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A Rocket To The Moon【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 69 首歌 】
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Wild & Free 英文
1.I Do
2.Wild & Free
3.Wherever You Go
4.Nothing At All
5.Somebody Out There
6.Lost And Found
7.Whole Lotta You (Acoustic)
8.Ever Enough (Acoustic)
9.While the World Let Go
10.Another Set of Wings
11.Ever Enough
12.If I'm Gonna Fall In Love
13.Call It All Home
That Old Feeling (EP) 英文
1.Whole Lotta You
2.Going Out
3.First Kiss
4.You're My Song
On Your Side 英文
1.No One Will Ever Get Hurt
3.Mr. Right
4.When I'm Gone
5.On A Lonely Night
7.Life Of The Party
8.Like We Used To
9.Where Did You Go?
11.Baby Blue Eyes
12.Give A Damn
13.On Your Side
14.She's Killing Me
Your Best Idea 英文
1.A Song For Brit
2.Away Away
4.I'm Afraid Of Losing You
5.I Wont Believe This
6.We Feel Like Kings
The Rainy Day Sessions EP 英文
1.Baby Blue Eyes - feat. Larkin Poe [Rainy Day Sessions]
2.Like We Used To - feat. Larkin Poe [Rainy Day Sessions]
3.Mr. Right - feat. Larkin Poe [Rainy Day Sessions]
4.Single Ladies - feat. Larkin Poe [Rainy Day Sessions]
5.On A Lonely Night - feat. Larkin Poe [Rainy Day Sessions]
Summer 07 EP 英文
1.Are You Catching My Drift Yet?
2.Baby We're Invincible
3.Cops And Robbers
4.I Think About You Everyday
5.Mistakes We Haven't Made
6.The Death Of Me
7.Not A Second To Waste
Greetings From... EP 英文
1.If Only They Knew
2.I'm Not Saying Goodbye
3.Fear Of Flying
4.Just Another One
暫存 英文
1.He Can't Stand You
2.I Don't Want To Loose You
3.The One Thing
4.We'll Make This Work
5.I Believe In Us (This Holiday)
6.Fool Everyone
7.Single Ladies
8.Sometimes - Alt Version [Bonus Track]
9.Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Single Version)
10.Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
11.Like We Used To (Piano Version) [Bonus Track]
12.Whole Lotta You (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]
13.While the World Let Go (Bonus Track)
15.Ever Enough - Acoustic Version
16.Whole Lotta You (Acoustic Version)

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