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1 10.NITROUS devils Blood in my toothpaste Spit into the night Thought it would be nice You just made me nervous You
2 1.Intro uth like it's Crest toothpaste Yeah she gave me head like a toupée huh Got twenty hoes they all my roomma
3 2.BabyJump t beautiful teeth A toothpaste adman's dream. She got a beautiful form The best I've ever seen. I' gonna
4 4.Bust Down resh and clean like toothpaste Yeah love letter to you is too grea
5 11.Things In MyJeep it A toothbrush and toothpaste A tic tac in a briefcase A dream catcher a road map Registration and insur

6 12.King Kong Ft. Bruno Mali up in your mouth no toothpaste These yellow diamonds no foogazy Most of these niggas be too fake23 bags i
7 2.Fat Faded Fuck Face r salt breath needs toothpaste I told your boy'Your bitch needs to chill'(Bitch need to chill) I told you
8 16.Mr. Spaceman lies in my beard my toothpaste was smeared Over my window they'd written my name Said So long we'll see y
9 7.Blessings m in her mouth like toothpaste Workin' hard and I'm flexin' Big diamonds on my necklace Ya boyfriend he d
10 1.Slappin(feat. Nef The Pharaoh& D.R.A.M.) oduct reppin' Crest Toothpaste I flip a coin and take a life just like I'm two face Elevated on my high h
11 9.Choir Practice kes To pile on that toothpaste smile with your two face A wild fucking goose chase But you can catch me o
12 13.Rap Michael Phelps ame I ain't talkin' toothpaste but I got aim Step on your toupée cause yo' top off Boy you need to catch
13 8.Tom Taam e newest pace since toothpaste And dem a draw me up like shoes lace Oh God dem nah go take me serious til
14 6.Dollar and a Dream like ain't no more toothpaste(You ain't gon' do shit) Bitch of course I is You want this money you gon'
15 14.Mula queeze it like some toothpaste I I(aghhhhk) Spit in the face of a coward Shit on anybody ever try to take
16 14.The Next Four Months drinking straws in toothpaste tubes Stash them with your toiletries And I will share my pills with you L
17 4.Give Me a Try m shaving with your toothpaste And trying to vacuum from the ceiling The millisecond that you're away I g
18 3.A Thousand Times teeth Using all the toothpaste leaving none for me And I wish I didn't have to say this all through the p
19 9.Cruel Brunette kward searching for toothpaste Or a housemate scorning Why do women act like they're doing men a favour I
20 16.Thin Line(feat. Buffalo Madonna) with complimentary toothpaste Lately I've been living up out of my suitcase Building trust in that I'm l

21 3.Powerful Move e I'm brushing with toothpaste laced with joker venom Face seized up to the crooked rhythm You'd bite my
22 11.Hey What's The Matter? g Perfume toothpaste fresh and strong. Sweaty shirt my jeans are too tight Stay awake all night Come on let's hide on the playground Let's go ... Hey now what is wrong Perfume toothpaste fresh and strong. Sweaty shi
23 19.Another Letter Home I open my eyes and toothpaste is all I see You know everyone's so friendly here they just postponed Worl
24 5.Back Against the Wall h Blue tapper nails toothpaste and rails chewing gum paper clips grey goose and ale He plays to win the d
25 1.Lifestyle her mouth just like toothpaste[Hook][Outro: Birdman] Sitting in the middle of this ocean Pacific that is
26 12.You the Best(feat. YSL) ore talk where's my toothpaste? No this is not a syrup this a movie And your man home yeah she hardly do
27 11.Tight(Feat. Lakutis& Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire) like some toothpaste(toothpaste) shoelace(shoelace) Two face
28 1.Salladhor Saan Smuggler Milo-A Toothpaste Suburb1.Salladhor Saan Smuggler[Verse1] We got our first apartment
29 2.Yafet's Song Milo-A Toothpaste Suburb2.Yafet's Song[Verse1] Slept in the car park And got lost in
