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1 6.GOLD STACKS ch you paid for thatJumbo Patek Four twenty-five(No that's four-fifty for real) I don't wanna shoot no di
2 1.The Ringer 's jumbled in mumbo-jumbo The era that I'm from will pummel you That's what it's comin' to What the fuck
3 4.War Pain bags6 Caddie trucks jumbo jets. Stop playin' nigga we came from nothin
4 8.The Other Side of Paradise k feather coats and jumbo jewelry Gonna be a hoop phenomenon He's gonna be Hakeem Olajuwan He's got a gol
5 10.Que Bien Se Siente(feat. Farruko) que no puedo olvidarJumbo el que produce solo Gaby Music Motivan

6 3.Jumbo Ron Raw!3.Jumbo RonJumbo Ron is lost in thought every little moment of his life. Relentless babble in the mind! So much so that he thinks he is thought ... gue immersed in waking dreams.Jumbo Ron; he thinks in dreams his mind runs free but awake he's got control. He rides the flow of inner chatter as if he is the riv ... thinker only passing thoughts.Jumbo Ron has no clue that he's not ide
7 10.Kill the Dream e to kill the dream.Jumbo Ron is pacing back and forth he's worried that he may have made the wrong impre
8 5.Cosmik Debris(Basic Tracks– Take3) p I said some mumbo-jumbo then I told him he was going to sleep I robbed his rings and pocketwatch And ev
9 12.Cosmik Debris p I said some mumbo-jumbo then I told him he was going to sleep I robbed his rings and pocketwatch And ev
10 12.Full Time ft Mitchy Slick gang banger turned jumbo Ridin' in somethin' that ain't humble Blowin' on somethin' that's from Humbo Li
11 1.Usual Suspects bbed put my money a jumbos Wine and dine tig ol' bitties and bimbos Hollywood rap pack gats in my back pa
12 13.Guzzle Guzzle ose and make it rainJumbos we just do our thing Strippers need a place to stay They can call up doctor st
13 3.Anda Lucía a' Hide El Quimico YJumbo el que Produce Solo Baby Rasta y Gringo Uuuuhhh!
14 5.Si Se Nos Da ana El niño De Oro YJumbo El Que Produce Solo Que paso zuuu
15 7.No Me Dejes Con Esa ntana El Niño De OroJumbo El Que Produce Solo EME Music Que paso pa
16 1.Count It Look it up) On that jumbo to the UAE(first class) You ain't fucking with my focus homie you ain't me(Firs
17 10.The Wood at's stunna on them jumbotron That's me motherfucker I'm finally on(Voilà) Sold out shows we need more of
18 2.Nunca Me Olvides tertainment EarcandyJumbo El Que Produce Solo Sonido unic
19 7.Bamboula rumble in a mumble jumbo way Sweet heart dear whit her hear real You play each day I'm calling You owe i
20 1.Guaya Guaya predican..Jumbo sube el bajo que lo solicitan.. Porque las excita y al rimo se aplican.. Si nena pa' la arena que la cosa esta buena Tiburon p ... años puede demostrarlo El Rey!Jumbo'El Que Produce Solo'.. ChrisJeday

21 5.Olvidar Que Somos Amigos El Rey The Last DonJumbo El Que Produce Solo Gaby Music Pina Records Plan B es Plan B Hey
22 6.Te Recordare Bailando The Last Don2 El ReyJumbo El Que Produce Solo Gaby Music Pina Estamos matando Sencillo El que todo lo peg
23 2.Nena Fichu r Alex Gargola DuranJumbo El Que Produce Solo Kaki Claum OhBi Seguimos Comandando La Carretera Farruko El
24 9.Chuleria En Pote stas bien chula mamiJumbo el que produce solo El tsunami Dembow Music Tsunami Records Alex Gárgolas Farru
25 4.Intimidad timidad Yeah! Farru!Jumbo El Que Produce Solo Sharo Torres Gaby Music This is Carbon Phamton Desde la sed
