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1 1.Yes Sir I Will he door stands open- Across lines invisible hands are held golden streamers building in the night. Alone the possibilities are enormous. Step outside ... es are enormous. Step outside and parasites deprived of their meat wait to suck on tiring flesh Unending statistics that fatten leaders prisoners of their moralit ... you looked so rocky-eyed Blue and white normally but strange ringed like that in black. It doesn't get much better your voice can get just ripped up shou
2 20.Give Me Back My Sandwich Back My Sandwich Up from the sands of the mighty Sahara comes Our hero bold who so it's told is a lot like you ... o it's told is a lot like you and me. His passion burns the world it turns He fills his h ... world it turns He fills his hand to fill the void And fuels the constant feeling Of nothingness inside his soul. Feels like nothing ever did. Kills like nothing ever could. Dark ... like nothing ever could. Dark and jaded world I hated Everything
3 1.Ego Loss On Grand River Avenue e Rainbow Seekers-On Being1.Ego Loss On Grand River Avenue we are we are jesusand we are satan we gave them bodies and we gave them faces we are their potter still making changes we are10000 dead in a war that was won we are the father spirit ... won we are the father spirit and the smoking gun we are the future that will repeat what we've done we are a mother with a bag over her head ... ther with a bag over her head and a father in the cold with
4 25.Notebook Poems in cars abandoned buildings. Fights at the food stand. The dust. The Shoes Opened shirts& raised collars. Bright sculptured hair. Spades dance best from the hip. Someone shot the bir ... his hotel room. One a friend and a newer stranger vaguely Mexican or Puerto Rican. Poor boy's thighs& buttocks scarred by a father's belt. She's trying to rise. ... teen-age stone death games. Handsome cat dead in a car. Come here I love you. Peace on earth Will you die for me eat me
5 1.痛い青 Plastic Tree-Hide and Seek1.痛い青 Lyricist 竜太朗 Composer Tadashiスライド写真の

6 2.エーテルノート Plastic Tree-Hide and Seek2.エーテルノート Lyricist 竜太朗 Composer Tadashi僕だけ
7 3.割れた窓 Plastic Tree-Hide and Seek3.割れた窓 Lyricist 竜太朗 Composer 正昨日夢を見た欠けたはずなの
8 4.クローゼットチャイルド Plastic Tree-Hide and Seek4.クローゼットチャイルド Lyricist 竜太朗 Composer 正洋服箪笥の奥
9 5.スノーフラワー Plastic Tree-Hide and Seek5.スノーフラワー Lyricist 竜太朗 Composer 正座り込む猫みたく空に
10 7.トランスオレンジ Plastic Tree-Hide and Seek7.トランスオレンジ Lyricist 竜太郎 Composer 正日曜の朝ひとりで僕
11 8.まひるの月 Plastic Tree-Hide and Seek8.まひるの月 Lyricist 有村竜太朗 Composer 長谷川正みんなキラキラ
12 9.水葬。 Plastic Tree-Hide and Seek9.水葬。 Lyricist 竜太朗 Composer 正蜘蛛の糸張りつけている泣き顔
13 10.ねじまきノイローゼ Plastic Tree-Hide and Seek10.ねじまきノイローゼ Lyricist 竜太朗 Composer 正とおくでこもり