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1 1.This Is My Home hn Laudon-This Is My Home1.This Is My Home Lyricist John Laudon Composer John Laudon People mountain people sea Soaring towers and crowded streets From the harbour to the ... harbour to the mountain peaks This is a city truly unique I have lived here since eighty five Through the sunshine and through hard times But it holds me like a l ... ins I've walked these streets This town this village that never sleeps So many faces both young and old ... many faces
2 13.False God hink that this could work Remember how I said I'd die for you? We were stupid to jump In the ocean separating us Remember how I'd lie to you?[ ... talk to you when you're like this Staring out the window like I'm not your favorite town I'm New York City I'd still do it for you babe They all warned us about ... ll warned us about times like this They say the road gets hard and you get lost When you're led by blind faith blind faith[Chorus] But we might just get away w
3 8.Thousand Words ash is on this little light of mine They say a picture's worth a thousand words You paint a canvas better let it shine I know I done some thin ... 's dead wrong The flash is on this little light of mine A picture's worth a thousand words a video worth a million But no amount of'likes' can heal up all ... unt of'likes' can heal up all this pain that I'm feeling Maybe conceal it and hide in all these problems we deal with I grew up on the principle to raise a child ... ciple t
4 14.Last Call played me this joint I already knew I was like'Yo this some fucking'Last Call' shit' And it got me hella excited'cause I always wanted to do like A'Last Call' I remember the first ti ... n I'm tryna do mine' So since this joint got that vibe I'ma do my own'Last Call' right now for y'all And my voice is messed up too ... And my voice is messed up too this is the last track of Young Sinatra Yeah yeah Back in the day I wasn't shit homie Penny pinching I couldn't even pay t
5 10.Trekked Like Me expecting this But I did this all with no leverage Go hard in the game I've erected Take a trip to diamond[?]80 man to my show and they all on the guest list ... r floors and one singing Play this the whole way there's no skipping[?]if there's no sauce I'm not tipping The body strong[?] But they can never get like me They ... age[?]all come and level your village My young boys are dippin' Step

6 1.God Bless Ohio by Belden Village Mall Stole their cars and credit cards God bless Ohio God bless every man Woman and child God bless every bag of bones six f ... w and I'm grateful that I got this far And that I've become him And w
7 6.Pirate of the Caribbean bbean This is not my city am just visiting Am just pillage in the ... siting Am just pillage in the villages I see two pretty diamonds that I want I know they gonna give it up Beautiful girls are my treasure Looting their hearts is ... led across the seven seas But this is my territory Cause am a pirate Pirate of the Caribbean Yea am a pirate Pirate of the Caribbean And I'm the sharpest of blade ... ver switch Am the captain and this so Am a pirate Pirate of the Ca
8 6.Jean Desprez t out the village one and all!' the uhlan captain said.'behold! some hand has fired a shot. my trumpeter is dead. now shall they prussian veng ... shall they rue the day for by this sacred german slain ten of these dogs shall pay.' they drove the cowering peasants forth women and babes and men and from the l ... ay do not finish him so quick this foreign swine' he cried;'go nail him to the big church door: he shall be crucified.' With bayonets through hands and feet they ...
9 6.A Bull's Tale re in the village you are with your family But your family may not be with you Savage are the man and his band of thieves So heavy is the head ... n the face'[Instrumental] The village hear the guns firing A salute and a siren Chief's arriving I walk by the choir and drummers vibin' The parade so alive you w ... n I ain't taking no breaks in this Ride muthafucka! Don't take it slo
10 24.Romance In Durango(Live) n I think this time we shall escape. Sold my guitar to the baker's son For a few crumbs and a place to hide But I can get another one And I'll ... night I dream of bells in the village steeple Then I see the bloody face of Ramon. Was it me that shot him down in the cantina Was it my hand that held the gun? C ... s of old In the little church this side of town. I will wear new boot
