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1 2.Reeling ve to the horizontal rain that streaks through the recesses of his saturated brain. A cold wind curls off the inside of his skull as he stares ... ed from the life of the past. Linked to addiction like a fucking curs
2 8.Dawn Of The Next possibly linked to being the youngest souls Of the universe shows perseverance to overcome Showing no fear Against the invading foe We'll fig ... indelible The glimpse at the horizon is aberrant Mankind will never surrender Therefore never be defeated The accrued wisdom Of ancient past must not be ignored ... morphology The glimpse at the horizon is aberrant The signs will be s
3 5.Hour11 t presets linked on the table at the back. whitepetal tongue bus pass drops with your necksack making a sound like a ceramic plate being scrap ... ze like planks resting on the horizon summer's empty churches and the
4 15.Babel Could be linked to the fact That I've been trapped My whole life in English class Where the ink is black And the paper's white So when I sing ... et the moon rise On the ocean horizon From the coast to the highest M
5 3.III-3 face You linked with us by blood Making you stare at the ... blood Making you stare at the horizon Blocking your sight for you wil

6 4.Carrier Pigeons tched the horizon fall between the back seats of the broken cars The plastic made transportation now labeledâSome assembly requiredâ They foug ... acked like dollar bills They blinked with expired lashes Last chance
7 3.Wake Up I barely blinked but the clock says different guess I didn't hear it ring'cause two hours passed by in reality while I was busy dreaming in th ... the sun set and see the whole horizon and even though the time's gett
8 1.Blue Horizon br>1.Blue Horizon Push the pedal to the floor. The UHaul starts to fly. Bland Ohio countryside is swiftly sliding by. In the rearview I ca ... eyes on the road and the blue horizon. Skating in these mountain hills a fog drifts through my mind. Distant echos in my ear of the life I left behind. Miles from ... eyes on the road and the blue horizon. All the roads you led me down Twists and turns you sped me through All the detours and mistakes All the times I hit the bre ...
9 7.紅蓮の弓矢 Originally Performed By Linked Horizon formed By Linked Horizon Our names won't be remember
10 1.紅蓮の弓矢 Linked Horizon-自由への進撃1.紅蓮の弓矢 Lyricist Revo Composer
11 2.自由の翼 Linked Horizon-自由への進撃2.自由の翼 Lyricist Revo Composer Re ... には≪自由の地平線(Horizont der Freiheit)≫世界を繋ぐ鎖を各々(おのおの)胸
12 3.もしこの壁の中が一軒の家だとしたら Linked Horizon-自由への進撃3.もしこの壁の中が一軒の家だとしたら
13 1.Theme of the Linked Horizon Linked Horizon-ルクセンダルク大紀行1.Theme of the ... -ルクセンダルク大紀行1.Theme of the Linked Horizon Lyricist Revo Composer Revo世界は広いのかい?それとも…狭 ... い鴉のように――― Linked Horizon繋ガルナガルナガルナガルナガル繋ガルナガルナガルガル繋ガルナガルナ ... ルナガルナガルガル linked linked繋ガルナガルナガルナガルナガル繋ガルナ
14 2.ルクセンダルク紀行 Linked Horizon-ルクセンダルク大紀行2.ルクセンダルク紀行 Lyricist
15 3.虚ろな月の下で[Vocalized Version] Linked Horizon-ルクセンダルク大紀行3.虚ろな月の下で[Vocaliz
16 4.君は僕の希望[Vocalized Version] Linked Horizon-ルクセンダルク大紀行4.君は僕の希望[Vocalize
17 5.風の行方[Vocalized Version] Linked Horizon-ルクセンダルク大紀行5.風の行方[Vocalized
18 7.雛鳥[Vocalized Version] Linked Horizon-ルクセンダルク大紀行7.雛鳥[Vocalized Ve
19 8.愛の放浪者[Vocalized Version] Linked Horizon-ルクセンダルク大紀行8.愛の放浪者[Vocalized
20 9.純愛十字砲火[Long Version] Linked Horizon-ルクセンダルク大紀行9.純愛十字砲火[Long Ver

21 10.花が散る世界[Vocalized Version] Linked Horizon-ルクセンダルク大紀行10.花が散る世界[Vocaliz
22 12.希望へ向う譚詩曲[Long Version] Linked Horizon-ルクセンダルク大紀行12.希望へ向う譚詩曲[Long
23 1.彼の者の名は…[Vocalized Version] Linked Horizon-ルクセンダルク小紀行1.彼の者の名は…[Vocaliz
24 2.希望へ向う譚詩曲[Long Version] Linked Horizon-ルクセンダルク小紀行2.希望へ向う譚詩曲[Long V
25 11.Endless Summer TAKUYA I blinked in the sparkling sunshine outside. It's a fine day. I've never been this happy The ... 've never been this happy The horizon lasts forever The sunlight beat
26 3.Endless Summer TAKUYA I blinked in the sparkling sunshine outside. It's a fine day. I've never been this happy The ... 've never been this happy The horizon lasts forever The sunlight beat
27 9.ONE e endless horizon You'll realize that you're not alone See head wind is blowing softlyJust like a jet plane Things go so fast in this world Be ... s great you know Maybe all is linked with everything Look! The world