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1 9.The Cruel and Hollow Fate of Time Travel ust met A sallow picture tucked in a pack of cigarettes Here and now this is all I have left And in that grave that I dug for myself On what f ... ore) And I know what's next A sallow picture clutched deep against yo
2 3.gratuitous abysses r perch and looking sallow I Want to kiss you but you know I'm so shallow Staying in touch is making us b
3 9.Walk The Night Night Tied to a sallow heart Why does he want to bring me where he goes Oh and to find out the reason
4 2.Burden You ragging I want your sallow salty skin Without your's mine is wearing thin I carved your name into a tree
5 4.One Last Night Night Tied to a sallow heart Why does he want to bring me where he goes? Oh and to find out the reaso

6 102.Gutter Hearts e gutter holds your sallow hearts That melt down with the rain Barbed and brittle hands that push The hai
7 4.Lone Ranger l communication's disallowed Time spent alone is never good without a gateway to the mind You start to fe
8 11.Dance Of Death e moonlight glow on sallow flesh There's beauty in our Dance of Death. Dance macabre dance divine Devour
9 1.Ugly yground Nothing's disallowed so you know it's going down(Master Xploder) better hit the ground Paint pict
10 8.Ghostwritten reath False faith disallows to create I sense them wolves at my doorstep Force fed and bound to resurrect
11 1.The Clearcut left in your tongue sallow folds of painted rust splint of the bone wrack of the writ caught in the teeth
12 9.The Vampyre at My Side Neath the Reaper's sallow craw In league with fallen angels Came a wolf unto my door A portrait of perfe
13 3.Lore ft divine bathed in sallow golden light piercing the vessels of mankind who kneels before the mantle gold
14 5.Boundless et weakened As my disallowance creeps within me Within me more than a man Once spoken to be limitless to
15 12.Tag Along ng Some say i'm sallow only time by to the castle When i leave the club i'm leaving with mure then on
16 2.Reeko we never tried to disallow Will come back to haunt us now With apple pie and chevrolet We've come to see
17 4.Advice To Daughters taggers Stick their sallow daggers Into everything that we own Let our very children Sold as X-Factor cat
18 3.Cross to Bear bear Perpetual This sallow affair Interminable Intertwined and locked in despair Obsessed with death the
19 7.From A Train part at the seams Disallowed and denied Curse the clouds damn the skyJust when we thought it would fly Bu
20 2.Sacrifires lames to remind...disallowed are the remains of god and buried into maze of abandoned empyrean. Masters r

21 7.Bread ch their faces grow sallow with hunger Who draws the line between what's wrong and right And when i ask m
22 11.Die The Death calmed your skin is sallow and clad with blood and through the smoke I come to call your tongue is red an
23 3.Conditioned to Death ontrol. Disallow life to the point of death. Conditioned committed. Defeat the mind and the body falls. Di ... he mind and the body falls. Disallow life to the point of death. Dese
24 1.Counter Culture Complex Your pigmentation disallows your choler.' I'd like to thank you for the speech you've delivered from your
25 5.Seen Some Thangs afraid of end I'm a'sallow Everything from'cause any boss to' And I' speaking on my name. But let me tell
26 1.Rebellion e that my parents disallow We live for rock'n'roll We're the dregs of society and this Is Rock'n'Roll We
27 4.Illicitus eb threads across a sallow moonrise Illicitus So capricious Superstitious to the point of philistine The
28 5.Sober with every gulp you Sallow One day you'll go insane Lose your path Push everyone out of your way Pushing
30 4.Safety Scissors acked and distended sallow pores swallowing warm fog widemouthed and recalibrating. There is no fire just
31 10.Bitter Thoughts my shadow A pallid sallow corpse for a rising hell to swallow Fully unarmed or armed under the robes wit
32 8.The Headless Horseman e headless rider! A sallow full moon The only light that shines throught the trees The black spectre has
33 3.Tongue Of The Soiled ed By the sallower shades Apparitions Yes Remove through echoes of time Memories unfound Silence sustained And hollow Resolve the fragments en ... lf and those who haunt me The sallow strangers from below Elevate for
34 5.Parts Of Speech his own A drift of sallow bone And nothing there to lift him from the shudder Your first love teaches yo
35 1.Lex Talionis by the elapsed eras Sallow and gasping sitting In a cave in which The final breath is slowly hushed An ol
36 3.The Bravest Man I Ever Knew o I had a teacher A sallow skinned Slytherin with long black hair. I hated him and he seemed to hate me t
37 5.Death Knell xpectorate expunged Sallowed skin blistered and raw Hacking up bits of clot caked gunge Riddled with welt
38 2.Jawbone And The Air-rifle hs Don't eat It's disallowed Suck on marrowbones and energy from the mainlandJawbone and the air rifle Wh
