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Lea Salonga( 莉亞·莎隆嘉 )【 共收藏 23 張專輯, 234 首歌 】
莉亞·莎隆嘉(英語:Lea Salonga,1971年2月22日-),菲律賓歌手、演員,以演出《西貢小姐》音樂劇聞名,曾獲奧立弗獎、東尼獎、劇評人獎、圈外劇評人獎、世界戲劇獎等大獎肯定,是首位以單一角色身分獲各國際獎項的歌手。她同時也是首位在百老匯音樂劇《悲慘世界》中飾演愛波寧的亞洲人。

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The Journey So Far 英文
1.Salamat Salamat Musika (提供)
2.My Romance / Let's Fall in Love (提供)
3.The Sing Medley: Sing a Song / Tomorrow / Matchmaker, Matchmaker (提供)
4.I Have Dreamed
5.Too Much for One Heart
6.On My Own
7.Something's Coming
8.Fallin' / I Still Believe in Love
9.There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do
10.Someone to Watch Over Me
11.Two Words
12.Waray Waray (提供)
13.A Whole New World / Band Intro
14.There'll Be Time / The Journey (提供)
15.Your Song / Someone's Waiting for You (提供)
Ultimate Opm Collection 英文
1.I Still Believe In Love
2.Nandito Ako
3.The Journey
Inspired 英文
1.Who Are You
2.To Hear You Say You Love Me
4.Waiting for Love
5.My Foolish Heart
6.Do You Hear It
7.Brian's Song
8.When the Winter's Gone
9.When October Goes
10.Land of the Loving
11.Promise Me
Songs from Home 英文
1.Hahanapin Ko
2.Basil Valdez Medley
3.Isang Iinhhong Pag-ibig
4.Ako Ang Nagwagi
5.Waray Waray/Galawgaw (提供)
6.Regine / Ogie Medley (Duet With Ogie Alcasid) (提供)
7.Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin
8.Sharon Cuneta Medley (提供)
10.Laki Sa Layaw (Jeproks)
The Christmas Album 英文
1.The Meaning of Christmas
2.Mary, Did You Know
3.Grown-Up Christmas List
4.Pasko Na, Sinta Ko
5.Christmas Morning
6.The Gift
7.It's Just Another New Year's Eve
8.Noche Buena
9.Sana Ngayong Pasko
10.Even Santa Fell In Love
11.Can't Wait for Tomorrow
12.Merry Christmas Darling
13.The Christmas Song
14.Twelve Days of Christmas
By Heart 英文
1.I Will Always Stay This Way In Love With You
2.I Don't Love You Anymore (Duet)
3.Till I Met You
4.How Can I?
5.I Remember the Boy
6.Let the Pain Remain
7.Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile
8.Once Upon a Life
9.Afraid for Love to Fade
10.Say That You Love Me
11.A Long, Long Time Ago
13.I Still Believe In Love
In Love 英文
1.Friend of Mine
2.I Need You Back
3.Don't Know What to Do Don't Know What to Say
5.Reachin' Out
6.Special Memory
7.You're My Home
8.Give Me a Chance
9.I Think I'm In Love
I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (Original Soundtrack) 英文
1.Ngayon Pa Lang Tagumpay Ka Na
2.I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing
3.Rainbow Connection
5.Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan
6.Thank You for the Music
7.I Am But a Small Voice
9.Someone's Waiting for You
10.Somewhere Over the Rainbow
11.Alphabet Song
12.When You Wish Upon a Star
14.The Greatest Love of All
15.Top of the World
We Could Be In Love 英文
1.We Could Be In Love
Lea Salonga 英文
1.It's Just Goodbye
2.We Could Be In Love
3.Lessons of Love
4.A Flame for You
Lea 英文
1.Anything for You
2.I Still Believe
3.I Wanna Little Love
4.If I Give My Heart to You
5.Mula Noon, Hanggang Ngayon
6.Only You
7.Please Naman
8.That Situation
10.Minsan, Isang Kahapon
11.Nandito Ako
12.Tagumpay Nating Lahat
13.Tell Me
Small Voice 英文
1.Alphabet Song ('A, you're adorable. B, you're so beautiful...')
