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Scissor Sisters( 剪刀姊妹樂團 )【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 130 首歌 】
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Magic Hour 英文
1.San Luis Obispo
2.Self Control
3.Best in Me
4.Secret Life of Letters
6.Ms. Matronic's Magic Message
7.Fuck Yeah
8.Baby Come Home
9.Keep Your Shoes On
11.Only the Horses
12.Year of Living Dangerously
13.Let's Have a Kiki
14.Shady Love
Night Work(不讓你睡) 英文
Polydor Limited / Downtown Records
1.Night Work(夜班)
2.Whole New Way(全新的方式)
3.Fire With Fire(勇敢燃燒)
4.Any Which Way(想盡辦法)
5.Harder You Get(不容易)
6.Running Out(玩完)
7.Something Like This(像這樣)
8.Shin Like Cat(為貓剃毛)
9.Shin Tight(貼身)
10.Sex And Violence(性與暴力)
11.Night Life(夜生活)
12.Invisible Light(看不見的光)
Ta-Dah 英文
1.I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
2.She's My Man
3.Kiss You Off
4.I Can't Decide
6.The Other Side
Scissor Sisters 英文
Universal Int'l
2.Take Your Mama
3.Comfortably Numb
5.Lovers In The Backseat
6.Tits On The Radio
7.Filthy / Gorgeous
8.Music Is The Victim
9.Better Luck
10.Can't Come Quickly Enough
11.Return To Oz
12.Untitled(Uk Bonus Skit)
13.The Skins(Uk Bonus Track)
14.Get It Get It(Uk Bonus Track)
Mary (EP) 英文
2.Mary (Junkie XL Radio Edit)
3.Take Me Out
iTunes Festival: London 2010 英文
1.Laura (Live)
2.Take Your Mama (Live) (提供)
3.Fire With Fire (Live)
4.I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (Live)
5.Invisible Light (Live)
6.Running Out
7.I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
8.Take Your Mama
9.Invisible Light
War Child Presents Heroes 英文
1.Do The Strand
K-Mart Disco 英文
2.Return to Oz (original version)
3.Someone to Touch
4.Laura (original version)
5.Us and Them
6.Doctor (I'm Only Seeking Dark)
7.Monkey Baby
8.Can't Come Quickly Enough
9.Better Luck Next Time (demo)
10.Step Aside for the Man
11.Borrowed Time
12.Ohh (The Blues)
13.Filthy Gorgeous (original version)
14.Bicycling With the Devil
15.The Backwoods Discotheque, Part 1
Hurrah A Year Of Ta-Dah 英文
1.She's My Man - (Live from O2)
2.I Can't Decide - (Live from O2)
3.Lights - (Live From O2)
4.Might Tell You Tonight - (Live from O2)
5.The Other Side - (Live from O2)
6.Kiss You Off - (Live from O2)
7.Paul McCartney - (Live From O2)
8.Land of a Thousand Words - (Live from O2)
9.I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - (Live from O2)
Da-Tah: Scissor Sisters Mashup Album 英文
1.She's My Man x 2
2.Golden Lights
3.Ordinary People on the Other Side
4.Laura in the Fiesta
暫存 英文
1.Let's Have a Kiki (Jeff Morena's XTC Remix)
2.Night Work
3.Whole New Way
4.Fire With Fire
5.Any Which Way
6.Harder You Get
7.That's Us / Wild Combination
8.Something Like This
9.Skin This Cat
10.Skin Tight
11.Night Life
12.Sex & Violence
13.Filthy Gorgeous
14.I Don't Feel Like Dancin' [Radio Edit]
15.Get It Get It
16.All The Lovers - Live From BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge
17.Take Your Mama - Napster Live
18.Let's Have a Kiki (Almighty club mix)
19.Take Your Mama Out
20.I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (album version)
22.Only the Horses (single mix)
23.Backwoods Discotheque II
24.The Backwoods Discotheque, Part 2
25.Any Which Way (radio edit)
26.Sex Exciter
27.Fire With Fire (radio edit)
28.Let's Have a Kiki (Peter Rauhofer's NYC Bitch Mix)
29.Baby Come Home (Darq E Freaker Remix)
30.Only the Horses (Horsepower remix)
31.Only the Horses (Peter Rauhofer's Big Room Anthem Mix)
32.Any Which Way (original radio edit)
34.Comfortably Numb (Fatboy Extended Mix)
35.Available (for You)
37.A Message From Ms. Matronic
38.Take Me Out (live, BBC Radio One)
39.Confortably Numb
40.I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (Linus Loves vocal edit)
41.Invisible Light (US 12')
42.Isn't It Strange
43.Laura - AOL Sessions

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