11 1.Decadence Slum Village-siCde-s / C Sides1.Decadence[Featuring T3 Young RJ and Guilty Simpson](Hook) Dream team you're better then you liste ... ng stroker I drain the put on this trap then rhyme Oprah Up in this you penalized we flyin vultures In a desert with seven limbs no signs- hopeless You never wins I'm better than ever been They s ... ord toJames and Titus I offer this minus the riders Ocaidas with Mike
12 2.Tear It Down Slum Village-siCde-s / C Sides2.Tear It D ... r> Lyricist Slum Village Composer Slum Village I was claiming you the best fool but Got some things to explain we ain't that stupid Got the tap a tap a flow you attached t ... best but you ain't no threats This is bro complain to bro thanks to that Exploded on the scene which means it's sudden death I've been told that a load on my soul ... give a fuck so go I got a mag this ain't the Rolling Stones This is skull an
13 5.Call Me Slum Village-siCde-s / C Sides5.Call Me Chorus All that I want is to show you love All I got to do is find the time So when can I ... possible to have love within this relationship? Cause now that I got
14 6.Forever Slum Village-siCde-s / C Sides6.Forever feat. IllaJ T3& YOUNG RJ[Verse1] Dear us we had a gang of ups Stay side-to-side when most ... in' the same like when we try this we liars Now we back in square ha we here Yes I care but when I touch nobody there Poof you gone and I ain't there too Ghost up ... whispers now words so vicious This is so broke we can't fix it Once w
15 7.Summer Breeze Slum Village-siCde-s / C Sides7.Summer Breeze Uh I be the best you ever had when I back down back down You'll be seeing bombs ove ... climbed and I dived in! I get this live it's my last mind line with I'm a beast in ... mind line with I'm a beast in this shit' You bought' When I pull your
16 8.We Gone Slum Village-siCde-s / C Sides8.We Gone(Intro) We like gone gone gone gone gone gone Yea yea yea yea yea We like gone gone gone g ... niggas laughed yall can have this(Hook) We like gone gone gone gone gone gone Yea yea yea yea yea We like gone gone gone gone gone gone Yea yea yea yea yea We li ... in the upper eche…lon Killing this shit we doin(Hook) We like gone gone gone gone gone gone Yea yea yea yea yea We like gone gone gone gone gone gone Yea yea yea ... s n
17 2.Go Off o far And this rain is so foreign You blow the place I live in while Watch I could keep it going Go off on em So check up on your messages Kno ... the message is Like aliens in villages We're here for all ages Fans b
18 1.Courage Villagers-Darling Arithmetic1.Courage Took a little time to get where I wanted It took a little time to get free It took a l ... ook a little time to get over this From time to time I get heavyheart
19 4.Hot Scary Summer Villagers-Darling Arithmetic4.Hot Scary Summer Ohh Lord So you thank me for my hard work But you've had it up to there'Cos ... you've had it up to there'Cos this shouldn't be hard work But I'll fight to care if you'd care to fight Thank you for your hard work But I've had it up to here'Co ... ut I've had it up to here'Cos this shouldn't be hard work Least not the kind that makes us half a person Half a monster Stuck together in ... f a monster Stuck together in th
20 8.No One To Blame Villagers-Darling Arithmetic8.No One To Blame[Verse1]'Scuse me while I die A million times before I meet Your eyes with mine ... me while I fly High up above this broken town as I look down On all the people as they say That they're always here to help In my heart I know that they Couldn't ... you could take the weight Of this ancient wicked spell[Hook] Then yo

21 4.100 Different Ways feat Hardhead& Vee Tha Rula the slum Village of villains and niggas sellin' them dimes That shit could fuck up your mind Or it could turn men into mice You know the line ... een with the shit Gettin' all this money I'mma spend all this shit All these Hollywood hoes bitc
22 11.How Great oesn't My village raised'em a child come through the crib and it's bustin' You meet anyone from my city they gon' say that we cousins Shabach ... ow a valley for every African village burnedJay Elect would've never made it O' son of man O' son of man Who was the angel in Revelations with a foot on water and ... salem NewJerusalem Comes like this beast with a ball of fire They poisoned the scriptures and gave us the pictures of false messiahs It was all a lie Mystery baby ...
