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Fuwa Fuwa (English ver.)

作詞:Sanrio Company,Ltd.
作曲:Natsumi Tabuchi

As I'm heading out of class
And I look up to the sky
I hear so many voices just echoing by

I run through the schoolyard
And I'm feeling something new
The scent of a flower that's about to bloom

Life is going 'round and around
I feel it in my heart
This pounding in my chest
Is like I'm falling apart
A secret flower garden,
On my uniform

My tail is softly swaying slowly
but surely feelings have formed
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My little heart just skips a beat Each time I look at you
Colorful as a gummy and sweet as chocolate cake

My dreams are candy coated, I'm not sure what I should do...
Can you mix it together and make my wishes come true?

Fuwari Fuwari(Fuwari Fuwari)
I really want you to know(I really want you to know)
Yureru Yureru(Yureu Yureru)
I don't know where this goes(I don't know where this goes)

Fuwari Fuwari(Fuwari Fuwari)
I've never felt this way(I've never felt this way)
I just wish that you knew…(I just wish that you knew…)

What I wanted to say

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