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1 11.NoJesus No Beast man made pedestal The only fucking rapper can see is my identical Another story another chapter another parable I miss making music with Stou ... bodies up and mail em out in several package
2 9.Why??? s there's several of battered civilians There spillin the bood of other people for barrels of oil The bodies are burning and scattered all ove ... kin' me do you put pussy on a pedestal Pimpin' you probly should put
3 9.The Artifact ancellor. Several servants stand before them.[Servant1:]'From the north they attack Our men can only fall back From the scourge of their blade ... range object floating above a pedestal with impossible dimensions: angles that seem to be against the laws of mathematics and lacking any discernible true extensi ... e artifact floats back to its pedestal and the King collapses in desp
4 7.The Revolution Off your pedestal but leave my rhyme work alone You can't decode my shit without the use of Rosetta stone This ain't Costco or price chopper ... ched up)... Revolution{Repeat several tim
5 6.The Witness jungle's pedestal; as quite as loneliness In the cities; the creatures vain monuments to prosperity The jungle underneath was just starting t ... once congested avenues After several hundred years surprisingly most of the cities were still standing Though they were covered in foliage in such a way That if ... the lining of the womb After several thousand years the whole of the

6 2.Smile America rain on a pedestal Until all my shredded finger tips Lose grip on the bottom lip says it Tell me who's behind the mess because awakeness holds ... myself in everyone Swallowed several self indulgent signs of my futu
7 27.Mafia Music2[feat. Chrisette Michele] nd that's several for slinging in Atlanta But the way they dress you never knew Thought they seen a better view But the feds had a rap name re ... name reginal That put em on a pedestal the conviction was incredible