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Lowry Olafson【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 106 首歌 】
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My Dog Ate My Homework 英文
1.Put Your Voice On Paper
2.My Dog Ate My Homework
3.The Lemons Are Coming
4.It Only Takes One
5.Kids Forever
6.The Funky Chicken
7.Friends Come from the Heart
8.The Eight Second Ride
9.Home of the Nisga'a Nation
10.When Somebody Cares
11.Friends Are Like Noodles
12.Any Kind of Pie
13.People Like That
14.I Wish for You
15.I've Gotta Stop Talking
16.Falling Feather
17.Sparkles in My Heart
18.Twenty One Ways to Bug Your Teacher
Days That Disappear Too Soon 英文
1.Time to Grow (提供)
2.Fly By Night (提供)
3.Mama's Wish (提供)
4.One Thin Wire
5.This Ring (提供)
6.Gypsy Highlands (提供)
7.Dreams Come True (提供)
8.Drivin All Night (提供)
9.Fire and Water (提供)
10.One Horse Rider (提供)
11.Bread and Honey (提供)
Borderland 英文
1.Hey Jack (提供)
2.Borderland (提供)
3.Never Say Die (提供)
4.Puzzle (提供)
5.Things I Should Have Said (提供)
6.Borrowed Time (提供)
7.Teach Me to Listen (提供)
8.Circle (提供)
9.I'll Be On That Train (提供)
10.Losing What's Left of My Mind (提供)
11.Dances With Waves (提供)
12.Be the Boat (提供)
13.Never a Sky So Blue (提供)
14.Let It All Go (提供)
Solid Ground 英文
1.Going to the River (提供)
2.Solid Ground (提供)
3.Annabelle (提供)
4.If You Are An Angel (提供)
5.Days Like This (提供)
6.That's Where We Fall Down (提供)
7.Ship of Dreams (提供)
8.A Love Like This (提供)
9.Pier 21 (提供)
10.Shelter Island (提供)
11.Down In Dreamland (提供)
12.Safe and Sound (提供)
13.Stronger Than You'll Ever Know (提供)
14.Here We Go Again (提供)
15.Bonus (提供)
Feels Like Forever 英文
1.Pachelbel's Canon in D (提供)
2.Feels Like Forever (提供)
3.Mendelssohn Wedding March (提供)
Little Mysteries 英文
1.Little Mysteries (提供)
2.A Thing or Two (提供)
3.Cap Brule (提供)
4.Justify the Love (提供)
5.Scheherazade (提供)
6.Mortar and Stone (提供)
7.Sunday Afternoon (提供)
8.Always (提供)
9.Let It Begin (提供)
10.Just a Little Bit (提供)
Back Again 英文
1.Back Again (提供)
2.Summer Is Coming (提供)
3.Here to Love (提供)
4.I Wish You Well (提供)
5.February (提供)
6.Tara (提供)
7.Blanket in the Cold (提供)
8.Wake Up Sleepyhead (提供)
9.Fifty Years
10.Franz (提供)
11.We Are Each Other's Angels (提供)
Good Intentions 英文
1.When the Time Is Right (提供)
2.I Wish You Were Here (提供)
3.Change Your Mind (提供)
4.Journey (提供)
5.Ring Telephone (提供)
6.Hiding Behind Your Pride (提供)
7.Good Intentions (提供)
8.One Last Goodnight (提供)
9.Desperate Wind (提供)
10.After the Rain (提供)
Wind and Rain 英文
1.Sweet and Strong (提供)
2.Words (提供)
3.Someone to Love (提供)
4.Living in the Country (提供)
5.Nova Scotia (提供)
6.Blues Out On the Road (提供)
7.Prodigal Son (提供)
8.Who Will Be the Ones? (提供)
9.Wind and Rain (提供)
10.Just Call (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Vertigo (提供)
2.Sliver of a Moon (提供)
3.One Last Song Before the News (提供)
4.I Don't Care If It Rains (提供)

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