [feat. Ghost Killah] (Provided)

38.Ego (Remix)

39.Naughty Girl (remix) (Provided)

40.Sweet Dreams (Remix) [feat. Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj] (Provided)

41.Why Don't You Love Me (Provided)

42.I Love You (Provided)

43.Put A Ring On It (Provided)

44.Sexuality (Provided)


46.The Last Great Seduction

47.Family (End Title)

48.Holly Wood (Provided)

49.Everything I Do

50.Crazy In Love (Album Version)

51.Get Me Bodied [Extended Mix]

52.In Da Club (Beyonce Remix)

53.Brown Eyes

54.Crazy In Love Featuring Jay-Z (Single Version)



57.Keep Giving Your Love To Me

58.Swing Low Sweet Chariot

59.Lorrell Loves Jimmy/Family (Reprise)

60.Step On Over (Provided)

61.I'm Somebody



64.Trust In Me

65.All I Could Do Was Cry

66.Dangerously In Love

67.A Woman Like Me

68.He Still Loves Me

69.Crazy in Love (feat. Jay-Z)

70.Baby Boy (feat. Sean Paul)

71.Hip Hop Star (feat. Big Boi and Sleepy Brown)

72.Signs (feat. Missy Elliott)

73.That's How You Like It (feat. Jay-Z)

74.Beyoncé Interlude (Provided)