23 7.Blood Sandwich ed in the Village Voice Checking who was playing where Pulled his head up out the paper pushing out a single tear Five words like a beacon of ... nscend anger to high art Said'This is something I am willing to die f
24 10.Boiled Peanuts(feat. Lizzo) Served by this white dork yeah that's too damn cold So he straight flipped dipped out to his car To pop the trunk on ... o his car To pop the trunk on this young punk like'coup d'état' Shout out to Willie Ev Mark Lynn and Tim Hall And everyone inJack Rabbits that had street smarts C ... mad bro cause just can't rap this strong? Duval gave me all the fuckin' slang I need Ian Ranne payed me an eight ball& Mary-Jane Nathan Antolik straight repped f ... ace to Pablo9 and our fu
25 11.Leftside just what this is I had to make the soundtrack for everytime we win I make'em say ... verytime we win I make'em say this one for my side baby this for my coast Almost everyone I know is doing dirt dope or both The temp on a hunnid my team on a hunnid The Inland Empire is th ... nnid The Inland Empire is the village and we run it Look Malibu to Ve
26 9.A Dead Night Again say it's this village That drove you away to begin with Going out ... away to begin with Going out this hole I can't even start It only makes a fool out of me It's clear that my good run Has been and done The moment I could leave h ... me to realise that Going out this hole I can't even start It only ma
27 3.Five Long Years from the village and home we long to see My wife and child in my heart only God can see Stevens' day has passed us the time has come and gone ... t injustice we fought to hold this land The hunger and pain-hath stri
28 2.Nobody Speak ] Picture this I'm a bag of dicks Put me to your lips I am sick I will punch a baby bear in his shit Give me lip I'ma send you to the yard get ... y file victory Burn towns and villages Burning looting and pillaging[
29 1.The Stranger eft us in this lonesome village for the evening it would seem We looked for a hotel but we were told they'd all closed down Due to the economic crisis that ... egan to tell their story with this sentence and I quote: The words we speak here are top secret meant for private ears But our lives are in grave danger from a ba ... my spiritual vocation I wear this habit out of habit my service has been shoddy As you can maybe guess I can't resist the temptations of the body
30 9.Bringer of War f melting villagers fill the freezing air. Down in the catacombs oblivious Ghoul tucks in to dinner. Pandemonium rattled the crypts Tunnels co ... rupting our daily dead As the villagers fled with acid melting their heads Weakening stanchions savage assault The bodies were piled into a burial vault There was ... ! There's nowhere to hide now this is the end of Ghoul! Scuttle to sa
31 2.Columns wrote the Village Voice about it Tell me conclusions to stories I don't have time for Situations with the information missing misinformed We'v ... raction I don't know anything(This is the way the world ends
32 5.Simply Complex ppreciate this limitation that keeps holding me. Bound to keep the faith of myself and I.(I no longer fear.) I don't fear what I have.(Your re ... e.(Isn't real enough for me.)'This village must be fortified.''Protect all that we keep inside.' Proud to keep the faith of myself and I. Lost? Even the most lost can ... can learn to love.'Must keep this village fortified. Purified.''Protect all that we keep inside.' You get carried away. Walls are what you build. If
33 9.Good To Be Alive Today s Babylon This world's in crisis we try to fight ithis changing climate The scientists and politicians divided by it So many ways we could solve it but they would never sign it ... but they would never sign it This mountains tumbling down but still we try to climb it It's in the Torah Quran and in the Bible Love is the message for some how ... ame thing[Chorus] But what if this song's number one Would it mean that love had won? Would it mean that the world was saved?
34 1.Joy and Peace es Though this is from Heaven give'em verses from Hell Those that fell off the path bring them back to the Mass The staff can be your micropho ... ch into the black abyss Stars this asterix show em what a classic is Freedom riders need passengers And your lyrics use scriptures and passages To make them rise ... l be gone with the trouble of this world Trouble of this world trouble of this world Soon I will be gone with the trouble of ... l be gone with the troubl
35 2.Home es Though this is from Heaven give'em verses from Hell Those that fell off the path bring them back to the Mass The staff can be your micropho ... ch into the black abyss Stars this asterix show em what a classic is Freedom riders need passengers And your lyrics use scriptures and passages To make them rise ... l be gone with the trouble of this world Trouble of this world trouble of this world Soon I will be gone with the trouble of ... l be gone with the troubl
36 8.I Get It Now m sick of this shit Blind bitches wish N9ne's wickedness away[Verse1] Motherfuckin' killer B There's about to become a distillery The majority ... it They wanna know how hip is this This never been no hipster shit So the fakers see me and dis the'fit I ain't cool like the late great Biggie Smalls the illest So I ... ler clown comin' to pillage a village Steady tryin' to get'em all to feel it But I learned you can't please everybody When my mother was livin' they used to
37 12.Buss Serves In French village I went till it got the rent bill it got so heavy I no longer benched skrilla was a cinch still I had to Vince Neil it Yell i ... find me somewhere rhyming man this flow's absurd Or maybe find me on my grinding where the pot is stirred Either way I'm bout my pay I'm tryna stack up my dollars ... r Had to show it to my homies this right here my life mane Hit a lick
38 3.And the Zombie Says e says... Village kids avoid the woods not Lizzy That's why she's on a plate Following the witches trail was easy the mob will be on its way O ... I could be offed?! Let me get this straight... Could it really be You
39 11.GWBW[All Good] d you But this is one love I can never go back to that Actually I rap to provide for my family Living good kicking back the weed Don't your tr ... ey My mama told me it takes a village just to raise a kid My homie told me it takes a miracle to make it big People I love don't say shit just to say the s**t So ... I'm bout to f**k up catering This could be my last meal I take it by
40 16.Cell Read ntro) Man this volcano bag get you high as fuck Yo TM you know what I'm saying mane Its time man you know Finna get the whole world high man L ... them feel these side effects This shit finna be deadly bruh[Hook:JuicyJ] Fuck with my fam ... Hook:JuicyJ] Fuck with my fam this shit gon' get deadly They gon' have to get my cell ready Play with my paper ... cell ready Play with my paper this shit gon' get deadly They gon' have to get my cell ready Short me on my dope ...