39 6.You Girl Fill up in me with sallow Girl he didn't try college still got some bills in the wallets I'm yours you'r
40 8.Funky Sex Farm an Don't you see my sallow eyes I- I- I'm Working on a sex farm Hosing down your barn door Bothering your
41 8.Jesse Intense X2 ake your regret and sallow timber and throw it to the ocean where misery can seek it out; you know misery
42 7.The Comandante . Fill my head with sallow girls and hockey. I don't think I will be bacl for a good long whil
43 9.Truth Begins eardrops glance the sallow skin You lose your will And I can lend you mine The Westway wall's so tall and
44 8.Darkness Incarnate le pain Beneath the sallow moonlight in a wonderland of pain Gilles fled back to the castle terrified and
45 4.By My Own Hand lone I lie alone My sallow flesh no longer can I call my own A fate enthrals those gathered round By my o

46 4.The Somber Lay mmand To impart the sallow robe Sure a new light will come The lifewheel is rotating onward Given is the
47 6.Free Fate ard. Divides. Why disallow? Free fate. I love you. Rise. End. Light. Free fate. I flight to light. Way ou
48 4.Red Wine Success! dphones sleeps till sallow mind Success success it's smile and saccharin Glamor rust he's poor and poncho
49 7.Silver Palomino ted diamonds in the sallow moon's glow My silver palomino Sixteen hands from her withers to the ground I
50 4.Hollow Staring eyes from a sallow face In the mirror in the haze A bell that chimes from behind The walls or doo
51 5.When Actions Go Unchallenged xcuse of humanity disallowing others the chance to shine. Still we play dead and act like it's ok. And we
52 9.When Words Go Unchallenged xcuse of humanity disallowing others the chance to shine. Still we play dead and act like it's ok. And we
53 1.Airportman( LP Version) bored breathing and sallow skin recycled air moving sidewalks great opportunity blinks. great opportunity
54 7.4 Robots and an Evil Scientist e you disappointing sallow scab Took advantage of us got your way abused us almost destroyed all we had.
55 12.Try To Praise This Mutilated World y looks afflicted a sallow hairless skull where rain worries itself to exhaustion and falls. The clouds a
56 7.Picture Postcard wash of lemon line Sallow yellow skin Sour green eyes Left in the drawer with the Bible An old syringe'G
57 3.Powder Blue en the shakes begin Sallow skinned starry eyed blessed in our sin Bring that minute back We never get so
58 6.West of Hollywood he tyranny of the disallowed Don't you love Port Blanc When Hooterie is over When the girls get easy and
59 11.I've Got Devils not dead! he's in a sallow full of sand he's passing the time and rise again in the aftermath of man and
60 5.Right About Now a learn to say NO disallow. Well it's my turn to go pro right about now. I've been fading for too long de
61 10.Size of an Ant atic your breathing sallow Elbow strike vines?? technology???? plant intoxicants Trapped inside the clone
62 2.We Supply so much more. To disallow would be insane. Weed must be legalised. I keep searching for the perfect cons
63 1.Airportman bored breathing and sallow skin recycled air moving sidewalks great opportunity blinks. great opportunity
64 6.Goodbye toJane ching the rain Like sallow tracks of blood pouring down Scattered over the floor The sheets painted in bl
65 9.The Drunkest Man In The World irt Sunken eyed and sallow skinned The life of the party is the death of hi
66 17.Tiny Voices long and sallow faces turn the other way Tiny voices Harbored deep within As we outwardly deny that they have something to say And if we don' ... of our heritage Our long and sallow faces turn the other way Tiny vo
67 3.Farm ie They went to see Sallow They loved it so much That they sat through it twice Completely forgetting the
68 3.No Love Lost ation is even now disallowed Growing anger in the city Banner headlines around the world What has to be d
69 6.The Hustler r side to flank the sallow youth But some of us will never learn It takes the blow of fists to burn How p
70 6.Gutter Hearts e gutter holds your sallow hearts That wash down with the rain Barbed and brittle hands that push The hai
71 6.Tonight I Climbed The Wall at's the cause So i sallowed all my pride And tonight i climbed the wall Tonight i climbed the wall And t
72 1.Arrow Skin stretched and sallow Headlong into the chilling night As swift as any arrow Feet against the flagst
73 2.Look At Me Now me now Now she's a sallow face Scattering her lace-- on dewy ground Ah i keep searching my head Now it's
74 2.Look At Me Now me now Now she's a sallow face Scattering her lace-- on dewy ground Ah i keep searching my head Now it's
75 1.Cloak& Dagger odhound myself. The sallow ivories are with me Dogging my steps as I toddle off Till the iron curtain fal
76 7.Freakshow 's all up to you: disallow! We are forced! We are ruled! We are divorced! It's up to you- to be fooled!!!
