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Lady Antebellum( レディ・アンテベラム )【 合計 20アルバム 150曲 歌詞 】
レディ・アンテベラム (Lady Antebellum) は、アメリカ合衆国テネシー州出身のカントリーミュージックグループである。


ヒラリー・スコット(Hillary Scott)ボーカル
チャールズ・ケリー(Charles Kelley)ボーカル
デイヴ・ヘイウッド(Dave Haywood)コーラス・ギター・ピアノ
曲名リスト•モード アルバム順(発行時間) 曲名順(文字数) 曲名順(その他)
アルバム名 リリース日  ソング    
Pictures 2019-08
What If I Never Get Over You 2019-05
1.What If I Never Get Over You
Somebody Else's Heart 2017-05
1.Somebody Else's Heart
You Look Good 2017-01
1.You Look Good
I Did With You (Single) 2014
1.I Did With You
Bartender (Single) 2014
747 2014
1.Long Stretch of Love
2.Lie With Me
4.Down South
5.One Great Mystery
6.Sounded Good At The Time
7.She Is
8.Damn You Seventeen
10.Just A Girl
11.Slow Rollin'
12.All Nighter
13.Falling For You
Golden 2013
1.Get to Me
2.Goodbye Town
3.Nothin' Like the First Time
4.Better Off (Now You're Gone)
5.It Ain't Pretty
6.Can't Stand the Rain
8.Long Teenage Goodbye
9.All for Love
10.Better Man
11.Generation Away
Downtown (Single) 2013
1.Downtown (Single)
Compass (Single) 2013
1.Compass (Single)
冬夜寄情(On This Winter's Night) 2012-11
1.A Holly Jolly Christmas
2.Christmas(Baby Please Come Home)
3.All I Want For Christmas Is You
4.I'll Be Home For Christmas
5.This Christmas
6.The First Noel
7.On This Winter's Night
8.Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
9.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
10.Silent Night(Lord Of My Life)
11.Blue Christmas
12.Silver Bells
Silent Night (Lord of My Life) (Single) 2012
1.Silent Night (Lord of My Life) (Single)
On This Winter's Night 2012
1.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
2.Silver Bells
3.All I Want For Christmas Is You
4.Blue Christmas
5.A Holly Jolly Christmas
6.Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (提供)
7.I'll Be Home For Christmas
8.This Christmas
9.The First Noel
10.On This Winter's Night
11.Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It
12.Silent Night (Lord Of My Life) (提供)
Own The Night(午夜情深) 2011-10
1.We Owned The Night(午夜情深)
2.Just A Kiss(一吻情深)
3.Dancin' Away With My Heart(翩翩飛舞)
4.Friday Night(週末夜晚)
5.When You Were Mine(回想曾經)
6.Cold As Stone(鐵石心腸)
7.Singing Me Home(一路唱著回家)
8.Wanted You More(太想愛你)
9.As You Turn Away(轉身之後)
10.Love I've Found In You(妳給的愛)
11.Somewhere Love Remains(愛仍存在)
12.Heart Of The World(心的世界)
Just A Kiss 2011-08
1.Just A Kiss
Wanted You More (Single) 2011
1.Wanted You More (Single)
Need You Now 2010-05
1.Need You Now
2.Our Kind Of Love
3.American Honey
4.Hello World
5.Perfect Day
6.Love This Pain
7.When You Got A Good Thing
8.Stars Tonight
9.If I Knew Then
10.Lookin' For A Good Time
11.Ready To Love Again
12.I Run To You
Lady Antebellum 2009-04
1.Love Don't Live Here
2.Lookin' For A Good Time
3.All We'd Ever Need
4.Long Gone
5.I Run To You
6.Love's Lookin' Good On You
7.Home Is Where The Heart Is
8.Things People Say
9.Slow Down Sister
10.Can't Take My Eyes Off You
11.One Day You Will
Hello World (Single)
1.Hello World (Single)2.Love Don't Live Here
1.Need You Now (Acoustic)
2.We Owned The Night
3.Dancin' Away With My Heart
4.Friday Night
5.When You Were Mine
6.Cold As Stone
7.Singing Me Home
8.Wanted You More
9.As You Turn Away
10.Love I've Found In You
11.Somewhere Love Remains
12.The Heart Of The World
13.Just A Kiss (Single)
14.Love's Looking Good On You
16.Never Alone
17.Baby, It's Cold Outside
18.I Was Here
19.Last Night Last
20.Learn To Fly
21.Something 'Bout A Woman
22.Life as We Know It
23.And The Radio Played
25.Just a Kiss (Backstage acoustic session)
26.Need You Now (iTunes Live session performance)
27.I Run to You (iTunes Live session performance)
28.Long Strech Of Love
29.Long Stretch Of Love - Commentary
30.Freestyle - Commentary
31.Goodbye Town - Commentary
32.Long Teenage Goodby
33.Need You Now - Acoustic Version
34.Compass (Pop Mix)
35.I Run To You - Live
36.Dancin' Away With My Heart - Spotify Interview
37.A Woman Scorned
38.I Did With You - From 'The Best Of Me'
39.Nee You Now
40.Need You Now (Jason Nevins Dance Remix)
41.Bottle Up Lightning
42.Need You Now (live)
43.Need You Now (Static Revenger club mix)
44.Need You Know
45.Grammy Medley
46.Celebrate Me Home
47.I Run to You (Pop edit)
48.Lay Our Flowers Down
49.This City
51.Heart Break (Live)
52.Heart Break


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