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1 9.Dedicated the cake White tiger in a cage Mike Tyson in'88 Dedicated like jack boys on Melrose Smash and grab yo this world became a hell hole Stay cool ... shit straight out the kitchen Pure magic No tricks no tricks No tricks No tricks ... no tricks No tricks No tricks pure magi
2 1.BLACK PARADE ense Yeah pure ice(Ice) ice(Ice) buss down Uh flooded(Flooded) flooded(Flooded) on my wrist out Ooh goin' up goin' up motherland motherland dr ... gravel Woo wearin' all attire white to the funeral Black love we gon'
3 11.Talk Up(feat.Jay-Z) tions are pure they cannot tell me relax My mentions are jokes but they never give me the facts This's and that's can't be ignoring the stats ... ing indictments Dope boys off-white looking like soft white on'em hehe You know what I'm sayi
4 6.Leaving LA ohn Misty-Pure Comedy6.Leaving LA Lyricist FatherJohn Misty Composer FatherJohn Misty I was living on the hill By the water tower and hiking trails ... just what we all need Another white guy in2017 Who takes himself so goddamn seriously.' She's not far off the strange thing is That's pretty much what I thought w ... hat'tell me lies sweet little white lies' song That's when I first sa
5 11.The Memo ohn Misty-Pure Comedy11.The Memo I'm gonna steal some bedsheets From an amputee I'm gonna mount em on a canvas In the middle of the ga ... na take five young dudes From white families Gonna mount em on a billboard In the middle of the country I'm gonna tell everybody they sing like angels with ... dy they sing like angels with whiter teeth But just between you and m

6 1.Hot Thoughts hining so white Light up this sad street in Shibuya tonight Hot thoughts melting my cool Is it your motion signal and cue? Hot thoughts all in ... creatures Diamonds from space Pure facets and features That drag drug
7 5.Jinn s Seem so pure when wearing white Within such a frail and immaculat
8 10.Return of the Cool like the whitest of towels What was life as a child? Even then I was premature with the pen then niggas bited the style Tom Ford linen sinnin ... m Lipstick staining the glass pure finish Flow like a thing of the pa
9 2.Lion's Den(feat. Danny Brown) Paul White-Accelerator [feat. Danny Brown]2.Lion's Den(feat. Danny Brown)[Verse1] Take a journey with me to the city of the motor ... ay from razer blades chopping pure Seeing better days and ain't never
10 11.Bodmon Song(Extended Version) at body's purer than water Smell like Dasani Sippin' on Henny'Bout to hit your bitch with that see you in the mañana Mi need a bad one by me M ... When I pull up in dah mawning Pure Hennessy we nah do no Gin& Tonic Fuckin' boi dem dem wann' find me Fire fi dem now we nah chill wit informants No man ah make i ... clat ting me ting ballin' Bad white gyal like Madonna Big dutty.45 on
11 7.Don't Get Captured p Now the white folks showed up Everything bought sold up Niggas assed out niggas po'd up Politicians so corrupt sold our black ass out Really ... in cabbage town they put they white-ass out Truth been told I'm out[Hook: Killer Mike& El-P] He in here me in here we in here Don't get captured No cryin' here ju ... you say'please don't shoot' A pure delight c'mon make my night When I
12 64.Venus And Mars Rock Show McCartney-Pure McCartney64.Venus And Mars Rock Show Sitting in the stand of the sports arena Waiting for the show to begin Red lights ... peratures rise as you see the white of their eyes If there's a Rock S
13 1.Block Wars You get a white tag on your big toe These ain't punch lines niggas kick doors Leave your baby mama with her lip swole All handguns niggas pack ... lets rippin' through Corollas Pure shooter like DeMare DeRozan Hot sl
