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Whole Lotta Love


Hit it

We got a whole lotta love in it

I'm looking in the mirror and im killing myself
Ever bit of empathy I took from myself
I'm looking at a knife and I'm feeling compelled
But there's still much to live so it's back on the shelf

I'm tryna cut back from the things that I like
I'm trying hold up doing what seems right
I put my fist down I ain't ready to fight
I put my hopes high just to get through the night

Now I gaze in my eyes and I'm seeing a demon
We Trapped in a rut, aint nobody leaving
Why shouldn't I snap?
Just Give me a reason
Why did we chose to rap?
We way outta season

If I die would I ever get to be praised
I decide if I ever wanna be saved
I could use a little love before it's too late
A whole of love for god's sake

For me

Got a whole lotta love in it

It's hard to keep dreaming when you know what is real
There's alway someone out there telling you how to feel
If 21 and Cole got you thinking a lot
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Start questioning yourself, man
What do you got

How many fans you got?
How many hits you got?
How much time did you spend?
How many are real friends?
How many do for the clout
How many living a lie?
how many ppl who wanted the fame
But really just wanna get high

Is it true what ppl say? it'll change over time
learn from our mistakes? never cross the line
Should I learn to listen
Or should I learn to find
Make my own decisions
Leave it all behind

If my time is up i'll just sit back and wait
If I see it coming I'll just step aside and pray
I just need a little love before it's too late
This is my decision, you can't make me stay

For me

Got a whole lotta love in it