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Jazzmatazz Vol. 5 The Classic 英文
1.IntroWords From Sk (提供)
2.Best Of My Years [R.I.P.] (提供)
3.So Wassup (提供)
4.Where's Our Money
5.Interlude (提供)
6.Here We Go Ft. Krumbsnatcha & Jeru The Damaja (提供)
7.The Process Ft. Apany B Fly & The Jazz Liberatorz (提供)
8.In Life & Death Ft. One Be Lo & Big Shug (提供)
9.New Hip Hop Ft. Mac Miller (提供)
10.Keep The Concept Specific Ft. Edo G (提供)
11.Real Talk Ft. The Notorious B.I.G. (提供)
12.The Way It Iz Ft. Kai_Bee, Lil' Dap & Issa Gold (提供)
13.No Games Ft. Common (提供)
14.Conflict (Check It Out) Ft. Masta Ace & Redman (提供)
15.Fo Real Ft. Jaysaun & Blacastan (提供)
16.The Owner (提供)
17.The Revolutionist (提供)
18.U Ain't Got Nothin' Punk Ft. One Be Lo (提供)
19.Know Da Rules Ft. Big Syke & Nas (提供)
20.The Struggle Ft. Vinnie Paz (提供)
21.Hood Dreamin'
White 英文
2.Straight To Your Heart
3.It's All Different Now
4.If You Go
5.In My Life
6.Break The Spell
7.Won't B 2gether
8.Angry Song
9.My Rocker Ass
10.Ray Of Light
11.The Voice Inside
12.I Don't Give a Damn
Baldhead Slick & Da Click 英文
1.Where's Our Money?!
2.Back 2 Back
3.No Surviving
5.The Anthem
6.Rollin' Dolo
7.Underground Connections
8.Niggaz Know (提供)
9.In Here
10.The Come Up
11.O.G. Talk
12.Pimp Shit (提供)
13.Never Ending Saga
14.War Tactics
15.Collecting Props (提供)
16.Revolutionist (提供)
17.No Grease (提供)
18.How You Gonna Be a Killa?
19.Stay Outta My Face
Jazzmatazz Vol. 2: The New Reality 英文
1.Choice Of Weapons
2.Young Ladies
Jazzmatazz, Vol. 3: Streetsoul 英文
1.Hustlin' Daze
4.All I Said
Jazzmatazz Vol. 1 英文
1.Transit Ride
2.No Time To Play
3.Trust Me
暫存 英文
1.Feel the Music
2.Lost Souls
3.Who's There?
4.Keep Your Worries
6.Looking Through Darkness
7.I'm Here - Featuring Timbo King, Killa Priest, And Black Jesus
8.No More
9.Supa Love
11.Count Your Blessings
12.Something in the Past
13.Watch What You Say
14.Stay Outta My Face - Featuring Big Shug, H. Stax
15.Living In This Word
16.Lift Your Fist
17.When You're Near
18.Respect the Architect
19.For You
20.Night Vision
21.Take A Look (At Yourself)
22.Slicker Than Most
23.Living in This World
25.The Come Up - Featuring Kapital Gainz, Kreem
26.Rollin' Dolo - Featuring Edo. G, Big Shug, And Krumbsnatcha
27.The Traveler
28.Sights In The City
29.Down The Backstreets
30.State Of Clarity
31.Too Dark See
32.Open House
33.Power, Money & Influence
34.Feed The Hungry
35.King Pin
36.Step In The Arena 2 (I'm Saying)
37.Talkin Loud And Frontin
38.False Prophets
39.The Way It Iz
41.Insert B (The Real Deal) Nobody Knows
42.Skit A Interview/Watch What You Say (Medley)
43.Insert A (Mental Relaxation) Medicine
45.Moment Of Truth
47.No Time to Play (edit)
48.Too Dark To See
49.What's My Life Like?
50.Where's My Ladies?
51.Keep Your Worries (Street Version)
52.Follow the Signs
54.Law of Karma

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