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The Lonely Island


The Lonely Island

I Fucked My Aunt

Damn, I fucked my aunt.
I can't believe I fucked my aunt.
I f*cked my aunt y'all

I was thirteen, skinny little freckle-faced kid.
Growin' up in the country felt like doin' a bid
But the summers were my favorite when we swam in the lake
And trips to the city, what a magical place.
First baseball game, man, I'll never forget.
Crackerjacks, bleacher seats and the crack of the bat.
My friend Tim caught a ball, but he gave it to me.
And five years later, I fucked my aunt.

Damn, I fucked my aunt.
I can't believe that I fucked my aunt.
Man, I really fucked my aunt.
I fucked my aunt, y'all

Rainstorms always give me the blues.
Worst one in ten years on the evening news.
She rode her bike over cause the streets was closed.
My aunt standing there in soaking wet clothes.
We opened some wine and laughed like kids.
She told me funny things that her and my mom did.
But then my uncle called and she had to go.
And twelve years later, I fucked her sister.

Damn I fucked my aunt.
Can you believe that I fucked my aunt?
Man, I guess I fucked my aunt.
I fucked my aunt y'all

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It was my eighteenth birthday, the world was still new.
My parents threw me a party as parents will do.
My uncle's wife gave me a punny gift
It was an ant farm; man, she was a trip.
Later that night I was up in my room.
I watched as the small ant community bloomed.
So simple, yet so complex, I contemplated my own life
And wondered what would come next.
I took out my favorite ant and crushed it with my dick.
And also, I fucked my aunt.

Damn, I fucked my ant.
And I fucked my aunt.

Man, we fucked our aunts.
We fucked our aunts y'all.

Oh, I can't believe it.
They fucked their aunts.
I mean, I fucked my aunt too.
But you don't see me making songs about it.
Although we technically didn't have sex.
Just some above the clothes stuff.
And some under the clothes stuff.
I mean what is sex really?
Is it just penetration?
Or do you have to finish?
Cause I finished.

Damn, I fucked my aunt y'all