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Giriboy( 기리보이 )【 共收藏 14 張專輯, 67 首歌 】
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치명적인 앨범 Ⅲ(Fatal Album Ⅲ) 韓文
1.별이지고있다(A Star Is Falling)
2.제설(Snow Sweeping)
3.와츠롱(What's Wrong)(Feat. YUNHWAY)
4.이때다(The Time Is Now)
5.집으로(Going Home)
6.증오(Hate You)(Feat. Ahn byeong woong)
7.써니데이(Sunny Day)(Feat. nafla)
8.거지(Beggar)(Feat. YUNHWAY & Jhnovr & JUSTHIS)
아퍼(I'm Sick)(Band Ver.) 韓文
1.아퍼(I'm Sick)(Band Ver.)(Feat. Young B & YUNHWAY & Lil tachi & Han Yo Han & JUSTHIS & Swings)
호랑이소굴 韓文
1.호랑이소굴(Tiger Den)(Feat. Jvcki Wai)
100 Years College Course 韓文
1.Towkio(Feat. Youra)
2.I'm Sick(Feat. Kid Milli, Lil Tachi, Kim Seungmin, NO:EL, C JAMM)
3.Rain Drop
4.Bitter Words
5.Why Are We So Tired(Feat. Jclef)
6.The Arts
7.The End
8.Traffic Control(Feat. Heize)
Traffic Control 韓文
1.교통정리(Traffic Control)(feat. HEIZE)
KGVOVC From Wybh Vol.1 韓文
1.Supernatural Power(초능력)
3.The Wall(벽)
4.Its Heavy(무거워)
5.Equus Remix Remix(feat. Chaboom)
Thank You 韓文
1.Sorry(Feat. OLNL)
2.ALL DAY(Band Ver.)
3.2000 / 90(Band Ver.)
4.Sooljalee(Jiwoo Cover)
5.Vv 2(feat. Kid Milli & ChoiLB & Kim Seungmin & Hayake)
Science Fiction Music:End 韓文
1.Attention Whore(Prod. By GIRIBOY & Johnny)(feat. THAMA)
2.Crack On My Screen(Prod. By Minit)(feat. Paloalto)
3.Bonus Track Bumper Car Remix(feat. Mommy Son & Kim Seungmin & Han Yo Han)
Science Fiction Music 韓文
1.I4P.KR(Prod. By Vibin)
2.Keyboard(Prod. By Hansen)
3.Kiss(Prod. By Taalthechoi)(feat. YUMDDA)
4.Hooksong(Prod. By Sec Paul)
5.Skyblue(Prod. By GIRIBOY)(feat. The Quiett & BewhY)
6.Acrnm(Prod. By GIRIBOY)(feat. Goretexx)
7.Vr(Prod. By Coa White)(feat. JUSTHIS & Swings)
8.Www(Prod. By GIRIBOY) (提供)
hightechnology 韓文
1.Peace(Prod. By Cosmic Boy)(feat. Crush, Choi LB)
2.high qual-la(Prod. By GIRIBOY, 2S)(feat. OLNL)
3.Love Contract(Prod. By GRAY)(feat. Vinxen)
4.Old Clothes Collection Box(Prod. By dnss)(feat. Kim Seungmin)
5.BBQ & Goobne(Prod. By Mist)
6.Deep Sea Of Outer Space(Prod. By Minit)(feat. Kim Seungmin)
7.kidmilli technology(Prod. By GIRIBOY)
8.overtechnology(Prod. By GIRIBOY) (提供)
9.logout(Prod. By GIRIBOY) (提供)
Graduation 嘻哈饒舌
1.Wyjb (Prod. By Louie Lastic) (feat. OLNL) (提供)
2.The Graduate (Prod. By Fisherman) (feat. George) (提供)
3.Whyyoumad (Prod. By Coa White) (feat. Kim Seungmin) (提供)
4.Secrets Of The Human Body (Prod. By dnss) (提供)
5.Wewantourmoneyback (Prod. By Lemac) (feat. Young B, Kid Milli) (提供)
6.Tongue Wrestling (Prod. By Cosmicboy) (feat. Sik-K) (提供)
7.Hikikomori (Prod. By GroovyRoom) (提供)
8.Yougottheswag (Prod. By dnss) (提供)
9.VV (Prod. By Coa White) (feat. OLNL, Choi LB) (提供)
10.TV Star (Prod. By Minit) (feat. Kim Seungmin) (提供)
TV Star 韓文
1.TV Star (Prod. By Minit) (feat. Kim Seungmin) (提供)
5 Songs for Initiation 韓文
1.EXPRESS HIGHWAY (Prod. By Big Pie) (提供)
2.MIX IT IP (Prod. By Cosmicboy) (Feat. ChoiLB) (提供)
3.INTIMATE (Prod. Fisherman) (Feat. Mad Clown, OLNL, HAN YO HAN) (提供)
4.SPACE (Cosmicboy Remix) (提供)
5.I'M IN (yunji Remix) (提供)
Sooljalee (술자리) 韓文
1.Sooljalee (提供)

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