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Transit【 合計 18アルバム 152曲 歌詞 】
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Nothing Lasts Forever 2018-11
1.Nothing Lasts Forever
Occupy Tall Trees 2015
2.Friends With The Devil (提供)
3.Red Light Therapist ft. Kirstyn Johnson (提供)
4.Tan Lines (提供)
5.Monster See Monster Do ft. Sims (of Doomtree) (提供)
6.Occupy Tall Trees (提供)
7.Underdog (提供)
8.Baby Duck
9.Your Love is a Placebo (提供)
10.Not For Clubs
11.Go Get Em' Kid ft. Madchild
12.I'm So Indie ft. Geeze
13.Heavy Crown ft. Sykamore (提供)
Super Man Took Steroids 2014
2.Poor People Like To Dance Too ft. Jam
3.We Don't Say It Anymore ft. Jocelyn Alice (提供)
4.George Clooney
5.Humble Brag
6.Super Man Took Steroids ft. Astronautalis
7.Friend Zone ft. The Blue (提供)
8.Alberta Anthem ft. Elise Roller (提供)
9.Bus Pass Transfer
10.Holy Disaster ft. Jocelyn Alice & Immaculate (提供)
Joyride 2014
1.The Only One
2.Saturday Sunday
3.Rest to Get Better
4.Sweet Resistance
5.Nothing Left to Lose
6.Ignition & Friction
7.Fine by Me
8.Loneliness Burns
9.Summer Dust
10.Too Little, Too Late
11.Pins and Needles
12.Follow Me
Young New England 2013
1.Don't Go, Don't Stray
2.Thanks for Nothing
3.Summer, ME
5.Bright Lights, Dark Shadows
6.Lake Q
7.Nothing Last Forever
8.Second to Right
9.Young New England
11.So Long, So Long
12.Weathered Souls
13.Hang it Up
Stale 2013
1.Sour Grapes ft. New'l & Jaynova (提供)
2.Anomie ft. Joe Nolan (提供)
3.Keep On ft. Kyprios & Makeshift Innocence (提供)
4.Never Left ft. Skyamore (提供)
5.Intervention (提供)
6.Settled Smoke ft. Grieves
7.Hiatus (提供)
8.Public Figure (提供)
9.Heavy Crown ft. Skyamore (提供)
10.Survival Cardio (提供)
Futures & Sutures (EP) 2013
1.Young New England (F&S)
2.Over Your Head (F&S) (提供)
3.Futures & Sutures (提供)
4.Long Lost Friends (F&S)
5.So Long, So Long (F&S)
6.Listen & Forgive (F&S)
Stay Home (EP) 2012-12
1.Nameless (Songs To Static)
2.Stays The Same
6.I'm A Loner Dottie A Rebel
Something Left Behind (EP) 2011
1.Indoor Voices (提供)
2.Please, Head North
3.For The World (EP)
4.Just Go, Just Leave
5.I Hope This Finds You Well
6.Stay Home
7.Something Left Behind
8.1978 (EP)
Listen & Forgive 2011
1.You Can't Miss It (It's Everywhere)
2.Long Lost Friends
3.Listen & Forgive
4.All Your Heart
5.Asleep At The Wheel
6.Cutting Corners
7.Skipping Stone
8.I Think I Know You
9.Don't Make A Sound
10.Over Your Head
12.Answer Comes In Time
13.No Such Thing (提供)
Keep This To Yourself 2010-08
1.Dear Anyone
2.Please,Head North
4.Hope This Finds You Well
5.Return Address
6.A Living Diary
7.No Inbetween
8.I Was Going To Cross This Out
9.The Downsides
10.Photographic Memory
12.Keep This to Yourself (提供)
13.Our New Year
This Will Not Define Us 2008
3.Opener (提供)
4.Radio Flyer (Away from Home)
5.Rule of Nines
6.Lexington Park, 11:33
7.Scrape the Claw
8.Changing Season
9.Empty Shell
10.Giving In
11.Parking Lot Nights
12.For the World
Let It Out 2008
1.Shift On
4.Cast Away
5.Waterways In New England
Something Left Behind
1.Please, Head North (acoustic)
2.For the World (acoustic)
3.Castaway (acoustic)
4.Stay Home (acoustic)
5.Indoor Voices (提供)
6.Just Go, Just Leave
7.Something Left Behind
Promise Nothing (Single)
1.Take What You Can2.I've Never Told That To Anyone
Listen & Forgive Reissue
1.Skipping Stone (Alt. version)
2.The Answer Comes In Time
3.Over Your Head
5.Don't Make A Sound
6.I Think I Know You
7.Skipping Stone
8.Cutting Corners
9.Asleep At The Wheel
10.Listen & Forgive
11.Long Lost Friends
12.You Can't Miss it (It's Everywhere)
13.Forgive Forget Space (For Future Reference)
Insufficient Funds
1.Call It All Art
2.Reese Puffs
3.Power Outage
3.Riding the Bullet
4.Hide and Seek


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