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Composer:David Gates

And Aubrey Was Her Name,
A Not So Very Ordinary Girl Or Name.
But Who's To Blame?
For A Love That Wouldn't Bloom,
For The Hearts That Never Played In Tune.
Like A Lovely Melody That Everyone Can Sing,
Take Away The Words That Rhyme It Doesn't Mean A Thing.

And Aubrey Was Her Name,
We Tripped The Light And Danced Together To The Moon,
But Where Was June?
No It Never Came Around,
If It Did, It Never Made A Sound.
Maybe I Was Absent Or Was Listening Too Fast,
Catching All The Words, But Then The Meaning Going Past.

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But God I Miss The Girl,
And I'd Go A Thousand Times Around The World Just To Be,
Closer To Her Than To Me.

And Aubrey Was Her Name,
I Never Knew Her, But I Loved Her Just The Same,
I Loved Her Name.
Wish That I Had Found The Way
And The Reasons That Would Make Her Stay.
I Have Learned To Lead A Life Apart From All The Rest.
If I Can't Have The One I Want, I'll Do Without The Rest.

Oh How I Miss The Girl
And I'd Go A Million Times Around The World Just To Say.
She Had Been Mine For A Day.