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Ida Corr( Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand )【 合計 5アルバム 74曲 歌詞 】
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Corr Values 2013
1.I Know (提供)
2.The Woman Inside (提供)
3.You Got Me Beggin (提供)
4.Hold My Head Up High
5.You (提供)
6.Tagged (提供)
7.I Found Her
8.Don't Stop (提供)
9.Machine Gun (提供)
10.Jungle Fever
11.Let Go (提供)
Singled Out 2012
1.Star (提供)
2.See You Later (Bimbo Jones)
3.My Friend (Global Deejays)
4.When the Love Is Gone (提供)
5.Sjus (Kato feat. Ida Corr, Camille Jones & Johnson) (提供)
6.Tonight I'm Your DJ (提供)
7.Naughty Girl
8.What Goes Around Comes Around
9.Give It to Me (提供)
10.Let Me Think About It (Ida Corr Meets Fedde Le Grand)
Under The Sun 2009
1.Bring The Beat Back
3.Under The Sun
4.Ladidadi (提供)
5.I Want You
6.I Don't Wanna (提供)
7.In The Name Of Love
8.Fruitstore (提供)
9.Raindrops (提供)
10.I Do (提供)
11.Take It Back (提供)
12.Relatively (提供)
13.Time (Beatchuggers & Sidelmann Remix) (提供)
14.I Want You (Jason Gault Remix) (提供)
One 2008
1.Ride My Tempo
2.Late Night Bimbo
3.U Make Me Wanna
4.Lonely Girl
5.Make Them Beg
6.Let Me Think About It
7.Do U Believe?
8.Country Girl
10.Hurry Up And Wait
11.I'm Your Lady
12.Mr. JB
13.Man For Me
14.Hangover Time
1.Let Me Think About It (Radio Edit)
2.Under The Sun (Lenny Ibizarre Remix) [feat. Shaggy]
4.Under the Sun (feat. Shaggy) [Lenny Ibizarre Remix]
5.Ride My Tempo (Patchworkz Radio Edit)
6.I Want You (Funkerman Remix Radio Edit)
7.In the Name of Love (Radio Edit Long)
8.What Goes Around Comes Around (Steve More Radio Edit)
9.Merry Christmas to U All (Radio Edit)
10.Naughty Girl (Radio Edit)
11.What Goes Around Comes Around (Club Mix)
12.Naughty Girl (Bodybangers Edit)
13.In the Name of Love (Shazz Man Lounge mix)
14.Let Me Think About It (Fedde le Grand Remix Edit)
15.Hold My Head Up High (Cj Stone & Original Extended Mix)
16.Ride My Tempo (Wideboys London mix)
17.Not a Love Song
18.Easy Love
19.Under the Sun (Lenny Ibizarre Remix)
20.Christmas Time
21.The Morning After
22.Let Me Think About It (Club Mix)
23.Let Me Think About It (Fedde Le Grand radio edit)
24.Let Me Think About It (IR Edit)


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