14 5.Trappin N Rappin black and white call it segregation Head super good call it education I'm on percocets that's my medication High as fuck feel like I'm levitat ... ap and trap'till I go fed Got pure white for the coke heads Cookie kush fo
15 2.Satellite lone Bled White Soft cell where there's nowhere to go There where nobody knows There's nothing at all Shadow light Shadow light[Chorus] My tho ... rus] My thoughts all evil and pure Gone away from my own design Satellite Show me light I felt so close to a cure In a moment of passing time Show me light Satell ... rus] My thoughts all evil and pure Gone away from my own design Satel
16 7.Altar of Sacrifice figure in white unknown by man Approaching the altar of death High priest awaiting dagger in hand Spilling the ... g dagger in hand Spilling the pure virgin blood Satan's slaughter Cer
17 1.Hail armsmens Pure click[?] I begin booked a studio in[?] Rolling the rustlers holy bivariate Then I be back in East with the Gs That ain't no gan ... bubbles put your finger in it White chicks sling G-strings when I spi
18 7.Neighbors h this is pure We'll help you if you've felt too insecure To be the star you always knew you were Wait I think police is at the door[Hook] Oka ... cause I'm paranoid Black in a white man territory Cops bust in with t
19 4.Manchester Rambler tains the pure crystal fountains Where the grey rocks lie rugged and steep I've seen the ... ugged and steep I've seen the white hare in the gulley And the curlew
20 7.Behold the Kingdom of the Wretched Undying(feat. Tyler Shelton Bryan Long Dillon Becker ng light- pure comprehension His principle purpose his calling to eradication: Purge the world of all hope A single voice from the shadow call ... ance The legacy unfolds[Chris Whited(Lost Fortune)] The sky rained fi

21 9.On March the Saints(feat. Klone Warz) ith their pure white shirts On march the saints with t
22 3.Ice grey I am white I am black I am ICE Walls of ICE all around Walls of Black ICE now surround Walls of ICE invade your head Walls of Black ICE- ... surround and bring screams of pure pain ICE closes in and crushes your mind Feel your consciousness twist and unwind You are deleted and removed from the zone You ... ies on its own I am grey I am white I am black I am ICE Walls of ICE
23 3.Winter of Remorse ground is pure and white But this will be the last time I
24 2.Ha Ha Ha Ha(Yeah) White Denim-Stiff2.Ha Ha Ha Ha(Yeah) From the moment we met you could see that I was filled with desire Only one thing in co ... n common baby but our love is pure fire As sure as the birds ought to
25 2.Gallows of Inversion ed by the white darkness Encountering death after death A wandering decayed soul Born again filled with fears Circle without end We have falle ... e creators of your flesh Only pure devotion can save With the keys of
26 18.Scars Kill the white rabbit before it kills you It lives on the weakness inside Touching your soul with a ... ide Touching your soul with a pure emptiness See the spectrum of deat
27 16.Outside Your Door ly Parton-Pure & Simple16.Outside Your Door Darlin' I'm outside your door Knowin' you'll welcome me in. Don't have to knock twice it f ... fied. Two bottles of wine one white and one red Few drinks to unwind
28 5.When The Lie's So Big gress The White House Criminal saints With a'Heavenly Mission'-- A nation enraptured By ... ion'-- A nation enraptured By pure superstition When the lie's so big
29 8.When The Lie's So Big- Live At Nassau Colliseum Uniondale NY1988 gress The White House Criminal saints With a'Heavenly Mission'--A nation enraptured By ... sion'--A nation enraptured By pure superstition When the lie's so big
