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Aaron Neville


Aaron Neville

Some Days Are Mad For Rain

J. Lind/ P. Galdston

We held each other 'till the moon was high
We waved that sleepy little town goodby
And driving off together we crossed our hearts
Living for the promise, that love would keep us honest
I said I'd be yours if you'd be mine...we were crazy baby
And every day the sun was sure to shine and we tried and we tried
And sometimes the wind makes a sudden change
And some days are made for rain

We fixed the tire and we drove like hell
We kissed like fire in a cheap motel
I never felt the hunger so bad before
Holding you beside me, walls came down inside me
I thought I was yours and you were mine...that was crazy baby
I was sure the sun would always shine, but we tried and we tried
Sometimes the wind makes a sudden change
And some days are made for rain

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You wanna talk about love
I'll tell you all about love
Nothing but trouble, wont tap a heartache
One day you're walking on out
Next day you look, and there's no one there
She never cared...She never cared

Now I've been sleeping with the TV on
I get so tired wondering were you've gone
You tore across my heart like a hurricane
I'm counting up the damage trying how to manage
I thought I was yours and you were mine...that was crazy baby
I was sure the sun would always shine, but take a look outside
Sometimes the wind makes a sudden change
Here come those clouds and they, are full of rain
And some days are made for rain
Some days are made for rain
Let it poor outside


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