30 3.Peanut Butter Sandwiches Milo-A Toothpaste Suburb3.Peanut Butter Sandwiches[Verse1] Reflex like a mild clonic knee jerk And when it lands I'm crushing sand ... And I'm mowing the lawn in a toothpaste suburb We couldn't afford the deposit There's a goose in place of your mother And black folks hanging from nooses like ru ... ok2] This is how we live in a toothpaste suburb And mother makes pean
31 4.Sanssouci Palace Milo-A Toothpaste Suburb4.Sanssouci Palace[Verse1] I have been alone for several mon
32 6.Thatness and Whatness Milo-A Toothpaste Suburb6.Thatness and Whatness[Verse1] A great swell of energy like
33 7.Fragrant Pee Farts(feat. Scallops Hotel) Milo-A Toothpaste Suburb7.Fragrant Pee Farts(feat. Scallops Hotel)[Verse1:Scallops H
34 8.Ought Implies Can and I Cannot Milo-A Toothpaste Suburb8.Ought Implies Can and I Cannot[Verse1:Milo] Getting away f
35 9.You Are Go(o)d to Me Milo-A Toothpaste Suburb9.You Are Go(o)d to Me[Intro] Happy New Year everybody[Verse
36 10.Objectifying Rabbits(feat. Open Mike Eagle) Milo-A Toothpaste Suburb10.Objectifying Rabbits(feat. Open Mike Eagle)[Verse1] Echol
37 12.Buck65's Knee Milo-A Toothpaste Suburb12.Buck65's Knee[Verse1:Milo] Yes... Addicted to Tucson I'm
38 13.Just Us(A Reprise for Robert Who Will Never Be Forgotten) Milo-A Toothpaste Suburb13.Just Us(A Reprise for Robert Who Will Never Be Forgotten)
39 14.A Day Trip to the Nightosphere(feat. Anderson Paak) Milo-A Toothpaste Suburb14.A Day Trip to the Nightosphere(feat. Anderson Paak)[Hook
40 16.Gaudeamus Igitur(for Kang Min-gyu) Milo-A Toothpaste Suburb16.Gaudeamus Igitur(for Kang Min-gyu)[Intro milo] I was bapt
41 9.Story Told gazine I swallow my toothpaste I've come too far to give in That's how it goes in this life That's a stor
42 2.Sleepin On Me demons to flush out Toothpaste in my car can't even brush nah I'm in the studio living life like a movie
43 10.Let's Get High and Watch Planet Earth t Let's make out no toothpaste I only want to know how you taste We don't need to tie no shoelace And we
44 5.The City r our zits with the toothpaste airforce ones switching up the shoelace Imma heal the world MichaelJackson
45 3.Alone Life ay Still tasting my toothpaste I've got no dates to go on And so what if I'm up late with some great new

46 7.N Dakota ociation coffee and toothpaste. This was vacation... I saw while squinting the hidden layer In those lost
47 9.Mr. Spaceman lies in my beard my toothpaste was smeared Over my window they'd written my name Said so long we'll see y
48 1.Lead Me(feat. Willie MooreJr.) ut the brush to the toothpaste touché Faith fresh like a new fade get up in the Word then grind is my new
49 14.Bamboo aking soda not that toothpaste Imma do it till its doomsday till the day I'm sentenced In the meantime in
50 4.Homie(featuring Cadence Weapon) with airports about toothpaste like im not quoting the koran with a vest on who the hell's ever made a bo
51 3.Stare at the Sun ofJune Give me your toothpaste give me your ointment Give me your body and then Keep this in amber keep o
52 60.Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste e Me Like Toothpaste Lyricist Graham Gouldman、Eric Stewart Composer Graham Gouldman、Eric Stewart I treat you like a woman So treat me like a man I took ... tand So don't squeeze me like toothpaste Like putty in your hands I'm gonna go away I'm gonna blow away A woman is a woman And a man is just a fool It takes all o ... ruel So don't squeeze me like toothpaste Like putty in your hands I'm gonna go away I'm gonna blow away Who's gonna be there when the morning comes? Head o
53 5.Cut Them Down In The Passes young with a sloppy toothpaste tongue and he chuckles at the speckles of his blood amongst the freckles o
54 8.Let's Get That(Remix) se; give-the-niggas-toothpaste-from-the-candy-dolls! Even-in-2020('20!) my-rims-still-gonna-be-from-1984.