26 7.Back to the Future eños De La DiscotecaJumbo'El Que Produce Solo' Y Yo DJ Luian Yo Sigo Siendo El Que Los Pone A Trabajar Vi
27 12.March10th And A Third e play it up on the jumbo screen? Lupe Fiasco was view like liquor and foodJust to prove you are just as
28 21.I Can Translate can make your mumbo jumbo and your voice co-operate And your romance is no longer Greek to me Oh
29 9.Ondalay tumbo my pack is so jumbo My mama keep tellin' me baby stay humble You eat at McDonald's I eat fish and g
30 6.No One Wants To Stay e roar of jumbo jet fills every given day Cause everybody wants to leave and no one wants to stay Cast your eyes into the skies watch those pl ... for very best Now the roar of jumbo jet fills every given day Cause e
31 6.Cambio Y Fuera Jumbo-Alfa Beta Grey6.Cambio Y Fuera Espera no digas mas guarda esa escusa en
32 9.Bala Perdida Jumbo-Alfa Beta Grey9.Bala Perdida Bang bang se escuchan tiros luego el diabl
33 5.Me Alegro De Su Odio yo siempre lo hago jumbo bien grande y gigantesco pa conservar el puesto si te falta flow te presto tota
34 13.When the Moon Was in Command ng I want to make a jumbo sign I want to take that sign downtown I want to shake my sign around It says:
35 2.Recordarte Las NenasJumboJumboJumboJumbo De La Geezy Farrukeez
36 8.Si No Te Tengo o Luian Malave LuianJumbo el que produce solo Esto son los menores Señoras y señores en el violín Frabian
37 14.Passion Whine do A Los IncredulousJumbo El Que Produce Solo Luian Estos Son Los Menore
38 5.Black Rock until the A.M MumboJumbo niggas onomatopoeian Call it how I see them ain't no rhyme or reason I'm on som
39 12.Close To You Raekwon] We in the jumbos in the2500 Benzes in dumbos Leather pants Mutombo[?] ya'll check the gums yo I
40 13.Automatic Systematic m yelling jumbos jumbos Bad news here comes the crack cr
41 1.ABC Style zt jedesJahr jüngst jumbojettenJumpendeJeepsJoop-JeansJewelryJailhouse-Jargon jederzeitJuhu jippie Kleine
42 17.Mississippi ssippiJumbo You're OneJumbo To Rely On Through All The Clouds Of Stormy Weather ... l The Clouds Of Stormy WeatherJumbo You're AmazingJumbo When You're Flying Between Your Wings I Wanna Travel Hardly Hearing Any Sound When You're Flying All Around So Easy Sunrise Tr ... h Can You Imagine Ohohohoh KLMJumboJet Plain Fly Me Now Back Home Back To My Home Town Where She Is Waiting KLM ... Town Where She Is Waiting KLMJumboJet Plain Now She's All Alone Wait
43 4.Breakfast In America ot Take a jumbo across the water Like to see America See the girls in California I'm hoping it's going to come true But there's not a lot I ca ... ever seem to get a lot Take a jumbo cross the water Like to see Ameri
44 14.I Run Ny hey booed me on the jumbotron! Excuse me for trying to help you; They won't be satisfied until I'm Locked
45 12.Asian Confusion s ink Lobster sauce jumbo shrimp crispy pork This is not our food call them back where's the bill It's fo

46 43.Garden State Stomp k Shabakunk Ongs HatJumbo Wortendyke Waterwitch Park Blue Ball Ringoes Matchaponix Delawanna Wawayanda Ti
47 8.Life's Midnight re goingJumped on a jumbo and we sailed across the ocean like[Hook] Oh lord I want to live to life's midn
48 8.Bang Bang gas get jacked like jumbo YEAH![Hook] I got a40 cal& a black tre pound and they both go.. I got a44 mag&
49 1.America pple pie PTA an' FBIJumbo jet begins to rise A joyful nation waves its bye-byes Each religion race and cr