41 9.Kanye Go(feat. Dave Gutter) feel like this Victory lap when I walk out the crib I gotta piss but they're all on my dick these days Feeling plus not a minus these days Can ... ime High digging45's added of this cloud9 I think I made a difference with the mic now I'm making suicidal kids put the knife down'Cuz I've worked for so hard so ... ard so long I deserve to feel this good They said we couldn't but what if we could? They said we wouldn't but we knew we would P. Dank Making plus out of minus th ...
42 2.Warrior the butt This announcement should be publical I want to come from Uranus I livin' my life mechanical she leave white stains on my jeans I'm a ... l him when I catch him in the village Fuck nigga done changed up the
43 4.Ebola(La La) mad How'd this happen? Gotta make sure that nobody else gets it I'm sorry but I have it& you have it or you'll get it so forget it Don't sweat ... -la Ebola Every shitty little village in Africa has Ebo-la Every city in America is getting it nowJust go with it bruh Airports Check if he's Black He could have ... t's just close up Detroit til this crisis is contained don't the Obamas on the plane cuz they black... They could have Ebola Might as well also watch for Ayrabs I ...
44 5.I'm Obama ith y'all this ruckus!' I'm the lead speaker of the big black caucus I'm here to give back to all my crackheads and junkiesJoe Biden says'Damn ... was born in Chicago That's a village in Africa All we had to eat was uh dog shit with paprika I'm illuminati you could find me on the dollar bill I cut through l ... e I get you can bet I'll give this place back to the Cherokas If you cross your eyes at Osama bin Laden It sorta kinda looks like Obama Biden I'm a Muslum praise ...
45 1.Welcome to New York crowd the village is aglow Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats Everybody here wanting something more Searching for a sound that they h ... new soundtrack I can dance to this beat beat Forevermore The lights are so bright They never blind me me[Verse2] When we first dropped our bags on apartment floor ... new soundtrack I can dance to this beat beat Forevermore The lights a

46 5.Local Champion Hey guys this will make absolutely no sense to you if you don't understand the West African Pidgin English. But here are the lyrics to Nnekas ... body(borrow pose) Shebi I be villager because I get swag wey lagos woman no get You talk sey I be illiterate because I get waffi attitude for inside my blood I n ... e Dem born me near Okporikoko village I be warri reggae Dem say I be waffi mugu But dem see me for your Lagos city poster Waffi reggae I be Naija reggae Dem born ...
47 9.Dragon Blood own these villages and freeing all the slaves Wiz Khaleesi have you met my dragons? My brother tried to sell me to Khal Drogo look what happen ... hulis I thought that you knew this But dragons aren't people you know we've been through ... e you know we've been through this I'm quick to burn a hater no mercy
48 7.Nemesis ut aim Is this my nemesis? This is my nemesis I had drifted o'er seas without ending Under sinister grey-clouded skies That the many-forked lightning is rendin ... where no spirit dares rove Is this my nemesis? This is my nemesis(I have stumbled by cave-ridden mountains That rise barren and bleak from the plain I have drunk of the fog-foetid ... ows around At the many-roofed village laid under The curse of a grave-girdled ground)(I have whirled with the earth at th
49 9.Interlude down your village Hear ye hear ye I get paid yearly One two three four five six digits Meanwhile I'm laid back in the six whippin through traf ... e every penny Nah I can't say this gang is hopeless I'm so disappointed These niggas just loafin They braggin bout small paper Nigga that's a post it You just can ... very afternoon I used to love this shit I swear Now I'm like fuck this shit I don't care All I wanna do i
50 9.The Expedition ars ago A village in Egypt that I called my home My father a doctor well known His dreams he would share them alone I learned his ways I could ... men had not seen nothing like this befor
51 5.100% ind trick This rap shit'll spark like a lighter do in the dark orange amber ended tip flick My ash upon the asphalt and halt a hater right the ... alt a hater right there Homie this three dimensional visual we inhabits not even scratching the depths of ... even scratching the depths of this rabbit hole what up Alice? My damage to wax is reaction to atoms splitting we crumble the building chasing pussy niggas out the ... chasing pussy niggas out they villages Pardon the
52 12.All the Time keep the village arranged Queen bee on the throne we just part of your subjects The kind of woman men love giving her rough sex well I'll be ... unts Shouldn't have kicked it this much I'm so addicted to love And the fact I love to hate you when you act the part so well Go to hell and choke on all the bric ... 't a bitch all the time[Hook] This ain't a love song It's just a piece of my mind And I want you to know that Things would be so much better if you weren't a bitc ...
