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Original London Cast【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 87 首歌 】
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Phantom Of The Opera 英文
1.Angel Of Music
3.Masquerade / Why So Silent
4.The Point Of No Return
Miss Saigon 英文
1.The Heat Is On In Saigon
2.I'd Give My Life for You
4.The Revelation
5.What a Waste
7.The Fall of Saigon
8.Room 317
9.Now That I've Seen Her
10.The Confrontation
11.The American Dream
12.This Is the Hour
13.I Still Believe
14.The Morning of the Dragon
15.The Movie In My Mind
16.The Dance
17.Why God Why?
18.This Money's Yours
19.Sun and Moon
20.The Telephone Song
21.The Deal
22.The Ceremony (Dju Vui Vai)
23.What's This I Find
24.The Last Night of the World
25.The Sacred Bird
Les Miserables Highlights 英文
2.Red And Black
3.One Day More
4.On My Own
5.Bring Him Home
6.Javert's Suicide: Soliloquy
7.Empty Chairs At Empty Tables
Legally Blonde The Musical 英文
1.Omigod You Guys
2.Legally Blonde Remix
3.There! Right There!
4.Bend And Snap
5.So Much Better
6.Serious (Reprise)
10.Find My Way/Finale
Fame - The Musical 英文
1.Hard Work (From the Musical 'Fame')
2.Let's Play a Love Scene (Reprise from the Musical 'Fame')
3.These Are My Children (From the Musical 'Fame')
4.The Teacher's Argument (From the Musical 'Fame')
5.Tyrone's Rap (From the Musical 'Fame')
6.Can't Keep It Down (From the Musical 'Fame')
7.I Want to Make Magic (From the Musical 'Fame')
8.Bring On Tomorrow (From the Musical 'Fame')
Highlights From Phantom of the Opera (The Original London Cast) 英文
1.Think of Me (Edit)
2.The Point of No Return
3.Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (Edit)
5.All I Ask of You (Reprise)
6.The Music of the Night
7.The Phantom of the Opera (Edit)
8.The Mirror (Angel of Music)
9.Angel of Music
暫存 英文
1.In L.A. - From The Musical
2.Dancin' On the Sidewalk (From The Musical ' Fame')
4.What Can You Say?
5.What Can You Say? (Reprise)
6.Sweet Transvestite
7.Prologue (The Stage Of Paris Opéra House, 1905)
8.Wandering Child / Bravo, Monsieur
9.Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
10.Notes / Twisted Every Way
11.Entr'Acte (Act Two - Six Months Later)
12.All I Ask of You (Reprise)
13.All I Ask of You
14.Why Have You Brought Me Here
15.Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh
16.Notes / Prima Donna
17.Magical Lasso
18.I Remember / Stranger Than You Dream It
19.Prima Donna
20.Little Lotte / The Mirror (Angel of Music)
21.The Phantom of the Opera
22.Down Once More / Track Down This Murderer
23.All I Ask Of You - Edit
24.Let's Play A Love Scene - From The Musical ' Fame'

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