50 8.Big Girl you grow jumbo Your hero kills the hook Kingdom kings and queens on my dollars Couldn't shut us up we're louder and louder Na na na! We ain't ... the look book Watch you grow jumbo Your hero kills the hook Kingdom
51 10.Ricker's Island(Original12? Version) think you're sellin jumbo But don't get me wrong it might be your thing Whether smilin on the Island or s
52 10.Sometimes a Lonely Way n from theJumbotron Find a new place to stay And a new home for the trumpeter swan We can see it now the scratches On the back of the door We ... Taking your name down from theJumbotron Find a new place to stay And
53 20.Bigger s[Verse3:] We do it jumbo strong100$ for tim You know my pockets never skim Boy you can tell by the lim Y
54 8.Show a Young Nigga ut my diamonds like jumbo now labels dope so hard[Hook x2:] Show a little young nigga some I can show lit
55 8.Show a Young Nigga ut my diamonds like jumbo now labels dope so hard[Hook x2:] Show a little young nigga some I can show lit
56 23.From Rochdale To Ocho Rios wait for jumbo Oh where am I now Tried to get a flight out to SanJuan But AirJamaica don't fly on Sunday Gotta get a flight out to SanJuan Be ... night I'm rushing to wait for jumbo Oh where am I now You spend half
57 35.Clockwork Creep omb'I'm a jumbo jet With a brand new set Of passengers and bags and crew I'll spread my wings- Do a thousand things To prove how good I am to ... stop The plot would flop And jumbo would be safe to land' Tick a tic
58 48.Feel The Benefit(Parts12&3) dabble in the mumbo jumbo You can smoke a little ganja Float like a cloud over Rio Rio You can ride with
59 18.Jumbo Go Away Is18.Jumbo Go Away Frank zappa(lead guitar vocals) Ike willis(rhythm guitar vocals) Ray white(rhythm guitar vocals) Bob harris(boy so ... ppa(vocals) Moon zappa(vocals)Jumbo go awayJumbo go awayJumbo leave me alone Get your head off my bone I wanna go home('i'm hungry') ... I wanna go home('i'm hungry')Jumbo lighten upJumbo lighten upJumbo give me a break Lighten up on my snake That's all i can take(robbie take me to greek town!) It seems i ca
60 19.If Only She Woulda ou took a chance On jumbo's love If only she woulda Gave you the shove That might have sent you On your w
61 10.Jumbo logy 20 週年全精選10.Jumbo Lyricist Rick Smith、Karl Hyde Composer Rick Smith、Karl Hyde I need sugar I need a little
62 10.Nice Things ay Western wall's a jumbo screen At the gate there's an automated teller machine Sir empty your pockets p
63 3.Slow Motion gan TenganJumbo nos fuimos hasta bajo y nos matamos en la lenta Tengan Tengan Tengan Yo se que el ritmo la seduce syko que apague las luces Te ... O¨EL TERROR¨ El Terror is BackJumbo con el Crack nos fuimos Lento…nose hechen para atras mi musica provoca que tu planeta se encienda esa guapa me hata al party v ... esa prefiere botella a pique jumbo ponle cerveza Pichea rompre la disco ponte de espalda ... mpre la disco ponte de espaldaJumbo sube la musica pa esta gual
64 6.Así Es Que Es iendo la consola la jumbo rompiendo el fluje esto lo hicimos para que tiende a seducir. Si me le pego ell
65 7.Gettin' Dumb by its the next shitJumbo size its a big shit Get yo head down get a wig bitch Extensions get pretty pret
66 9.Freshy yep I'mma buy me a jumbo jet Least set to the New York jets Balling balling balling big Shot calling sho
67 8.Song2(Live) y head checked By a jumbo jet It wasn't easy but nothing is No Whoohoo! When I feel heavy metal Whoohoo!
