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【 暫存 】

Album songs:

2.Baby One More Time

3.Beautiful Bird

4.Be My Baby

5.Blue On A Black Weekend

6.City In The Rain

7.Combing My Hair

8.Days Of Our Lives

9.Everyday Faces

10.Give Me Some Truth

11.Good Time Girls

12.Green Behind The Ears

13.Hazy Shades Of Gold

14.High As A Kite

15.Just The Faces Change

16.Me Beside You

17.Only Molly Knows



20.Standing On My Own

21.The Connection

22.The Urge For Going

23.The Weight


25.Village Man

26.We Are Monkeys

27.Whenever She Comes Around

28.When I'm Feeling Blue (Days Of The Week)

29.Where Is The Love

30.Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah



33.Tell Him No


35.The Blue Flashing Light


37.Life And Soul Of The Party

38.You Don't Know What I'm Like

39.Walking Down The Hill/Some Sad Song

40.Mid-life Krysis

41.The Distance

42.Sailing Away

43.Know Nothing

44.Happy Hang Around

45.Perfect Heaven Space

46.Ring Out The Bell

47.Ancient Train

48.Before You Were Young

49.Broken Mirror

50.Chinese Blues


52.Get Up

53.J. Smith

54.Last Words

55.Long Way Down

56.Quite Free

57.Something Anything

58.Song To Self


60.Where You Stand (Single)


62.Parallel Lines (Daydream)

63.Ferris Wheel

64.3 Miles High

65.Re-Offender (radio edit)

66.Parallel Lines

67.Driftwood (live at Barrowlands)

68.All the Young Dudes (live at Barrowlands)

69.The Beautiful Occupation (Radio Edit)

70.Why Does It Always Rain

71.Why Does It Allways Rain on Me

72.Love Will Come Through (SIA Charity Single)

73.Gimme Some Truth (Exclusive John Lennon Cover)

74.Mother (Radio Edit)

75.Nothing Ever Happens

76.All the Young Dudes (live)

77.You're a Big Girl Now

78.Here Comes the Sun - Live at Top of the Pops Awards 2001

79.All I Want to Do Is Rock (Live) [with Noel Gallagher]

80.More Than Us (Live Acoustic Version)

81.Why Does It Always Rain on Me? (live)

82.Good Day to Die (live)

83.Slide Show (Live from the Link Cafe, Glasgow)

84.Hazy Shades of Gold (live)

85.As You Are (live)

86.I Forget My Name

87.Don't Be Shy

88.Writing to Reach You (Deadly Avenger's Bayou Blues mix)

89.Selfish Jean (radio edit)

90.Say Hello