53 2.Ex-Machina lex Wiley-Village Party 2 Heaven’s Gate2.Ex-Machina[Hook] Young nigga stay up Chilling in my lair Dunking on my fears Thank the man up ... up on your block and tell you this ain't what you want(woo!) Young nigga stay up Chilling in my lair Dunking all my fears Thank the man upstairs Oh oh oh oh oh oh ... he globe but what do you know this nigga is gone What were the odds K
54 3.Run lex Wiley-Village Party 2 Heaven’s Gate3.Run[Verse1:Alex Wiley] Come through with that one-two one-two Damn fam is ... t one-two one-two Damn fam is this what shit comes to? Take an eighth to the face I escape to the place Where I drape like a young Rapunzel carefree What is he tr ... his tongue wonder if he live this long[Hook] Run run run Bitch I'm g
55 4.Breathe(feat. Calez) lex Wiley-Village Party 2 Heaven’s Gate4.Breathe(feat. Calez)[Hook Calez] Breathe nigga breathe please breathe You got to breathe nigg ... s on my mind I'm moving'round this bitch in perfect time I love mysel
56 6.Kiss the Sky(feat. Emil& Mike Gao) lex Wiley-Village Party 2 Heaven’s Gate6.Kiss the Sky(feat. Emil& Mike Gao)[Hook] What's up kiss the sky What's up kiss the sky Why wo ... ter bring your fucking camera this a Kodak Your CD Thursday we throwb
57 7.Japanese(feat. Twista) lex Wiley-Village Party 2 Heaven’s Gate7.Japanese(feat. Twista)[Hook Alex Wiley] My mind's free my time's not My mind's free my time's ... hit I'm like what the fuck is this? Exploit my culture for some clicks? Oh suck my fucking dick They keep it lavish keep it laughing They keep you passive on your ... ru with your fist closed Whip this nigga's ass if he harrass ya at the liq store Roll a blunt and pass it only pass it to your clique though I'm rolling hash and ..
58 9.Navigator Truck(feat. Calez& Chance The Rapper) lex Wiley-Village Party 2 Heaven’s Gate9.Navigator Truck(feat. Calez& Chance The Rapper)[Verse1:Calez] ... The Rapper)[Verse1:Calez] This shit too ridiculous chronicles of
59 11.Residual Effects(feat. Hippie Sabotage) lex Wiley-Village Party 2 Heaven’s Gate11.Residual Effects(feat. Hippie Sabotage)[Hook x2] I've been climbing and I'm going higher sti ... ll higher[Verse1: Alex Wiley] This is the part where I show improve This is the part where they know they loThis is the part where you gotta choose This is the part where I remind you niggas it's Wiley who had all the fucking juice ... who had all the fucking juice This is the part where I come through wylin' .
60 12.Heaven's Gate lex Wiley-Village Party 2 Heaven’s Gate12.Heaven's Gate[Hook](All I hear is voices in my head singing young nigga level up) I don't lo ... tate I just hope it resonates This was a little blunt break outside o
61 7.Block Island Sound hile your village is smoking Bring any competitor and I bet they get broken Laying on the ground with their head split open A notion to plasma ... nching Fuck it we all muppets this system isJim Henson A real hassle
62 11.Vengence ft Esoteric Termanology and Trademarc e-deep in this game And I ain't running away I'm here to stay Tomorrow's never promised so you know we never fear today[Verse2: Termanology] W ... hurman Rode through your slum village with a.38 Popped you in your carrot top have you leaking V8 The blood that pump through these veins Is that of a veteran he' ... ainous half the time in Saudi villages Mixed with that rage is violent volatile ways of victims pillagers engagers Trained killers is paid by the weight of the bl ...
63 21.Shot Callaz ft Suicide Kings and Celph Titled n Alaskan village I murder and pillage I pilfer impressive to villains I'm chillin' in traffickin' pills and packages to children A savage gue ... disappear in the air leaving this mystical smoke I'm a sorcerer rapp
64 33.The Dragon ft Blacastan l lit the village on fire!'[Apathy] Cause once upon a time when the poems didn't rhyme And the only crime was stealing jewelry that shined The ... hen peace was restored to the village again[Apathy] And so the arrow that he aimed at the dragon's brain Hit blood like lava when it pumped through his veins And ... is veins And everybody in the village thought he was slain Till a huff of black smoke puffed up from his fangs[Blacastan] The dragon! People started running and g ...