30 10.Revenge White Zombie-It Came From N.Y.C.10.Revenge Live to die For a heart jam Fight to love a Super bitch Drive her roots Straight ... enge They sharpened their war Pure fear as a weapon Brilliance throug
31 18.Take It In Blood we're un-pure My life is like a bad dream I can't seem to shake Only my peoples who are equal understand or relate The way we live is never p ... the desert bird holler Doing white collar crimes but the fed time is
32 13.Out the Zoo bricks of pure coke white like heaven My Mexican copped the
33 6.Sister White Lung-Paradise6.Sister[Verse1] You'll burn a bit my little sister He'll drop and taste the best of you We will cement y ... brain into rivers My heart is pure vain surprise He swore he loved on
34 11.Trappin N Rappin black and white call it segregation Head super good call it education I'm on percocets that's my medication High as fuck feel like I'm levitat ... ap and trap'till I go fed Got pure white for the coke heads Cookie kush fo
35 9.How Do You Know ry word's pure gold As a simple domestic I'm all ears lo and behold How do you know what's wrong and know what's right? Let me ask you: Inside ... How can you live in black and white How do you know? After years of r
36 12.GOD a pile of white bricks Imagine crosses on the units Stamps looking like a crucifix ... tamps looking like a crucifix Pure like the blood of Virgin Mary Turn
37 6.MariKKKopa e for the white race on this earth This place is strange and getting stranger”“We got to round'em up! Door to door tonight we're ready” Knock ... We keep our word and Maricopa pure” They're sweating in Sun City caus
38 8.The Shepherd with its pure white glow This burden may soon choose
39 11.30 for30 Freestyle off in a white Porsche And I just came from dinner where I ate some well done seared scallops that were to die for But I got bigger fish to f ... no plan of returning Shit is purely for sport I need a30 for30 Banne
40 1.What A Happy Time a robe of white to wear I'll walk on streets of purest gold I'll live forever and not g
41 3.Canibus Autobiography esident's White House we all said'Wow' In my mind I'm like'This is dope right now' I just sat down sip some ... now' I just sat down sip some white wine and lounge He asked everybody if they was enjoyin' theyself I thought to myself'Of course we enjoyin' your wealth' He ask ... dn't fit in fat gold chain on Pure player sweatsuit Timbs and shades on Paul Allen standin' there with Elvis Presley sideburns I guess that was to keep his face w ... ain't want no part yo The red w
42 9.Werewolf Gimmick oodlights white and hot Bring my vision into focus find out what I've got Some sniveling local babyface with an angle he can't sell Full werew ... ies in unremembered rooms The pure at heart go putrid when the wolfba
43 13.Bucket Shop ou can My White City girl Well someone said you were an angel Only what kind of angel Would whisper'hello' And shout'goodbye' My ... 'hello' And shout'goodbye' My White City girl And I've seen you go down On one too many times It chills my bones to seem that way Oh that way And this aching hear ... r life by the Albion creed So pure in thoughts and word and deed Well
44 11.Someday young in white and black Perfect skin pure within but heaven wouldn't let you
45 6.Pass Me the Green(feat. Migos) nt inside pure fishscale Buy another bag throw the[?]on a big scale I'ma need some wire for the head boy the lemon tree Pass me the green I ne ... Pillsbury I'm a doughboy All white Lam coke boy Most niggas don't know nothin' A hundred thousand I can show'em somethin' I shot a nigga put him on dialysis Bric ... Berner:] Good weed blue pills white Phantom I like to pop Xans I can't lie I'm an addict Hundred thousand dollars cash let me have it Vac seal50 hit my grandma's ...

