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And Then She Hit Me

Written:Curt Benton/Eliot Sloan/Jeff Pence/Walt Aldr

7:35 I came to life and threw my pants on and I
searched for shoes to fit the groove to get my dance on to
Take a ride into down town on main street where
A friend of mine was playing live down at RBC's
But girl friend is talking so long
Hogging the bathroom and the phone
Then she had the nerve to say the words that I should click and go
And don't change mood with attitude and I should talk
Right then I knew I blew it Right then I stepped into it
I knew that I would need a drink to get through it
She just turned around and smiled....
And then she hit me And then she hit me
We walked in at half past ten and the place was packed
Saw some friends I tried to smile but my face was jacked
Cut the casualtiesand made a bee line for a bar
Surprised I made it cause the leash it only goes so far
もっと沢山の歌詞は ※
Long Islands in my system I feel like Sonny Liston
By the second round I was going to town and she was in her coat
I said I will find a ride tonight but baby you can go
Right then I knew she blew it I found her drama amusing
She took another drink and must've said screw it
And she just turned around and smiled....
And then she hit me And then she hit me
I know I drive her crazy I bring out her best and worst
It's not her fault she loves me but
It's all my fault when she gets hurt
Right I knew she lost it
She drew line and I crossed it
I was drinking like it's water from fauset
And I just turned around and smiled....
And then she hit me And then she hit me
And then she hit me

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