65 8.Dilemma feat. Mattic King did this Typical invasion plan why's he trying to take ... plan why's he trying to take this land? What's he got to gain from another acre of hay and sand? Feeling unsafe advance in to the ... ling unsafe advance in to the village gates at last Enter the market place and pass too many sad faces That's nothing but the trace of ash and the bitter grapes o ... Conqueror] Who's in charge of this melee in midday under sun rays? I heard you at large Begging my pard' b
66 13.Adolescence nd of the village I could either try to hitch a chariot ride Or go and make the pilgrimage on foot It's good I choose the latter'cause the lad ... sion on the ale[Shalim] Who's this swift talking man on a bale of hay? Telling myths speaking cryptic of later days Hypnotizing all my peers who can't break the g ... eath A major peg in my sandal this latest trend Of preaching incohesively to chickens who can't lay and egg I'm taking it to heart although I'm trying harder to f ...
67 7.Rats Get Fat lf of the village was naked as stick He was king shit God's own hypocrite And on the day of the feast the same thief were parading the streets ... nds on his nuts and delivered this speech Holy one who live on high Among all men you are the most wise Into your world our brothers rise I feel we paid our tide ... after Bustling around in the village was he wasn't after Running in the town with the last of the children Coffin call to him laughing Run for your life you yell ...
68 3.The Hero of Rhyme ): What?![Villager](Danny Sexbang): Link thank God you're here the countryside is terrified and shocked! We're overrun with darknuts peahats l ... y sword and shield but I know this flow is good enough to kill The Hylian people rejoice: cuz your hero is the illest mothafuckin' rapper with the illest fuckin' ... ose raps do anything for you?[Villager]: OH GOD EVERYONE IS DEAD![Link]: Moving right along to Ganon's underground lair[ ... g to Ganon's underground lair[Village(!
69 44.Beers Steers& Queers cause the Village People are popular Yeah Or they used to be Well I don't know what ... to be Well I don't know what this cock thing is I think it's a Revolting Cocks Hahahaha I think it's a um it's a a male strip show dance show yeah male strippers ... le sex in barns Texas hoedown this is the lowdown You're full of shit destined to go down Let's go down and herd'em up If you agree let's word'em up And if you do ... ers steers and queers ah-haaa This is out of the hou
70 12.I'm So Indie ft. Geeze s long as this59 Fifty fits Imma be an indie kid Peace out to Ricky Smitts[Hook] I'm so indie I don't wear plaid anymore Say rad anymore like ... so trend-less but yo I'll end this I gotta vinyl collection that's endless And I watch movies from David Lynch that make no sense It's better to wear glasses that ... : I stopped shopping at Value Village now I just steal off the coat r
71 1.In n a small village I was still a child when we were raided by soldiers Foreign soldiers Torn from my elders I was made to speak their language ... my own hopes Tired of all of this wish I had a switch One kiss then you cut me off Knowledge is the power college is for cowards Hollering for hours swallowing t ... ng people together? Language.'This world will become one I have found the way. Race tribal affiliations national borders- even our faces will be irrelevant. The w ...
72 2.Old Hat illed the village)(Highway killed fashion killed fashion) Ooh(I was raised) I was raised(by the milliner) by the milliner(Ultrasuede) Ultrasue ... ](Highway) Highway(killed the village)(Highway) Highway(killed fashion) killed fashion(killed fashion) Ooh(I was raised) I was raised(by the milliner) by the mill ... ](Highway) Highway(killed the village) killed the village(Highway killed fashion) killed fashion(killed fashion) Ooh(I was raised) I was raised yeah(by the milli
73 2.Better Dope Feat. Cap1 it All of this work I be feeling like ElJefe Tatted up and looking like a ese' Got a pocket rocking on me in the[?] Got a hundred pounds or a ... a with the packs Give a nigga this and serve a nigga with a strap Told em when it come to the commas think a nigga momma put her in a hundred drop her straight do ... t to a Bentley I could take a village and turn it to a mansion I'm bo
74 7.Great Day in the Morning(feat. Add2) ] Sending this one out to those who passed on Let me tell you about the legacy they passed on Nah it ain't a sad song We're just celebrating l ... life homie that's all Sending this one out to those passed on Let me tell you about the legacy they passed on Nah it ain't a sad song We're just celebrating life ... e you still involved? Some of this real life shit it don't appeal to blogs You gotta love them while they're here they tryna kill us off The way you pray to God i ...
