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Fear,and Loathing in Las Vegas( FALILV )【 合計 12アルバム 67曲 歌詞 】
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アルバム名 リリース日  ソング    
The Stronger, The Further You'll Be 2019-12
1.The Stronger, The Further You'll Be2.Massive Core
Greedy 2018-05
2.Keep the Heat and Fire Yourself Up
3.Treasure in Your Hands
New Sunrise 2017-10
1.Return to Zero
2.Before I Fail
3.Power of Life and Death
5.To Catch the Right Way
6.Interlude (提供)
8.Set Your Goal
9.Accept Each Other's Sense of Values
10.Fight Against the Limit
11.The Sun Also Rises
SHINE 2017-06
1.SHINE2.Something to Gain After the Pain
Feeling of Unity 2015-09
1.Cast Your Shell
2.Meaning of Existence
3.Escape from the Loop
5.Interlude (提供)
6.Party Boys
8.Ignite Your Frail Mind
9.The Demon Called Careless
10.Let Me Hear
11.Journey to Aim High
Starburst 2015-05
1.Starburst2.Struggle to Survive
Let Me Hear 2015-01
1.Let Me Hear
2.Sparkling Sky Laser
PHASE 2 2014-08
1.Are You Ready to Blast Off?
2.Rave-up Tonight
3.Swing It!!
5.Interlude (提供)
6.Virtue and Vice
7.Nail the Shit Down
8.Rain Inside Your Eyes
9.Counterattack by the Sesame Sized Bodies
10.Flutter of Cherry Blossom
11.Stay as Who You Are
Rave-up tonight 2014-01
1.Rave-up Tonight
2.The courage to take Action
3.Step of Terror
All That We Have Now 2012-08
2.Scream Hard as You Can
4.How Old You are Never Forget Your Dream
5.Interlude I (提供)
6.Just Awake
7.Defeat and Beat
8.In the End, the Choice is All Yours
10.Interlude II (提供)
11.Don't Suffer Alone
Just Awake 2012-01
1.Just Awake
NEXTREME 2011-07
1.Chase the Light!
2.Jump Around
3.The Answer for Unequal World
4.Shake Your Body
5.Believe Yourself
6.interlude (提供)
7.Short but Seems Long,Time of Our Life


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