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Queens Of The Stone Age( 石器時代女王樂團 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 178 首歌 】
石器時代的皇后樂隊是1996年在加利福尼亞州棕櫚沙漠成立的美國搖滾樂隊。 樂隊的陣容包括創始人Josh Homme(主唱,吉他,鋼琴),樂隊成員Troy Van Leeuwen(吉他,鋼圈,鍵盤,打擊樂,伴唱),Michael Shuman(低音吉他,鍵盤,伴唱) 院長Fertita(鍵盤,吉他,打擊樂,伴唱)和喬恩西奧多(鼓,打擊樂)。

在Homme之前的樂隊解散之後,石器時代的皇后Kyuss開發出了一系列即興重型搖滾音樂。 他們的聲音從此發展到融合了各種不同的風格和影響力,包括與ZZ頂級成員比利吉本斯,涅ana鼓手和Foo Fighters主唱Dave Grohl以及一直穩定為樂隊做出貢獻的尖叫樹主唱Mark Lanegan合作。
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...Like Clockwork 英文
1.Keep Your Eyes Peeled
2.I Sat By The Ocean
3.The Vampyre Of Time And Memory
4.If I Had A Tail
5.My God Is The Sun
7.Fairweather Friends
8.Smooth Sailing
9.I Appear Missing
10....Like Clockwork
My God Is The Sun 英文
1.My God Is The Sun
Lullabies To Paralyze 英文
1.Skin On Skin2.Burn the Witch
Songs For The Deaf 英文
1.Another Love Song
2.Do It Again
3.First It Giveth
4.God Is In The Radio
5.Gonna Leave You
6.Go with the Flow
7.Hangin' Tree
8.Mosquito Song
9.No One Knows
10.Six Shooter
11.Song for the Dead
12.Song for the Deaf
13.The Sky Is Fallin'
14.You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like
Queens Of The Stone Age 英文
1.Regular John
3.If Only
4.Walkin' On The Sidewalks
5.You Would Know
6.How To Handle A Rope
8.Hispanic Impressions (提供)
9.You Can't Quit Me Baby
10.Give The Mule What He Wants
11.I Was A Teenage Hand Model
Rated R 英文
1.Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
2.The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
3.Leg Of Lamb
4.Auto Pilot
5.Better Living Through Chemistry
6.Monsters In The Parasol
7.Quick And To The Pointless
8.In The Fade
9.Tension Head
10.Lightning Song (提供)
11.I Think I Lost My Headache
iTunes Festival: London 2013 英文
1.My God Is the Sun (Live)
2.Go With the Flow
3.You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar but I Feel Like a Millionaire
4.If I Had a Tail
5.Go With the Flow (Live)
6.I Sat By the Ocean (Live)
7.If I Had a Tail (Live)
8.In the Fade (Live)
9.You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar But I Feel Like a Millionaire (Live)
10.My God Is the Sun
Sick Sick Sick 英文
1.I'm Designer
2.Goin' Out West
3.Christian Brothers
4.Sick, Sick, Sick
Over the Years and Through the Woods (Audio Version) [Live] 英文
1.Regular John (Live)
2.Long Slow Goodbye (Live)
3.Song for the Dead (Live)
4.Burn the Witch (Live)
5.Leg of Lamb (Live)
6.Little Sister (Live) (提供)
7.Tangled Up In Plaid (Live)
8.Go With the Flow (Live)
9.You Can't Quit Me, Baby (Live)
10.I Think I Lost My Headache (Live)
Era Vulgaris 英文
1.Sick, Sick, Sick
Era Vulgaris Tour Edition 英文
1.I'm Designer (UNKLE Remix)
2.Run, Pig, Run
3.3's & 7's
4.Christian Brothers (Non-LP Version)
5.Make It Wit Chu (Live Acoustic Version)
6.Needles In a Camel's Eye (Non-LP Version)
7.Song for the Dead (Live @ Paradiso Amsterdam)
8.Avon (Live @ Paradiso Amsterdam)
9.Regular John (Live @ Paradiso Amsterdam)
10.Go With the Flow (Live @ Paradiso Amsterdam)
11.Into the Hollow (Live @ Paradiso Amsterdam)
12.I Think I Lost My Headache (Live @ Paradiso Amsterdam)
13.If Only (Live @ Paradiso Amsterdam)
14.Misfit Love (Live @ Paradiso Amsterdam)
15.Monsters In the Parasol (Live @ Paradiso Amsterdam)
16.Sick, Sick, Sick
暫存 英文
1.…Like Clockwork
2.You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire
3.A Song For The Dead
4.A Song For The Deaf
5.First Giveth
6.Go Withe The Flow
7.Heart On The Street
8.Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
9.Millionaire (ost. Triple X (xXx))
10.Little Sister
11.Who'll Be The Next In Line
12.No One Knows-(Unkle Remix)
13.Most Exalted Potentate of Love
14.I Wanna Make It Wit Chu
16.I Never Came
17.This Lullaby
18.Tangled Up In Plaid
19.Never Say Never
20.Long Slow Goodbye
21.In My Head
22.Everybody Knows That You're Insane
23.God Is On the Radio
24.Hanging Tree
25.Make It Wit Chu
26.Born To Hula
28.Battery Acid
29....Like Clockwork (UNKLE Remix)
30.Run Pig Run
31.River In The Road
32.Suture Up Your Future
33.Misfit Love
34.Into The Hollow
35.Everybody Knows That You Are Insane
36.Broken Box
37.The Blood Is Love
38.You Got a Killer Scene There, Man...
39.Someone's In the Wolf
40.Ode To Clarissa
42.The Bronze
43.You're So Vague
44.Like A Drug
45.Turning The Screw
46.Running Joke
47.The Fun Machine Took A Shit And Died
48.Precious And Grace
49.Era Vulgaris
50.Like A Drug - Non-LP Version
51.No One Knows - Live Lounge
52.Song For The Dead - Album Version (Edited)
53.The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret - Live at the Troubadour Version
54.Long Slow Goodbye (Live Acoustic)
55.I Sat By The Ocean (Live Acoustic)
57.Needles in the Camel's Eye
58.3's and 7's
59.The Fun Machine Took A **** and Died
60.No One Knows (album version)
61.Quick and the Pointless
62.In the Fade / Feel Good Hit of the Summer (reprise)
63.Better Living Through Chemistry (Live At Reading 2000)
64.Ode to Clarissa (Live At Reading 2000)
65.Feel Good Hit of the Summer (Live At Reading 2000)
66.Never Say Never (Non-LP Version)
67.Born to Hula (Non-LP Version)
68.Outlaw Blues
69.3's & 7's (acoustic)
70.Suture Up Your Future (acoustic)
71.You Can't Quit Me Baby (short version)
72.No One Knows (live @ Melkweg)
73.Broken Box (Fixed the Box Remix By Peaches)
74.Make It Wit Chu (Edit Version)
75.Like a Drug (Bonus Track)
76.Hanging Tree (Live Version)
77.Tension Head (live from The Mean Fiddler)
78.The Blood Is Love (Contradicktator Remix)
79.Go With the Flow (UK Radio Edit Version)
80.The Feel Good Hit of the Summer
81.The Way You Used To Do
82.The Evil Has Landed
83.White Wedding
84.Feet Don't Fail Me
85.In My Head (radio edit)
86.Know One Knows (UNKLE mix)
87.Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
88.Domesticated Animals

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