75 2.Buck Buck Pass tan every village I would go from being cold to warm to hot quick if Anybody wanted some it's on Once dumped on a whole neighborhood for fun E ... ims the streets No peace from this piece I squeeze em and beat'em feed'em slugs when the lugs get dumped It's no reasoning it's no use pleading it's open season W ... open season We defeat'em when this heater get heated I bleed'em and l
76 20.Martial Law(Redux) is death. This is your new reality. Do not attempt to think or depression may occur. War is peace. Consume conform and obey. Remain calm[Verse ... ll the colored people in they villages when they loot It's all known its evil at bohemian Grove I see that shit see the cousins see the skull and the bones See it ... th So many stripes and I'm in this motherfucka look at the proof I'm showin' you don't have be complacent facin' the racist and ruthless It's for ya mind for ya b ...
77 10.Corporate e Now put this all Together This is Community Even the Other side of the Planet Is the Other side of Me Are you Here for Me? Well I'm Here for You And are you H ... urderer! Uhhhh.... Not Global Villages---But One Globe Not-itty-bitty-little- ... e Globe Not-itty-bitty-little-villages-of-pity-and-learning-how-to-survive-in-the-21st-Century And Looking at World War Three Because All Humans seem to Hate Huma ... Can we Make the Next Century? This is Your An-thi-em La
78 1.Helicopters nd Silent village quiet sleeping in waiting Distant sound is drawing near Hum of engines creeping fear Stirring child in jungle lands And all ... g screaming out All the while this wicked world keeps turning And stilthis wicked world keeps turning Black H
79 10.I Like the Way You Talk tizens of villages be like a gift(?) My nigga can you spit again and kill them with your infinite Flow(?) and exit with your chicken head Righ ... st to save you from the drama This is(?) call your doctor Get your karma forming all inside your noggin Stolen with them rhymes Its sounding like I was one-on-one ... toddlers Barely walking round this new place Cool with slobber dripping out my mouth I'm gaga in it boo boo in ... uth I'm gaga in it boo boo in this Voodoo whe
80 23.Let It Go(Slum Village Featuring Blu) t Go(Slum Village Featuring Blu)[Verse1:T3] Life been pivotal Ever since I disconnected from the umbilical Cut ties human form physical tu ... vid calligraphy Rap a wrap on this industry Salary caping ministries Manifesting my vision ... istries Manifesting my vision This is monumental Bout to drop infecti
81 5.King No Crown ] I wrote this in a coffee shop watching all the traffic Waiting on a COTA bus ordered up a sandwich Amazed by your melody blasting in my head ... ng her a ring Never more sure this is where I'm supposed to be I'm the youngest out of four momma could have stopped at three But everything around us in the way ... and slaughter I'm living in a village named in that man's honor South
82 14.Florin Light Rail ld i text this broad? To keep it real man im so damn scared of these hoes Got a package in the mail and it better be clothes Another check on ... my niggas Wale dont even have this kind of ambition I come from a slumvillage im killing so bare witness If any kind of money South Side gone get it Sac-Town Get the money i steady handle my business Ch ... e to remain who i am Dont let this fame shit eat at my brain And remember it can be taken at the drop of a rain Pops hust
83 12.Loose Ends– Sergio Mendez feat Pharoahe MonchJustin Timberlake and Will.I.Am civilian villages And they ease the pain with narcotics I'm scared but I'm trying to remain patriotic[Hook:Justin Timberlake] My Father Forgi ... ot com At home they comparing this situation to'Nam So sad you had to miss your mom's prom She sung songs off the Marvin Gaye Whats Going On album And her smile l ... lake] Tell me how can we live this way We've gon so far astray No one knows what to say We got young people's lives at stake What is it gonna take For us to find ...
84 1.C'est La Vie -Keep the Village Alive1.C'est La Vie[Verse1] Yeah you believe you're the king of the jungle You got the t-shirt do you know how the s ... stop all the dreamin' Get out this town look around we don't need it[
85 3.Sing Little Sister -Keep the Village Alive3.Sing Little Sister I wanna feel you next to me I wanna be cheek to cheek You got to sing little sister(so com ... nyone resist ya? I never knew this existed! Since you been gone how I
86 5.Song for the Summer -Keep the Village Alive5.Song for the Summer Open my eyes Today's a new day Tell myself take my time Put the brakes on my brain Wrap m ... loser To feel right again All this while Which road should I follow?
87 9.Into the World -Keep the Village Alive9.Into the World From day one When we first breathe Into the light We first see Searching our souls Ever since ... since our mothers Brought us this life So what's to be Into this world Into the sun To find the love That makes you one Climbed a mountain So I can see All of the wonder In front of me To watc ... your eyes Open your arms Into this life Into the worl
88 12.Let Me In -Keep the Village Alive12.Let Me In Let me in Came in through the door Right before my eyes All ... door Right before my eyes All this time Had my picture on the wall Saw my fears And thought of all those days And all my memories Everyday Through your eyes Then ... on us all And you won't live this life And you won't leave these sca
89 16.I Wanna Get Lost with You(acoustic) -Keep the Village Alive16.I Wanna Get Lost with You(acoustic) Well nobody wants to get lost in the crowd Buried beneath the ambient so ... Telling me how to get lost in this life So right now I wanna get lost in you Before I lose myself I never imagined at the start The thousand ways I could find my ... Telling me how to get lost in this life But right now I wanna get lost in you Before I lose myself And I'm tired of trying to find my own way And I'm tired of pla ...