55 5.Pick Up Your Broken Heart s The socks and the toothpaste The clocks and the rings. The things you were given just give them all bac
56 6.Thin Line with complimentary toothpaste Lately I've been living up out of my suitcase Building trust in that I'm l
57 10.Walmart Bestseller eze em titties like toothpaste.(God damn brush your teeth hoe) Bitches wanna holler x2 Edible panties I m
58 3.Mr. Spaceman ouse in my beard My toothpaste was.. above my window they have written my name Said so long we will see y
59 8.Dare To Dream ed like a half-used toothpaste(keep up)[Hook][Breakdown:][Melissa:] Do ya do ya dare to dream? Do ya do y
60 6.You and I b If you found your toothpaste empty I would squeeze out just a little more If you had the sweetest victo
61 15.Ab-Souls Outro d use that flouride toothpaste Hide your feelings from the public Work a long nine to five don't forget t
62 2.What'cha Gonna Do? sharing a bed and a toothpaste Her daddy's on the phone saying Whatcha gonna whatcha whatcha gonna gonna
63 11.Prince Of The Land Of Stench oozing shit like a toothpaste tube! While they all take turns violating your orifi The king and his men
64 12.Somebody Lied mouth wash I no be toothpaste You can't fly there's no gucci in your suitcase You wan stay Lagos omo in
65 4.Needle And Thread food diet and some toothpaste I can remedy along gettin' drunk gettin' stoned Then I'm back to my good o
66 4.Monsieur Moustache Versus Clitcat Whiskey instead of toothpaste Tonight would be so awesome Tonight would be so awesome Kokain lies like s
67 2.Tempted t a toothbrush some toothpaste A flannel for my face Pajamas a hairbrush New shoes and a case I said to m
68 9.She's My Girl nd she squeezes the toothpaste from the middle of the tube. Her hairs in the sink Have driven me to drink
69 4.California English ak But she use real toothpaste Cuz if that Tom's don't work If it just makes you worse Would you loose al
70 32.Space Mix'98 surprise there's no toothpaste. GERONIMO'S CADILLAC SWEET LITTLE SHEILA Move with the air with the sounds
71 1.Comin' Up like mouths without toothpaste Never thought of mixing blood with my confidence She was in my city showin
72 3.Kiss Me When I'm Down k of mail a tube of toothpaste An empty zeppelin three cd case Still a few things here that you forgot Th
73 15.Claustroflowbic toothache Mouthwash toothpaste Breathin' on'em Spittin' hot flows like the heat is on'em Pretty hood like
74 3.Still The Same n you Can't get the toothpaste back in the tube What's done is done can't be misconstrued Whatever happen
75 11.Mr. Buddy Buddy e brain Cyanide and toothpaste the tools of his trade Pass the laughing gas cuz Buddy is onstage! A maste
76 9.Part Time Punks And they never use toothpaste But they got two fifty to go and see The Clash. Tonight! Here they come la
77 15.My Favourite Buildings culpt a statue from toothpaste And someday I could have a fifty inch waist It's all free for my favorite
78 5.I See Red e drain like molten toothpaste I feel used and spat out poor old me When my baby's walking down the stree
79 6.Your Last the Coffee pass the toothpaste quick kiss on the cheek Before you walked out the door Sometimes the stars
80 10.My Heart Was Set On You ou always left some toothpaste in the sink she was amazed at your capacity not to think she said your hea
81 11.The Merchandisers eeth with chequered toothpaste Wear our vests Our kings and queens on bouncing breasts You could even buy
82 9.Grocery Escape Plan rapes oltec TP salt toothpaste deodorant chips pees corn cheese porn? Spaghettios salt cups sprite bleach
83 4.Fo Yo Sorrows t like your morning toothpaste Kill yourself like Sean Kingston suicidal for a title My recitals are vita
84 3.The Kids Are Sick Again ular beams of light Toothpaste smiles don't seem so bright Homogenize don't revise I don't mind losing se
85 9.Revisiting The Styleetron e My phone and some toothpaste[MURS] This is my life[Slug] I'm runnin' this show[MURS] Everybody in the p
86 9.The Smell Of Time rag You can't bring toothpaste on the plane But we seal your liquor in a special plastic bag Sure the fur
87 2.Buss My Gun zle inna mouth like toothpaste Gunshot a travel like suitcaseJapanese bullet wid blue base My crew paste
88 2.Mr. Spaceman lies in my beard my toothpaste was smeared Over my window they'd written my name Said So long we'll see y
89 9.Passion Colors Everything hing This is my toothpaste moment oh I'll need to flash a smile I'll be the super-absorbent-man watch
90 7.Down In The Bathroom So throw away your toothpaste try another brand But don't discard a friend he just won't understand CHOR
91 8.Glad To Be Unhappy ve lost that bright toothpaste grin My mental state is all a-jumble I sit around and sadly mumble Fools r
92 8.The Wake Up Song Wake up) Toothbrush toothpaste Now wash your face Roll out sound off It's time to get up You've gotta get
93 7.911 Am bomb it's a tube of toothpaste but I'll throw it out and let it go to waste i gotta pitch the water? but
94 4.Girl Of100 Lists at ten We're out of toothpaste rehearsal(again) Stop by the bank and cash my pay These are the things i m
95 15.Frail Grasp On The Big Picture ap off the freaking toothpaste? Whose turn to take the garbage out? Frail grasp on the big picture You ke
96 3.Buzz Aldrin: The Poster Boy For Second Place Everyday we'll eat toothpaste and pretend we like the taste
97 4.You're A Rose se razor blades for toothpaste And every breath is a holy war Were you sleeping? do you hate me? I've bee
98 6.Eat To Live hey got pork in the toothpaste soda in the Sunny DJello brand gelatin is laced with the lecatin In Africa
99 2.Whatever That Hurts ly fraud Overfilled toothpaste tubes Sleepless and timeless faces Drippety drop on sugarcubes The one eye
100 8.Love Me For Me you'll be using my toothpaste Step up sit down Get ready let me tell you who's the boss now Stay here ge

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