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Missing Your Touch

Baby, am missing your touch
Darling more special to me each day
Baby, am missing your touch
Holding you close makes me feel like am floating
Baby mi love it, mi love it when yo kiss mi
Mi and you together wi a create history
Shi a show mi security shi naw diss mi
Naturally shi give mi the love, shi no resist mi
Wifey naw sell out shi ever with mi
Better believe it or not like riples
So anytime shi call mi deh, deh, quickly
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A she alone can have fi mi pickney
And if I love you a David, nough a that deh, deh
You a mi Dancehall girl, you a mi Reggae
So rock and come in and squeeze mi tight baby
Mi wanna know mi love baby and mi degge, degge
Yeh so many talk bout relationships
Girl there is no escape from this
When mi and you a talk a the same language
Can't fall like London Bridge


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