90 4.Rise Up lage your village level your root to the stoop Trigonometry honestly nigga I'm a G Follow these streets scholarly all would I do for ... scholarly all would I do for this loot Figure courage be piling the change upon us To slaughter it yeah it's heartless I've gotta get deadbeat loose The Luger's ... an? How many nights I live by this dupe? Names change like slang stil
91 5.On The Bible(Feat. Zuse& T.I.) ou can do this if he chooses to be foolish The gun never loses never give you the deuces Nigga ... ver give you the deuces Nigga this is Su'Wu biz ahh! Let me calm my nerves I'mma simply put ... lm my nerves I'mma simply put this on the word If ya hella aggravated cause of a song ya heard from the Nina I smoke a nigga like my ganja herb I'm on the verge n ... that the dope game dead Like this God a nigga went and showed me Guess what I'm tryna say is nigga I don't kno
92 1.Love Is Slum Village-YES!1.Love Is(feat. Bilal& IllaJ)[Refrain1] Ayo It's fantastic come on It's fantastic come on It's fantastic come on ... believable How we ended up in this position i don't even know(oh) Sex
93 2.Tear It Down Slum Village-YES!2.Tear It Down(feat.Jon Connor)[Verse1:] I was claiming you the best fool but Got some things to explain we ain' ... best but you ain't no threats This is bro complain to bro thanks to that Exploded on the scene which means it's sudden death I've been told that a load on my soul ... give a fuck so go I got a mag this ain't the Rolling Stones This is skull and bones When I'm sad this is jazz with a classic flow I stand alone when I step on b
94 3.Expressive Slum Village-YES!3.Expressive(feat. BJ The Chicago Kid& IllaJ)[Intro Rosewood2055] Paint an image of your mind That's the weapon ... way[Hook: BJ the Chicago Kid] This for my sexy ladies Independent From all around the world I love sexy women And all my beautiful ladies I love what you're doing ... ou're doing And when you hear this song Free your mind[Verse2: T3] Yeah[?]it was not impenetrable I ain't talking touching genitals like most men would do Tryna r ... eat t
95 4.Windows Slum Village-YES!4.Windows(feat.J Ivy)[Verse1:T3] It ain't sweet automatic lemon squeeze Kamikaze trying to kill everybody's spee ... from the people mist What is this the venomous rapper soul eclipse I abyss Overcome did you just submit In a pinch I was sprint Hazardous situation They triggere ... eel it we feel it we feel it) This is how it is in the world right now[Verse2: Baatin] You better understand in the stainless My wise decisions are pollups like i ... come
96 5.Right Back Slum Village-YES!5.Right Back(feat. De La Soul)[Verse1:] I stand before you as a man who's more you Meaning I don't shine my star ... all from saying I already got this Which keeps my humble on the pride the softest Sob sound reversed the passed the noose Known for all my lyrical complexities bu ... ve it right back People think this is easy as it looks(I'm feeling you) We put it down like that How y'all n*ggas get a sound like that For the fans that they giv ... ve it
97 6.We on the Go!!! Slum Village-YES!6.We on the Go!!!(feat. Black Milk& Frank Nitt)[Chorus] Shit like ... Frank Nitt)[Chorus] Shit like this Give me such a good feeling Right here such a good feeling Reminisce back when didn't have a dealing Now we back here trying to ... all n*gga You need to embrace this[Chorus:] Give me such a good feeli
98 7.Too Much Slum Village-YES!7.Too Much(feat. Keely)[Intro] Shawty Fresh(Shawty Fresh)[Chorus:] Can't get involved too deeply(nothing too ser ... gga we high! Shawty Fresh Get this bitch read
99 8.Where We Come From Slum Village-YES!8.Where We Come From[Chorus] Yeah we from new moda consales arobas Yeah we rob models world four carter's You kn ... t and stop Ain't no body seen this but guards and renae Ain't nobody
100 9.What We Have Slum Village-YES!9.What We Have(feat. Kam Corvet& IllaJ)[Verse1:] Words can't even explain what you do to my brain Swerving in my ... atlantic Enchanted she loving this cannon Feeling my velvet workload

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