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Beth Orton


Beth Orton

Sisters of Mercy

Oh, the sisters of mercy
They are not departed or gone
They were waiting for me
When I thought that I just can't go on

And they brought me their comfort
And later they brought me this song
Oh, I hope you run into them
You, who've been traveling so long

Yes, you who must leave everything
That you cannot control
It begins with your family
But soon it comes around to your soul

Well, I've been where you're hanging
And I think, I can see how you're pinned
When you're not feeling holy
Your loneliness says, that you've sinned

Well, they lay down beside me
I made my confessions to them
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They touched both my eyes
And I touched the dew on their hem

If your life is a leaf
That the seasons tear off and condemn
They will bind you with love
That is graceful and green as a stem

When I left they were sleeping
And I hope you run into them soon
Don't turn on the lights
You can read their address by the moon

And you won't make me jealous
If I find that they've sweetened your night
We weren't lovers like that
And besides it would still be all right
We weren't lovers like that
And besides it would still be all right


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