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Payable On Death( 花錢找死樂團 )

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【 When Angels and Serpents Dance 】【 2008-04-08 】

Album songs:

2.Shine With Me


4.It Can't Rain Everyday


6.I'll Be Ready

7.End of the World

8.This Ain't No Ordinary Love Song

9.God Forbid

10.Roman Empire (Provided)

11.When Angels & Serpents Dance

12.Tell Me Why

13.Rise Against

Album Intro:

When Angels & Serpents Dance is the upcoming seventh studio album by P.O.D.. This is the first album to include Marcos Curiel since his departure from the group and first to be released by Columbia Records. It will also include Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies, Helmet guitarist Page Hamilton, guest Gospel Choir, and the Marley Sisters.