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Bryce Vine( Bryce Ross-Johnson )【 合計 7アルバム 27曲 歌詞 】
Bryce Ross-Johnson (born June 16, 1988), known by his stage name Bryce Vine is an American rapper and singer from New York City, New York. Bryce showed his interest in music at the age of 13, and ventured into a career of music in 2011 where he auditioned for The Glee Project. A year later he signed with record label Kiva House Lambroza and released an EP titled Lazy Fair to critical acclaim. Two years later, he would release another EP titled Night Circus, also to critical acclaim.
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アルバム名 リリース日  ソング    
Baby Girl 2020-03
1.Baby Girl
Carnival 2019-07
1.Classic And Perfect
2.La La Land(Feat. YG)
3.Love Is A Blessing
4.Voicemail(Interlude) (提供)
5.Drew Barrymore
6.Deep In Shallow Water
7.Love Me Hate Me
8.Factory Love (提供)
9.San Junipero
10.Havana(Outro) (提供)
La La Land 2019-06
1.La La Land
Drew Barrymore 2018-05
1.Drew Barrymore(Feat. Wale)
Night Circus
1.Nowhere Man
3.Private School
Lazy Fair
1.Sour Patch Kids
2.Where The Wild Things Are
3.Guilty Pleasure
4.Take Me Home
5.My Holiday
1.Sunflower Seeds
2.Los Angeles
3.Sour Patch Kids - Acoustic Redux
4.Guilty Pleasure - Acoustic Redux
5.Where The Wild Things Are - Commentary
6.the fall


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