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作詞:Kazuo Green

When I pick a pencil I'm too fucking disrespectful
Like I have to be sentimental over every insKazuo,
trumental, mental
When I pick a pencil I'm too fucking disrespectful
(We're visiting the city of Yokohama, in Japan)

I'll grab your mothers head and then face fuck
Give you so much pain you'll feel the need to then take drugs
I'll be the reason both your arms are covered blade cuts
Call the suicide line I hope that they hang up (Akuma)
Ladies, heard you looking for a skater boy
Early twenties, still rapping and I ain't employed
Live in the hood, but in Japan I swear I'm making noise
Even if I am the guy that labels see and they avoid
短気をもつmy団暴力 I had a shitty life から大丈夫
I'll knock your 仲間ら
貴様バカだからblocka blockaならしたら頭中がバラバラ

It's your fault if you take me seriously
Fucktard army

Always told that I need therapy, I then agree like yes indeed
But I'm too broke to get a shrink so I'll just fall off mentally
もっと沢山の歌詞は ※
The ladies love a broken guy それとてもセクシー
Who else had no father growing up, since the age of eight
So dad jokes, father son talks, can't relate
A broken home life, tried to overdose twice
or a throat slice, 豊かな時も戻れない
Uh, they should play this on a boombox
I'm the reason all these kids are gonna shoot cops
If it don't work out I will be meeting Tupac
こんにちは I'm Akuma

They tell me not to be sad cause I got a buzz
But the past 2 years have been not so fun
Depression so real cause I lost so much
And these visions of my past keep on popping up
I'm haunted by ghosts scared they'll take control
Afraid that I'm becoming what I hate the most
There's already so much pain when I'm making jokes
I moved around so much there's no place to go
I'm sick of my wasted youth
I lie to myself cause I hate the truth
Plus people only see me as this famous dude
The past 3 years I barely made a move
I'm afraid to lose but the pain is too
Much for me to even handle I escape to brood
Call myself AKUMA cause I'm angel proof
One day I'ma face my doom

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