Another Day 歌詞 メリー・ホプキン( Mary Hopkin ) ※
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メリー・ホプキン( Mary Hopkin )


メリー・ホプキン( Mary Hopkin )

Another Day

Here's another day
Stealin' the time away
I wish the night would last forever
Wishin' you could stay
So much more to say-ay

Here's another dream
Catch it while you may
For your dream is like the flower
Fadin' with the day
Now, it dies away
Takes my love away

And I've loved him for so long
もっと沢山の歌詞は ※
More than he will ever know
And on the wind he's flyin'
And now my heart is sighin'
Home is where I wanna be right now

Oh, now you're here my love
Time is standin' still
Don't ever think that I would leave you
You know I never will
No, I never will
I never will
I never will

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