77 3.June1 ain Limp across the sallow fields To find a joy that cannot feel Because I will grow a beard for you And
78 8.Wouldn't You and restrain It's disallowed to much to gain Balanced moves almost there Don't you tremble it's only fair
79 5.Latent Thistle en bredes Winnowing sallows writhing sombrely A funereal valediction loom
80 1.Disciples of the Hex macabre blades and sallow skin Penetration vile this flesh and circuitry host to the alien womb Disciple
81 1.Decadence and Disorder(The Voice of Anorexia) ribs your face the sallow tones. Your vision's blotchy blurred and blank You try to understand Shiny wal
82 1.Night of the Lecherous Dead test blush To these sallow sunken faces.'Twas a good nights lick Of forgotten pricks That washed their gr
83 1.Cherubic Anguish ts of thy majesty Disallowed to go beyond his words Prennial rime clarify the tale And deflects the doubt
84 6.Paper Cut .. I got a papercut Sallow way Bad ok What did I ever sayJerk Ya Attitude blah As if she hates me nowwww
85 6.Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs e in pay And they disallowed my business lunches today Somebody must have changed the rules of the game S
86 1.Last Night- Original Mix l Mix Tied to a sallow heart Why does he want to bring me where he goes Oh and to find out the reason
87 7.Forever pty hands and those sallow pictures in my head i felt cold and desolate and was straying at night but the
88 2.Empty Tenement Spirit aches The food that sallows and the jokes from the gallows The cry-choked air and the fat-cloaked bones T
89 3.Black Blood up on dry earth too sallow to sing your worth Wonder why we pray to be golden another day Uuuuuuuu... Uuu
90 6.Come Forth a Breaking Light g from cold I break Sallow Shallow I moan with this pain The ache of this river swallows faint Beneath th
91 4.Sleep Has No Property(Live) moon came uninvited Sallow and grin. Bad Miss'M' I was a-gone when you came sneaking' around In a holocau
92 6.Pop Dem Bubble dem before you ah disallow Here comes the trouble maker down there fi set your soul on fire I am the idea
93 2.Healer ting hard to this disallow But you know me even better Even when I was alone alone In the morning waking
94 2.Man I Love n the mud sallow as sallow it can be you cant create the lo
95 4.Bright Light for the Kids groun N whatever disallowed will be challenging put the warm out Hear the sound out sleepinglegs lerd th
96 7.Formication he Light Absolutist Sallow& Despondent Still Despotic But Languid Revenants Conjure Cognizance For The Qu
97 10.Hold on Your Heart ou know that time disallows How to paint it I don't know Color in'I love you so' Get the wind to whisper
98 1.Somber Lay mmand To impart the sallow robe Sure a new light will come The life wheel is rotating onward Given is the
99 Necromancy Vastness is ablaze. Sallow twilights incinerating thought Blandishing stunning taste of existence Sanguin
100 5.Holy Water Day ream in hell I felt Sallow is the color in this holy water day so I leave your way... Sacred lights could

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