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i'm wishing upon a falling star
shining out bright for you
I took you for granted
all if this time
only just to see it through
to all of my friends who gave me words
crazy advise for you
If only i saw that
you want to pleased
i would not have said to you

if you only believe it's true
i would tell the world i bleed for you
if it only was incentive
i could find a way to give you all i could
if i only could be true

if only you knew the way i felt
something inside in me
make sure you barely
so much it hurt
if only you could see in me

only everything could shine
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if you could believe this time
if you open up your sense
you could lost n all your worries
all my genes if die with

holding on to memories past
everytime i see you calling
reaching out to you inside
everything i knew was falling
you are the world is in my mind with you the day
to see you smile and on my way
how can i be chain

and i see you believe in me
and is it all that i feel for you
when you open up your senses
everytime i know that you could be my friend
and i love you till the end

if you only could see me now
cuz i'm flying up so high you know
if you give me one more chance babe
i can fill your heart with glories
all my genes without you
all my genes die with you

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