Grave to Shudder 歌詞 Ike Ndolo feat. Paul Mabury ※
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Ike Ndolo feat. Paul Mabury


Ike Ndolo feat. Paul Mabury

Grave to Shudder

I was born under lock and key.
My slavery was like a friend to me.
It's all I knew, like the pressing night
Until You came and gave me back my life.

This beating heart was growing fainter still,
Dry from the world and its empty meals.
I tried to rise, but I could not die.
You showed me how and put to death my pride.

He has made the grave to shudder
And all of hell to turn and run!
He has looked on me a pauper
and called me, 'Son!'
With a glance He melts the mountains
That are building in my heart!
He has given me a new life
To shine like the stars!

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You count my hairs
Like You count the stars.
Gave me a name
And wrote it on Your heart.
What reckless love
To give Your life away!
Snatched from the pit
My soul today.

On the edge of night,
Beyond the wall of sound,
I'll stay close to You, my God,
Lead me to higher ground!
Upward on onward still
To a land bold and bright!
My Love, You have come to save
And turn all my wrongs to right!