2.Can't Smile Without You
3.Give A Little Bit of Smile
4.Happiness (duet with Gerard Salonga)
5.I Am But A Small Voice (originally composed by Roger Whittaker)
7.Lupa Man Ay Langit Na Rin
8.Someone's Waiting For You (Theme song from the animated feature film The Rescuers)
Vision Of You 英文
1.Vision Of You
The Broadway Concert 英文
1.Where Is Love - As Long as He Needs Me
2.Too Much for One Heart
3.I Enjoy Being a Girl
4.Someone Like You
5.You'll Never Get Away From Me - Wherever We Go (feat. Katrice Gavino)
7.Someone Else's Story
8.I've Never Been in Love Before
9.Maybe (feat. Katrice Gavino)
10.Someone to Watch Over Me
Songs from the Screen 英文
1.Can You Read My Mind?
2.Through the Eyes of Love
3.Colors of the Wind
4.Over the Rainbow
5.Our Love Is Here To Say
Songs from the Screen (with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra) [Live] 英文
1.Can You Read My Mind (with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra) [Live]
2.Through the Eyes of Love (with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra) [Live]
3.What Matters Most / It Might Be You (with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra) [Live]
4.Colors of the Wind (with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra) [Live]
5.Over the Rainbow (with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra) [Live]
Live: Jazz at Lincoln Center 英文
1.Encore: Higher
2.She's Gonna Eat It... And She Did
3.Still Hurting
4.Don't Tell Mama - Reprise
5.How Long Has This Been Going On?
6.The Very Thought of You
7.Falling in Love in Your 20's
9.I Miss My Isle of Joy
10.I Won't Mind
11.So Many People / Loving You
12.Finale: Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down
13.Thank You!
14.Greatest Love of All
15.Blackbird / A Quiet Thing
16.My Favorite Lady
17.Where or When
18.Be Aware
19.Back to Before
20.I Could Have Danced All Night
21.Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' / Morning Has Broken
22.Opening: The Song Is You / You and the Night and the Music
Live, Volume 2 英文
1.Don't Know What to Do, Don't Know What to Say
2.You Must Love Me
4.True Colors
5.Streisand Medley
6.The Journey
7.One Voice
Lea Salonga, Vol. 1 (Live) 英文
1.Someone's Waiting for You (Live)
2.Something's Comin' (Live)
3.Even If (Live)
4.Carpenters Medley (Live)
5.Happiness (Live)
6.Sunlight (Live)
7.Disney Medley (Live)
Lea Live, Volume 1 英文
1.Someone's Waiting for You
2.Even If
3.Carpenters Medley
6.Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile
7.Disney Medley
8.Sun and Moon/Last Night of the World
By Heart 2000 英文
2.I Remember The Boy
3.I Will Always Stay This Way In Love With You
4.Let The Pain Remain
Blurred Lines 英文
1.How Do You Keep the Music Playing? / How Deep Is the Ocean?
3.Possibilities and Prospects
4.A Song for You / I Can't Make You Love Me
5.Blurred Lines
6.All of Me
7.Nice Work If You Can Get It
8.Fast Car
9.The Story of My Life
10.Give It up for the Band
11.My Foolish Heart
暫存 英文
1.Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal
3.Once Upon A December (提供)
5.Every Time We Fall
6.I Honestly Love You
7.Heaven Tonight
8.Finish What You Started
9.Remind My Heart
10.We Could Be In Love (Duet With Brad Kane)
11.A Whole New World (Aladdin)
13.Reflection - From 'Mulan' Soundtrack
14.Reflection - From 'Mulan'/Soundtrack Version
15.Reflection (From 'Mulan')
16.We Are Yours
18.Musical Chairs ('Disney Princess')
19.Reflection (From Disney's ''Mulan'')
21.Something More
22.A Girl Worth Fighting For
23.If You're Not Here (By My Side)
24.Of All the Things
25.Can We Just Stop & Talk Awhile
26.Lesson Number One
27.A Whole New World (From 'Aladdin')
28.Aladdin: A Whole New World
29.In My Own Little Corner
30.On My Own (Les Miserables)
31.A Whole New World - From 'Aladdin' Soundtrack
32.A Whole New World - From 'Aladdin'/ Soundtrack Version
33.A Whole New World
34.A Whole New World - From Disney's ''Aladdin''
35.A Whole New World - From Aladdin/Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
36.Love, Look Away
37.Wished That I Could Call You

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