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DJ 小魚兒


DJ 小魚兒

My Lady

作詞:DJ 小魚兒
作曲:DJ 小魚兒

When the dead of the night,
you wander up and down.
what kind of the story,
make your body wear up.
don't waste time thinking
and waiting for your coming,
get him out when he don't know
what you are thinking.

Hey ~
oh my lady
are you ready
dance with me。
Oh hey~
Oh my lady
Oh Hey ~
oh my lady
are you ready
もっと沢山の歌詞は ※
dance with me。
Oh hey~Oh my lady
Have you tonight
Will be perfect 。

Everybody see you moving
You moving you moving
Buddy see you dancing
You dancing you dancing
So sexy ! amazing !
you are Looking into my eyes
Like I 'm your darling

you shake the sway
come to me
love in you eyes say Hi ~
you shake the sway
show the sexy body
beer in your hands
keep in my heart

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