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In the morning call
I cant get the bad from it
You said it's good to me
I had a song on your knees
Did it I go wrong
You turn me into fade
Just call me to be
I cant go down

I don't wanna be
Just might on the face you said on me
Cause I made just way to fade
Fading away you know is me
Kiss me don't say goodbye to fade
Cause on your the side just falling down
I want say to me if free to me
Just no can say

In the darkness sea
I can see the moon from light
I don't mind of you
Oh fade away to be

You did your wrong in fade
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I can close a day
You turn me on
I cant like this

I just wanna be
You won't to say it's too harder to me
I can close my eye say to me
Just no one can say the fade away

Just so I don't wanna be
You keep me to the final in side
You wanna save me to line
You close my eyes and say yeah

No one can say the light it is
I don't want be if you can be like this
No one can safe me fine don't know why can see
Just say to why just mine
You don't find me why be the bad day
Just call me to say I hello to me
You want I learn to be
You close eses
O yeah final just a call