46 4.New Day NO- CHEZ WHITEY-OR--NO Cee-Cipher-Punk Nigga I love my color My Mother My Brother My Sister My Daughters My Sons My Guns My Drugs My Thugs My ... tle game dominate Dope so raw-PURE- Make the pheens congregate Love t
47 10.Earth Wind and Sky world is pure and white All is quiet and glowing in a sil
48 1.Skills In Pills second is pure energy The green one for my self-agression Than the red one- extasy Extasy-sy-sy-sy[Chorus] All the left is right All the black ... eft is right All the black is white All the fast walk slow All the lo
49 5.Horns ofJura t the sky Pure shining skin In moonlight sheen Soft and unstained By man Shivers fondles The naked skin Cold are the hands of death Cold tears ... of death Cold tears down Pale white chins Like an ever flowing stream
50 4.The Uttermost Descent ent A white promise to flee into eternity but it's the period of a blink of an eye Within the liquid heaven floating guidless like a lost ... ldrums giving sweet caress so pure and innocent behold this pitch-black wasteland the uttermost descent The sorrow-stem took root blooming in this dismal haze ali ... sleep within great quasar The white promise is broken in liquid heave
51 8.White Blooded tual8.White Blooded This house is built on polluted roots. With infected love an impaired progenitor. ... love an impaired progenitor. Pure blood. White blood.'We're in this together' You can see pretty well with that one good eye what your killing. Will the dust settle on these ... re than anyone.' Its alright. White blood. Momma dont let her baby bo
52 40.Sign of the Dove of a snow-white dove He sends His pure sweet love A sign from above On the wings of a dove WhenJesus went down through the river that day Well he was baptised in the ... a dove On the wings of a snow-white dove He sends His pure sweet love A sign from above On the wings of a dove On the wings of a snow- ... a dove On the wings of a snow-white dove He sends His pure sweet love A sign from above On th
53 8.Dream Shatterer rse2] I'm pure adrenaline Uncut straight to your gut medicine Raw cure for pain I coat your brain like polyurethane Simple and plain I'll expl ... ke the shine(Shine) Up in the white and lime(Lime) Comes with the pip
54 1.Drown glisters White and pure in the night Identity your wants Y
55 6.Kilo Champ Feat. Pusha T& Scarface e it Kept pure in they nose never stepped on used to burnin' breathin' Ugh that's raw baby had to chop it with the saw baby Used to send them ... pe soft broads fuck with that white bitch I get bread in that drop he
56 4.The Waking Eye en in her pure pristine She held a thorn Growing tall and strong Into heaven raising high A stem shining golden ... ng high A stem shining golden white Still underneath Bright bloody re
57 29.99 Pounds 5 lbs. of pure cane sugar In each and every kiss You wouldn't know what I'm talking about If you never had lovin' like this I don't mean to be ... bs All put together in a fine white frame And I'm99 lbs of natural bo
58 42.Norman Bates ft Taboo Locksmith Diabolic Nino Bless and Coal bringing pure terror Thought you could front forever more; that was your error You'll get ritzed on I'm a kid from that raw era So you know I ... lls Watch the walls turn from white to a reddish hue That spewed from
59 1.Sinking Ship From the whitest and purest to the whore of alcohol Ah look
60 9.Mind Playing Tricks walk The white look like I got the pure vocab dark specialist Starky be the A1 chemist The ... Starky be the A1 chemist The pure have your face all numb just like a dentist Street clientèle I flip Buy and sell half the chains leaving a mark on my neck That ... ine drips of the raw Peruvian white blowing dust in'em Feeding'em ser
61 1.Jesus Loves Me black and white They are precious in His sight But I didn't feel so precious on that day I got molested In fact I felt more rejected Neglected ... zing and your Spirit's always pure You are worthy of the praise becau
62 3.Greatest Love s my skin pure and glorious this state I'm in the whitest winter warmest spring carry our
63 7.When Love For Woman Stops n lane of pure disdain from young and cute Rolling out red carpet promises and ringing wedding bells Gives a special kind of to a girl who kno ... an Nothing quite as black-and-white as the chequered flag of Ann Ther
64 13.Love Is At Your Side black and white Never had a dream in touched The one I'm in tonight A love aren't complicated Feeling ... ve aren't complicated Feeling pure as like Closed me into you Tells m
65 7.Rampage ngin Snow White P! Slow down baby The Ripper the master the overlordian' Playing MC's like a old accordion I get the inspiration from unnecess ... holster off your cowboy pants Pure entertainment tonight's your arrai