68 6.With Or Without You Ft Neef Buck Iprod ByJumbo Beats) k Iprod ByJumbo Beats)(feat. Neef Buck IProd bJumbo Beats)[Hook Neef] With or without
69 8.ThingsJust Ain't The Same ourse silk and linenJumbos two for five come and get it Mama cried tears of fear when I was wilding Sayin
70 6.I'm Coming(Tarzan Part2) than a motha' fukin'JumboJet What a selfish bastard no respect you know Dapps? NoRegrets I still Roll for
71 1.I'm Coming(Tarzan Pt.2)(Single) than a motha' fukin'JumboJet What a selfish bastard no respect you know Dapps? NoRegrets I still Roll for
72 1.Where Do The Children Play? it's fine building jumbo planes. Or taking a ride on a cosmic train. Switch on summer from a slot machin
73 11.Coconuts rger than jumbo I like it jumbo baby So let it go let it go and take a chance. Big adventure calls and it's easy to handle it All you need is big balls coconu ... rand Every day is larger than jumbo woah I'm improvising man I got no
74 12.Sleep When I'm Dead eek set Hopped on a jumbo jet I was a shaking like a leaf I'm gonna dry me out And I fucking hate these t
75 9.Check Me Out ake serve'em at the jumbo juice all you niggers super sweet like candy at the carnival riding through my
76 8.Table Talk t silverbacks on theJumbotron My bad if Columbo's on we don't plan really these things very well Arm in t
77 9.Letter To The Future o it rightJumboJumbo they cry on the block5050 lay low here comes the cops Man your lifestyle is petro On your knees again because ... ro On your knees again becauseJumbo said so Free Mandela you cried Bu
78 8.Hooligan dicted to cadillacs jumboJacks twelve packs and fat tracks The local bar superstar whose mind's scarred F
79 19.My Fuckin House in' back365247 I gotJumboJacks Would you like your cheese with that? Yeah I like my cheese with that Crac
80 17.Bad Bitch oty thick juicy and jumbo Damn[Hook: E-40][Verse2: Stressmatic] I'm on the punk rock broad with a tat on
81 8.Culture Shock de down cross on theJumbotron Wait up hold on Blowing anthrax off my palms Say what you're wrong Switch s
82 7.Song2 y head checked By a jumbo jet It wasn't easy But nothing is No no Woo-hoo When I feel heavy-metal Woo-hoo
83 8.Devil In A New Dress(feat. Rick Ross) en you stuntin on a jumbotron I'm looking at her like'this what you really want it huh?' what we argue an
84 1.SETTING THE SEEN(告別過去) Air Supply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)1.SETTING THE SEEN(告別過去) In the beginning far away and after all O
85 2.DANCE WITH ME(與我共舞) Air Supply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)2.DANCE WITH ME(與我共舞) Dance with me let me put my arms around you
86 3.A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING(完整的愛) Air Supply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)3.A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING(完整的愛) How did it happen it was never
87 4.HOLD ON(堅定不移) Air Supply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)4.HOLD ON(堅定不移) Hold on to your love be strong when it gets rough
88 5.A LITTLE BIT MORE(再等一下) Air Supply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)5.A LITTLE BIT MORE(再等一下) For certain she the face of springtime t
89 6.ALTERNATE ENDING(更好的結局) Air Supply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)6.ALTERNATE ENDING(更好的結局) There's got to be an alternate ending Th
90 7.I WONT LET IT GET IN THE WAY(排除萬難) Air Supply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)7.I WONT LET IT GET IN THE WAY(排除萬難) There's a truth you can find
91 8.WHY(為什麼) Air Supply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)8.WHY(為什麼) Why do we feel do we hope do we steal the years As long
92 9.ME LIKE YOU(心有靈犀) Air Supply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)9.ME LIKE YOU(心有靈犀) Me like you Me like you Me like you Me like yo
93 10.MUMBOJUMBO(愛迷惑) ply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)10.MUMBOJUMBO(愛迷惑) It's a thousand miles from anywhere you know Every direction brings you back here when you go The lunatics the misfit ... don't mean a thing it's MumboJumbo No sense to anything it's MumboJumbo Hey miss information it's Mumbo jumbo Use your imagination it's MumboJumbo** You see all that information wa
94 11.FAITH IN LOVE(愛的信念) Air Supply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)11.FAITH IN LOVE(愛的信念) There will come a time that is yours and mi
95 12.CAN I BE YOUR LOVER(能接受我的愛嗎) Air Supply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)12.CAN I BE YOUR LOVER(能接受我的愛嗎) Rest your head on the Earth For to
96 13.LOVESEX(性靈合一) Air Supply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)13.LOVESEX(性靈合一) Lovesex Love sex Lovesex I want to be near you I
97 14.UNTIL(直到這一刻) Air Supply-Mumbo Jumbo(愛 迷惑)14.UNTIL(直到這一刻) The shore would never reach as far* As once before
98 3.FunkyJesus Music(Feat. Becka Shae And Siti Monroe) None of that mumbo jumbo Give me that hip hop funk soul Give me that funkyJesus music Give me that soulf
99 10.Greenwich Mean Time the mumbo jumbo greenwich mean time We're all fine we're all fine We fit together like nickles on a dime We're so good we're so nice We talk t ... 're so nice We talk the mumbo jumbo greenwich mean tim
100 15.IJust SighedJust So You Know age proposals on theJumbo Trons Of ballgames you've not been at I've written eulogies in guest books at g

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