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Mojim 歌詞
Mojim 歌詞日本韓国の歌手PALGOUMonsterMonster





July 15th the weather is so good
the sun is burning
I feel like I'm flying
I make some mistakes
I screw things up like everyone does
it's no big deal
All things seems okay
thought it's how things work
but it's confusing
is it really okay
I'm just lil different
just bit special
I'm not a freak
nothing wrong with me
why do you try to keep hurting me
September 19th
the weather is still good
leaves are falling
feel like I'm drowning
もっと沢山の歌詞は ※
It's not like the old days
I cannot fly that high
I'm sick of being chased
for the whole summer
I'm stuck in a corner
need some place to hide
but I'm keep falling
down into black hole
I'm totally different not a bit
special at all
maybe I'm a freak
something wrong with me
how did I turn into a monster
someday I will fly in the snow
someday I wanna fly to the moonlight
someday I will fly in the snow

Mojim 歌詞