66 12.Needle Of Death grain of pure white snow Dissolved in blood spread qu
67 5.Warning thoughts pure and white And look to your side No! I can't
68 14.Benz Friendz(whatchutola) featuring Andre3000 e believe Pure fantasy I see through it easily[Pre-Hook][Hook][Verse2: Andre3000] I told the girl I'm'bout to sell the Porsche I'm tired of it ... s the Pittsburgh I still care White button downs and Emory scrubs Had
69 14.88 Coupes(Prod. By Harry Fraud) Feat.Jadakiss Black and white diamonds all I need is a whistle(Jadakiss) My weed is the issue Now may I proceed to kiss you? They put you where both of yall ... Real subtle with great poise Pure bundles a straight boy Smoke loud
70 13.Triangle Offense(feat. Sha Stimuli) ke Walter White andJesse the way we cook it up pure And Sha distributed it raw nuttin
71 3.Ghost of Dipset ome Nigga pure dope no stamp on me Count on me to keep it g you could bank on me Ah I've been on my shit They call it showing love Nah call it ... ers the randomous killings Is pure entertainment to a nigga that's brainless hands On the stainless tryna get famous There's a war going on outside No man is safe ... en on me since15 You sniffin' white up you pussy youngin' tight up An
72 11.Long Time(feat. Action Bronson) obics all white like Maury Povich I wasn't given this I chose this I'm eating well so I'm looking bloated I'm on the plane but I could have fl ... ke the hair on Hulk Hogan The pure oil makes me cough like when the d
73 10.New Friends nd who is pure? She lost her dreams there On the bathroom floor And we both cried for days If I was subtle If she was kind If we were lovers O ... sleep in winter In a field so white it hurts to see Still I'm feeling
74 10.Echo Of A Lie ct that's pure eclipsed by darker work. The cracks that beg for rain. Dust turns into dirt and it stains my soul. It's a song that keeps on pl ... . TV dinner tray red paint on white tile. These triggers that I hate.
75 3.Free Spirit lood this pure white falling snow All's rising and falling in lies All's rising and falling in lies Lack of answers absence of truth Thoughts and a ... edge Let's soil of blood this pure white falling snow All's rising and falling in lies A feeble light to look at for a while I want to fly release my free spirit Let's ... irit Let's soil of blood this pure white falling snow All's rising and fal
76 4.Heaven Had a Ghetto kate This white linen got a nigga feeling pure I'm at the beach house sitting by
77 7.I Die Therefore I Exist ss to its pure structure Atavistic regression The whole world burnt to the crisp Cracking this mortal shell Regaining atavistic qualities Deny ... I'm all and everything is me pure as evil Black as the most obscure planes of hell Red as blood and wine ... of hell Red as blood and wine White as virtue Burning like desire fur
78 8.Vultures s a board pure coke Parked it off Fallin like a poster They want me to get to long see it Could jump to hold until I get closer I can own this ... es I know who promotes us The white rappers treating women like objec
79 8.Els Dies Tranquils e were so pure where are we now? Faith in man forfeits its lure Punctured by smells and fierce colors ... d by smells and fierce colors White hot streaking Shining in the sky
80 11.Power And Spirit un-broken pure take manly message to the fight. I sense the power. And I sense the spirit move In stately corridors of oak and stone vaulted a ... therhood an ode to joy. Stiff white ruffs on cassock'd ranks with han
81 13.Lights Camera Action(Ft. Maino& Troy Ave) h(powder) Pure and slow(powder) You already know(powder)[Verse1: Maino] I was born a king I'ma die a god My tattoos tell a story that's behind ... alkin'[?]not a thing Whippin' white like I'm tryna get revenge for Ro
82 4.The Devil's Game form of a white knight casting spells Temptation overcame and the angel fell Fluttering to the ground like a dart A hero's masterpiece his rui ... de A broken heart can be made pure Put vengeance aside and find forgiveness is the cure The saints marched on and left him behind(They left him behind) Heaven's g ... de A broken heart can be made pure Put vengeance aside and find forgi
84 5.The Brave Pawn Doom-Bled White5.The Brave Pawn I curse the day I believed in you For I put my trust in your heart I'm punished for the seeds I've sow ... ou down Torturing the pawn in pure delight I am the king without his Crown Every time I lift my head My hate for you grows more I was innocent in the eyes of just ... ou down Torturing the pawn in pure delight I am the king without his Crown I accept the burden for the calling of the brave I abstain from giving you the power th ...
