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Tommy Sire


Tommy Sire

Parasamgate(feat. Bryan King)

作詞:Tommy Sire
作曲:Tommy Sire

Heads nodding as the speakers beat up in your party
We got em bobbing to that
om gate gate 2x
pāragate pārasa?gate bodhi svāhā/bodhisattva

It ain't that often you acquire what I've got
a little something that'll get your mind enlightened in the stashbox
bottled holy water with a label on the table
that will regulate the energies pervading
through your navel as the levy of your mind breaks
the trip is heavy, it's imperative to hydrate
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you'd better get ready for the Ego's demolition
in a separate dimension that'll push you to fruition of the mission: Ascension

Ahh! So this phenomenon of self-awareness isn't exactly what you cognized, is it?
See, perhaps it's far beyond the idea that 'I think, therefore I am'.
Perhaps it's the realization of 'i' as a formulation -
the depth of which is not perceptible by your standard faculties.
In fact, it's the act of non-perception,
actually, that cultivates an understanding or,
rather, an incorporation of one into
'Pure Wisdom' escape from the skandhas. Thus I have heard