85 7.Unrest Doom-Bled White7.Unrest When love is not enough and darkness clouds the light A short-lived brilliance leave us in the pass Your gift ... for I pray your smile is now pure With a life full of unrest clear to see in print of bold You are missed with broken hearts Never a regret with forward sight Th ... for I pray your smile is now pure With a life full of unrest clear to see in print of bold You are missed with broken hearts Despite my knowing the logic within ...
86 8.Clear Doom-Bled White8.Clear Sitting in Silence And the still is more painful than words I say to you dream on my dear And I hope you find w ... Would shatter the hear of the pure This facade we wear like a mask of
87 1.Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea to wave a white flag or I'll draw the line. Let's make a toast to a new era of terror. I'm living proof of man made error. They say these demo ... t be endured. I just wanna be pure. I just wanna be pure. What am I chasing? Neurotically n
88 3.Crystallised of yore A white seed that once was pure The snow is falling all around What once was lost has now been found The life I had to leave behind Is crystallising in my mind ... ul was free in days of yore A white seed that once was pure The snow is falling all around Wha
89 6.Who Do You Love ht To the white meat on the white sheet Mazent we don't play that shit on my street Couldn't walk up in the shoes that's on my feet Ain't another real nigga lik ... MaryJane She got a girl named Pure Cocaine And now you know the deal We turned up in the trap house late night See this the reason why a rapper still deal ... eason why a rapper still deal white And this the Unit crew thought I
90 6.Right in White Light .Right in White Light White Light that never seen It's blinded all Red hot fire ball was rising on the Earth The pillar of fire stood and dark sky came Th ... ere all over there Black Rain pured down fast the town still burnt The river was gettin' hot and bridges broken down Walkin' in the dead and flames It's hopeless ... y talks me where Right in the white light is It right
91 10.Your Problem n all the white hats Like that's some kind of fucking argument winner Progress Progress Which kind of leaves a question From what? To where? B ... count If your intentions are pure when you fuck me I'll still get th
92 12.Beneath the Waves e surface pure The soul is shown in its vile torrents Turning the sanity of man into war Cold embrace of fingers ... o war Cold embrace of fingers white Around my throat it's gripping ti
93 3.Blistered Mirrors tbreak so pure its killing is so clear The best of times now fill me with tears The best of times now fill me with tears And capitalism Neithe ... me My hands are held high The white flag is raised I implore you all Together let's fail Together let's fail These blistered mirrors stare back at me They've slow ... e to my knees A heartbreak so pure its killing is so clear The best o
94 1.Per Errationes Ad Astra bubble of pure white light from mighty engines roared
95 3.Cock Blocker ttin' the purest raps People linin' up like I'm a tourist trap I'm sure of that My raps are baffling they probably think that Mad is daffy But ... won't bite furniture is bone white And I will not commit myself to a
96 8.Relentless he ground white with shards of glass A fire within flared through my skin Opened(up) my eyes to find you With my soul aflame I searched you A ... made Contempt and demise the Pure Heart defied So I could feel you I
97 6.Alpenglow t make it pure and make it still you will you were you will all mine you were saying:'When you know you know.' when we were walking in New Yea ... New Year's first snow. Hushed white in Alpenglow you lay we lay we la
98 6.ID Thieves thin The whitest lookingJew screaming''Jerusalem''[Hook:](Got my ID ready) Who are they? They are the identity thieves(Got my ID ready) Who a ... ain't done in a while It goes pure Himalayan intelligence Braving the
99 2.John McClane(Feat. Chris Conley and Matt Pryor) something pure Luring me out of my door So I'm headed out now[Pre-Chorus2: Max Bemis] Into the throb of no-culture Into the wreckage of altars ... ation I chew the root and the White House burns And as my eyes tumble
100 7.Up& Down Life is a pure creation the way to destination You hear the bell of freedom but you can't hear it loud And then you fall into the sea of despe ... Up and down it's a black and white Up and down an uneven fight Up and down it's your inner voice Up and down it's your only choice Up and down it's the laugh and ... r I will hold your hand It is pure desire feel me once again Want to

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